Ai Weiwei is brave AF. I highly recommend this exceptional 2012 documentary on him:

• "Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry" (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1845773/)

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Australia has mandatory vaccination as well. We dropped it for most industries but I believe it is still in place for aged care workers and hospital staff. There could be others. We still MUST wear a mask on public transport and when riding kangaroos mate. That’s how backwards we are!

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This might be his last great work since he is vaccinated.

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Aug 10, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Thank you for this tribute to Ai Weiwei.

Reminding us that 'Never again (or 'impossible...) is now' (Vera Sharav)

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I would have been sorely disappointed if Ai Weiwei had come out with any other position given the surveillance and oppression he has lived through under the CCP.

I’m surprised he chose to vaccinate given everything he’s seen and experienced however. Still. Gotta count the wins where we can get them, eh? Especially when so few artists with a platform seem to have spoken out against the prevailing narrative.

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I am skeptical of those who rail against the vaccine while getting it themselves.

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Sad to say, Ai better watch his back.

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Like the sheep herder, I think it will be artists who lead the sheep back - to humanity

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Please Mark include Canada in your list (of country so have forced the shots of millions of us, at risk of losing jobs, access to education, etc., etc.)!

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A bit of background, for those interested. Ai Weiwei is an awesome artist, known primarily for installations. For example, in 2009 he decorated the outer wall of a museum in Munich with 9,000 children's backpacks, representing the children who died in the 2008 Sichuan earthquakes.

Weiwei called the deaths unnecessary and preventable, and was trying to raise awareness. First, the buildings (particularly the school buildings) were shoddily built, and collapsed too easily. It's called "tofu-dreg" construction (because the cement is watered down, as soft as tofu). If you're unfamiliar with this phenomenon in China, watch this - it's a huge problem, and the CCP hates it, but not as much as they hate negative press, so they look the other way. Look for example at the rebar, which is supposed to be steel, but you can snap it with your fingers:


Also, the Chinese government lied repeatedly, downplaying the incident. And, not only is Sichuan on a fault line, it was predicted and widely known that aftershocks and additional earthquakes were coming, yet nobody was prepared with evacuation strategies, more people died with each wave:


Weiwei is often called China's Andy Warhol, but I disagree (no offense to Warhol, who made his own unique contributions, such as funding struggling artists & musicians). But Weiwei's themes are often political, exposing government secrecy and corruption.

No he is not in China right now - he'd be dead, you can't do stuff like this in China. When in China, he was followed, arrested several times, I believe they sent him to reeducation camps (or whatever they call it now). I wish I had a good, updated link to share, but I don't. He's lived in Berlin and Cambridge, but I believe right now he's in hiding in Portugal.

There was a documentary on him, it's a bit outdated now (was 10 years ago), but it won something at Sundance at the time:


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Unfortunately that comment about getting their lives back without sacrificing half the population is in reverse. The jabbed do not get their lives back, and they sacrifice half the population or more in their country, to the poison !

This year I have to go on Medicare and since I never paid in, I am trying to get away from it. See if that will work. You can obviously no longer opt to take just the free part.

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Following Ai Weiwei's example

Let a hundred million flowers bloom

each truth-telling flower exposing China's insane, counterproductive "vaccination" campaign.

The controlled media's headlines show they are very worried about this:

"China Has Its Own Anti-Vaxxers. Blame the Internet."


"The Persistent Vaccine Hesitancy of China’s Elderly"


"China’s Biggest Covid Failure Is Not Deploying an mRNA Vaccine" https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-26/china-covid-situation-worsened-by-lack-of-local-mrna-vaccine

"Anti-Vaxxer Propaganda Spreads In Asia, Endangering Millions"


But who, Mr. Bloomberg & Company, is spreading the "propaganda"---the lies, misinformation, and disinformation, while imposing censorship to prevent open discussion of scientific data? If fair, open discussion ever takes place and is broadcast on the boob-tube, "vaccine hesitancy" would climb to near 100% overnight. And you know that, Mikey, don't you?

DuckDuckGo used to be a good tool to discover anti-scamdemic voices and websites. Now it's useless. A Peking Duck.

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Notice the term "anti-vax" that the reference article keeps quoting. Why not use words like "pro-choice"?

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Love him, and you, Mark. Thank you!

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there are no mandatory vaccines in China though? It was being suggested by the government for Beijing, but netizens got outraged and the government LISTENED TO THE PEOPLE, so it was not put through. Only the western totalitarian fascist neo-feudalists push the obligatory forced vaccination policy. get your facts straight. Blame the ones who are guilty. Not China and the CPC for saving human lives and listening for their people and having their peoples support for their actions to counter the impact of this virus. Which most likely is caused by a bio attack by the US terror machine.

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Awesome. Hey, Brooklyn Museum? / But, the comment about human responsibility and those vulnerable to covid-19, has a point - and they always have had a point. They just fell for a bait and switch of an injection that protects no one, and only does harm. But separating that from the point of protecting the vulnerable, and there is something valid there.

There are people extremely vulnerable to covid (me - I finally had it - and even with early treatment am so exhausted, I fear I may never get my life back. There was only one day of terrible pain, and because of preexisting conditions I probably would have been a lot worse if not for the FLCCC protocols. But, as was my realistic fear, not becoming a death statistic, but long covid, I have no energy now, and any walking is exhausting, even across the street or down the hall. If not for the option to use credit cards, for good supplements and telehealth that understands covid, I would be absolutely, completely screwed.

If there was a safe and effective option to protect anyone from going through the hell of barely being able to walk down a hallway without extreme exhaustion, I'd hope people would want to do it. A pinprick, 15 minute wait, and maybe a headache - yes it is selfish to refuse that when there is a disease capable of doing so much damage (please don't jump to conclusions before reading my full comment).

And that's where the left has taken such a strong stance.

But - of course - this (the "jab", is not a pinprick and a headache - it's not a simple jab, it's a huge risk to individual health, and the human race - it's a cocktail of poison wrapped in poison and it does nothing to protect the vulnerable.

But the threads the "vaccine" coercion, and religion, ride in on are valid. Long covid Sucks. And I don't want to take prednisone!

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