Sitemap - 2021 - News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller

A summary of Mark Crispin Miller's "conspiracy-theory and disinformation promotion," from Wikipedia (or its handler)

Has Dr. Fauci finally lost it?

How to get EVERYTHING that I send out each day

Peter Duesberg lives!


Back in the USSR: Those claiming "vaccine" injury are (we're now told) just insane

Some links between this Holocaust and that one

Is imbecility a side effect of "vaccination"?

How abortion , and then birth control, have long been deployed by the elite to rid the planet of black people (MUST-WATCH)

UK court rules that Assange may now be renditioned—er, "extradited"—to the US, to be further punished (some dare call it torture) FOR NO REASON

"I found Kennedy's account as shocking as anything I have ever encountered": What Dr. Fauci wrought decades before the COVID scam

Harper's (like Joe Biden) has dementia

Priest "dies suddenly" during livestream after getting jabbed

Kyle Rittenhouse is the Central Park Five

Priest "dies suddenly" during livestream after getting "vaccinated"

The wheels have come off Pfizer's cattle cars in Israel!

Yes, the rate of "vaccine" injury is HIGHEST among the "fully vaccinated," coast to coast

Nightmare on Sesame Street

US hospitals now overwhelmed with INFANT CARDIAC PATIENTS

What's in that infrastructure bill?

Bye bye, Biden? His daughter's diary, if authentic, may (or may not) bring this sorry chapter to a close (so that the next one can begin)

Karen tries to hijack a packed airliner, and fly it into COVID-Cuckoo-Land; then something wondrous happens

New Yorkers (not the "woke" ones) are AWAKE to the insanity, and finally saying NO to it, like working people coast to coast, and all around the world

"I sing because I'm happy,/ I sing because I'm free"

"Sheep and collaborators of the lowest order"

"Pure Blooded" (This parody ROCKS!)

"Critical Thinking in the Age of COVID": An online course co-taught by MCM and Rob Williams

Unmasked Jew ejected from a New York City bus by passengers (many of them black)

White liberals think they know what's best for the majority of African-Americans (and black liberals think so, too)

US mask guidance for children is the strictest in the world

Michael Moore is a war criminal

MCM on the "vaccine" cult, the New Eugenics and much more, in PART 3 of "2020: A propaganda masterpiece"

More famous people die post-"vaccination"

The New York Times blacked out the Holocaust—and it's now happening again

"When will people wake up?": Funeral director blows the whistle on last year's FAKE "pandemic," and this year's REAL plague of "vaccine" deaths, all called "Delta" cases (MUST-SEE/SHARE)

Universities FORCING "vaccination" on their students, faculties and staff are functioning more like death camps than like schools

Ultra-leftists goose-step in firm support of global genocide

Humans of the world, take heart! Science is at war with "public health," and Science is winning

No one has been killed by Ivermectin. How many have been killed, and will be killed, by the enormous propaganda drive against its use?

Alex Jones goes off on Dr. Fauci and the media's genocidal Big Lie about Ivermectin

MORE black lives that DON'T matter, this time in Trinidad & Tobago: 1,000+ "died of COVID" AFTER they rolled out the "vaccine" there on April 6

Protests in London, Paris, Milan (and where else?)

NYU's new "Daily Do's and Don'ts" appears to mean "Don't think"

With a "left press" like this, who needs fascist media?

Yes, black lives DO matter if those "vaccines" take them—so please help spread the word about my essay

Don't black lives matter if those "vaccines" take them?

The truth, the whole truth, and ZDOGGMD

"Surrender monkeys" no more! Macron's war on France is heating up—and France won't take it

YouTube just took down Part 2 of my "2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece," not three hours after it went up (which only proves its truthfulness)

If you think the "vaccine" mandates are Satanic (or if you just think they're a bad idea), you may want to request a religious exemption

"Afterwards, all participants received this mascot: A Corona virus molecule...."

Maybe it's time for all of US to call the shots—for what they really are (i.e., graphene), and how best to get over what they do to you

On the New Racism, cultural nihilism, and paralyzing mass divisiveness, of the "woke" vandals on the (elite-funded) "left"

A "vaccinated" kid infects 83 kids—mostly "vaccinated"—at a party, having caught it from his "vaccinated" uncle, who got it from another "vaccinated" carrier.

Those "vaccines" are 99% GRAPHENE OXIDE

MCM on 2020 (and beyond) as an unprecedented "propaganda masterpiece"

MCM speaking out in Foley Square, for all those Americans locked up after January 6 (and taking flak from certain True Believers)