"Biden's handlers"

Now, now. Don't be demeaning to the ROTUS. (resident of the united states)

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more accurately POSPOTUS

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People in I see go btwn absolute rage and terror.

They are going thru a dark road... America will never be the same....either it will become a WHO-NWO death camp or we will win, and America will become greater than she has ever been..by far.

Bring it on, you bastards

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People from all walks of life see the commie plan for world domination.

This dear man saw it from earliest, March 2020... he passed away Apr 26.

The first part shows his knowledge of tactics of the enemies. I am a little lost without his reasoning, logic, hope


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Where does Gates fit into this CCP hierarchy? The Blackrock guys who made off with trillions of dollars during the "epidemic"? By some reports 80% of all dollars ever printed. How did the Chinese get so many collaborators in the West? Is Fauci really planning to retire to the Chinese mountains?

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China is controlled by the same handlers who control the West. China is supposed to be the new headquarters of the NWO. The handlers are the globalists/central bankers/crypto-satanists who really run the world. Some claim they're worth hundreds of trillions of dollars. Gates and Fauci are their lap dogs.


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Doesn't matter, if it were Trump or desantis, same shit.

Heck it was the Trump administration that wrote those amendments!

meanwhile in russia https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/05/19/putins-mistake/

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Mark, I wanted to let you know I’ve added new action steps and resources after my written comment on the IHR amendments here:

• “Letter to the US HHS Office of Global Affairs” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-us-hhs-office-of-global)

I will continue to keep this updated as new opportunities for action arise if people would like to keep apprised.

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Mark and Everyone can you read-sign-share the following:

World Freedom Declaration

We, the undersigned, oppose the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), an attempt to implement the public health equivalent of a “one-world government” in violation of individual nations’ and citizens’ inalienable rights and sovereignty.

Declaration of Opposition to the Proposed International Health Regulations Amendments

We, the undersigned, oppose the proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) existing 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) and stand in support of all people’s right to health sovereignty and self-determination.

The United States’ proposed amendments to the IHR are set to be considered at the 75th World Health Assembly, which begins on the 22nd of May, 2022. The proposed amendments, however, create an ambiguity relating to the date they become effective as the proposed amendments expressly state they will become effective six months after the date of notification by the Director-General, whereas the existing IHR provides that amendments become effective 18 months after notification by the Director-General.

If accepted, these legally binding amendments would come into effect for all member states except those that explicitly reject them. Under Article 59 of the IHR, de facto approval is assumed for any member states that fail to reject or take reservation to the amendments.

The existing IHR, adopted in 2005, respect the sovereignty of all member nations. The proposed amendments, however, would expand and codify the WHO’s authority to implement global health mandates in direct violation of national sovereignty and citizens’ rights.

These proposals attempt to eliminate a nation’s autonomy, during times of real, assumed or anticipated public health emergencies, affording the WHO unilateral power in assessing and determining a health emergency and empowering the WHO to dictate policy and response.

All of this comes on the heels of the COVID-19 crisis during which the WHO grossly mismanaged all facets of the global health response by encouraging economy-destroying lockdowns, suppressing early preventive treatments and recommending interventions that have proven to be neither safe nor effective.

Under the guise of health regulations, these amendments would permit the WHO to seize executive governance powers over member states, granting governing powers to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

Below are just a few of the many ambiguous and concerning provisions in the amendments proposed by the US Department of Health & Human Services on January 18, 2022.

More here:


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I suffered through a biden press conference recently in which he said among other things that the US healthcare would be handed over to DARPA...

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These will likely start a ruckus they may regret. Interesting to see how they plan to lock millions of us up. Important to remember these cowards are taking orders from the World Economic Forum. This is a mandate for planetary rule from Klaus Schwab and Davos crowd.

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I expect they'll start with the blue cities first. The technocrats prefer coming after the easy ones.

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I don't know where this technocrats comes from. They are bunch of bumbling idiot screw-ups and their masters are Malthusian. That's why Elon Musk is always mocking them.

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Don't be so accepting of musk. We don't really know.....

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He gets way more criticism than he deserves, he makes things, almost all of the uber-wealthy just steal what others make.

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Ok, now what army are they going to use to enforce these “rules”?

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Who needs an army when you can turn people's money on and off?

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UN + the army of whatever country you live in + state and local law enforcement.

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A lot of those undocumented folks pouring over the border are soldier material.

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Our military has been weakened by the vax. Also don’t forget how Trudeau used mercenary goons in Ottawa, not just his own law enforcement.

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Wouldn't be difficult to spray us. Both. US and UK government have sprayed their citizens with biologicals. All documented.

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FEMA camps.

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Mark, I don't see where Putin is 'evidently' fond of Tedros/WHO

I know lots of people like to bag Putin simply for the heck of it, but...please explain

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Doesn’t the US Senate need to ratify this? I cannot seem to get an answer. It’s a treaty. Or would probably be seen as a treaty if it went to court. Can’t be this easy to turn over our sovereignty.

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Globalists, NWO want war... looks like they will get it worldwide.

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There are two things going on. One is a set of US-proposed amendments to the 2005 WHO International Health Regulations. The IHR has already been in force globally since 2007, and it’s the international legal framework through which all the countries’ governments coordinated the panic messaging and population control programs for Covid starting in January 2020.

The second thing is a new pandemic treaty under negotiation by the participating member-states of WHO.

It’s important to understand that the US already relinquished national sovereignty through the 2005 WHO IHR, specifically through the implementing statutes and executive orders adopted by the US Congress and signed by US presidents, and the implementing regulations promulgated by the US Health and Human Services secretary.

In a nutshell, under the WHO-IHR-required domestic laws, the HHS secretary declaring a public health emergency, automatically and silently transferred all civil liberties of American citizens, and all Constitutional governing power in the US from the three branches (executive, legislative and judicial) into the HHS secretary’s hands, for as long as he or she extends the state of emergency.

Behind that structure, the US-HHS secretary, acting on behalf of the global corporate cabal (Gates, Pfizer, etc.) is controlling WHO. So the whole thing was a silent, almost-invisible overthrow of the American people and US government, under the public health pretext.


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Mark, Have you heard of the out break of monkey pox? Is this the new virus scare you were predicting?

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The Russian government was debating exiting from both WHO & WTO earlier this week. The outcome remains to be seen. I take Slavsquat with a huge grain of salt as he is rabidly anti-Russian & simply repeats US propaganda on Ukraine & other issues.

I seriously doubt Russia will hand over their sovereignty to Nazi Schwab or Socialist Revolutionary Tedros.

Russia will talk to anybody. Thay doesn't mean they believe them or follow them. Simply learn from them.

The last socialist revolutionary Russia lost its sovereignty to was a Georgian named Josef Stalin. We all know how that turned out & I seriously doubt tbe Russians have forgotten.

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"I take Slavsquat with a huge grain of salt as he is rabidly anti-Russian & simply repeats US propaganda on Ukraine & other issues." -- it's true that I don't copy-paste Russian government press releases, but that doesn't make me "anti-Russian". The exact opposite. I write about issues of significant importance to average Russians. If you don't believe me, you can always come visit Moscow and ask around.

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"I will be your father figure

Put your tiny hand in mine

I will be your preacher teacher

Anything you have in mind

I will be your father figure

I have had enough of crime

I will be the one who loves you

'Til the end of time"

Father Figure

Song by George Michael

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Their objectives are always right in our face - we just do not want to believe it's true.

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