EVERYONE needs to listen to Palmer...yes, you are right..... Trusted News Initiative affects a lot of media around the world......BIG THANK YOU and Hugs, Mark for bringing the NCI and this testimony to this substack.....all witnesses have been worth watching...... https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/testimony/

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No one is coming to save us. We must do it ourselves. The political party system has hijacked democracy. Ruled by money, it serves the tyranny of wealth rather than the well-being of the public. If we can establish local resistance networks before the next round of attacks (censorship, mandates, digital IDs, CBDCs, climate change, lockdowns, 15-minute cities, etc.) we may still have a chance to communicate and live freely.

LocalResistance.org provides a safe, anonymous search tool to easily locate neighbours in your own city or town who share your concerns and who are willing to stand together and press for truth locally. By linking locally we can find strength and support, we can communicate, coordinate, educate and resist.

We need a worldwide network of independent local resistance cells, too numerous to eliminate, autonomous and locally controlled, acting continuously to expose and expel all of the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and corporations who would deny our personal freedom, sovereignty and natural rights. Check it out. Spread the word. Thank-you. https://localresistance.org

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in Canada, have not listened to CBC for years, only independent media. I know people who still think it is "the truth", and will not even consider that they may be wrong...

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There are several former mainstream journalists in the US who are speaking out against the madness as well. People like Del Bigtree, Sharyl Atkinson, Ben Swann and others have all walked away from the lie factory in order to maintain integrity.

Growing up in the aftermath of WWII and in the peak time of the Cold War, I always wondered how people could be led so far astray. Well I guess the answers showed up loudly and clearly in 2020. There’s a storm coming that’s going to shatter it all and nobody can say they weren’t warned.

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Ben Franklin wrote: Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of a Nation, must begin by subduing the Freeness of Speech.

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GOD bless you Mark & thank you for being a dedicated TRUTH Warrior ...

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Canada is the LAST country to be 'mansplaining' anything about freedom and democracy to any country including Italy. Justin's little stunt of putting Meloni on the spot like that was sophomoric and amateurish. The level of corruption and incompetence in Canada is through the roof. I really didn't think it was this bad. Quebec is infamous for corruption ( see here: https://www.theepochtimes.com/beijing-has-more-diplomats-in-montreal-alone-than-all-of-france-federal-figures_5284823.html?utm_source=MB_article_free&src_src=MB_article_free&utm_campaign=mb-2023-05-24-ca&src_cmp=mb-2023-05-24-ca&utm_medium=email&est=[EMAIL_SECURE_LINK]&utm_term=newstop&utm_content=1) but Ottawa has taken the cake it appears under Justin.

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Thank you, Mark Crispin Miller, for another important report.


Canada's National Citizens Inquiry



To All Funeral Directors and Embalmers Worldwide -

March 31, 2023


Also (same video)

Licensed Funeral Director Laura Jeffery on Post-Vaccine Embalming | NCI

April 1, 2023



EXCERPT - [What she saw after the vaccinations started]


QUESTIONER*: Now my understanding is, is that you started seeing changes after the covid 19 vaccines were introduced.


QUESTIONER: Can you tell us about that?

LAURA JEFFERY: It started in January of 2021. And at first I was seeing an anomaly in what we would call return. So you have to understand a little bit about embalming. Embalming, we have a vat, and then there's a hose, and the vat has a pump in it, and what we do is we use the human circulatory system that God gave us. So we go into that circulatory system, generally we start at the carotid, right? That's a major artery that goes not to, to your brain but also to the top of your heart and it pumps the fluid through. And then the return would be people's blood that's back pumped out through the venous system, and we open that and let it release. And the concept is, is to put preservation in and take out what would not preserve a body longterm, so that we can present a person that is reasonable to their appearance that they should be, right? So when I was seeing the return, I started to notice anomalies in what the return was. So that went on for about 3, 4 months. And the return was more viscous. And it's not like I hadn't seen it before, but you didn't see it consistently, every single person, right? Now I'm seeing it every single person.

QUESTIONER: You have to explain to us what more viscous is.

LAURA JEFFERY: Viscous, thicker, darker, sticky. And that return, well, we, I call return, it's return blood, right, that return blood was stickier, thicker, darker. And then I started seeing that return blood would have little, little tiny, tiny pieces of clot in it and the clot would be like a currant jelly clot, but it's tiny pieces, like pinhead-sized. But it was almost like polkadot coming out, right? So polkadot pattern, sticky, viscous, more thicker blood, darker, and then these little pieces of clot that kind of looked like a polkadot pattern sticking to the embalming table. And of course that goes down the drain, right? But it, it was just different, there was something different. I could call it maybe dirty blood, if you want to make a sort of a basic example, right? So the blood was dirtier.

And at first— I'm really conscientious, right? So I notice things, and I'm known for that, so at first, I was sort of, like, this is weird, right? But you can't— I'm an embalmer, I'm not a scientist, I'm not a doctor, right, I'm an embalmer, but I notice things, and a lot of people do, and a lot of people don't, but in retrospect there's an awful lot of people in my profession that are also saying the same thing. So they won't tell you that in person, they certainly wouldn't go public like this, but that's what they're telling me.

QUESTIONER: Did you see changes in persons that were dying after the vaccines were introduced?

LAURA JEFFERY: Oh yes. So it was kind of horrifying, well it is horrifying. So there was an escalation of middle-aged peoples' deaths. Like, just average Canadian, came home from work, had dinner with the family, and died suddenly at home. So that was, that went on for maybe a good month and a half. And usually an evening call, so what we call a night call, OK? You would send a removal team out, two people, because they're going into someone's home, right? So they would, they, usually a night call or a night removal would be in the middle of the night. Like, it might start at 1 o'clock in the morning, you might get one, you might not, right? And then there was a lengthy period of time, like many weeks, where these middle aged people were dying, kind of like, right after dinner at their house, with their families present. And they weren't being investigated. They were coming to the funeral home, and I was looking at this and I'm like, this should be investigated because it's an unusual death, it's an unexpected death. But no, no, wasn't investigated. It was almost like, they dialed it in and brought the person into our care, at the funeral home, right? And then didn't, didn't worry about them.

QUESTIONER: So there's a couple of things there. So you were telling us that [coughs], excuse me, typically a call is around 1 am, and you know, after 1 am in the morning —

LAURA JEFFERY: Yeah, like middle of the night is when you, if you're going to have a night call happen for some reason, it always seems to be that 1 o'clock in the morning kind of time frame.

QUESTIONER: And prior to the vaccines, roughly how many would calls would you guys have on a night?

LAURA JEFFERY: It could get one in an evening, you could get two, you could get none. And then for a while there it was every night, one, two, even maybe three, always completed before 11 o'clock at night, so my removal staff were loving that because they weren't getting called out of bed, right? Yeah they thought that was marvelous. And I was saying, why can't you see a pattern?

Like, so, everything's a pattern, right? Like, we're not really all that different, none of us are. We think we are, but we're not. So when we die or when we breathe or when we're born, there's patterns. And as soon as you see an anomaly in a pattern, you should be going, why is there an anomaly? But nobody was asking, why is there anomaly? And I'm a funeral director, and it's not my job to ask, why is there anomaly? But I was asking, right? Like, why is there an anomaly, in my mind? So I started asking my coworkers, like, what did you see? Where were you? What was it like? Right. Family there. After dinner. Average people. Average home. It was an anomaly. A big one. Obvious one. But, it was like everybody had blinders on, right? So I don't know why nobody noticed, but I noticed. I was rather concerned.

QUESTIONER: Now my understanding is, is early on you had an experience with a 47 year old man that it seemed unusual. Can you tell us about that?

LAURA JEFFERY: Yeah. So. Hmm. OK, so you have someone's that's oh, so healthy, like, you can't miss it. Like, healthy! Like if that gentleman walked in the room right now, we would all turn our heads and say, my goodness, what a good-looking man. Right? Healthy. Strong, fit, tall, like, huge healthy person. Gone, right away, just [clicks fingers]. And his family told us, that now he was, his death was investigated, and his family told us point blank he died from clots. That's what they were told.

QUESTIONER: And had you ever seen a person that age and that fitness that had died of blood clots?

LAURA JEFFERY: Had I ever seen that before?


LAURA JEFFERY: Heavens no! No, no, too healthy. No, no, not healthy people.

QUESTIONER: OK. So that's why that sticks out in your mind, it's, it was so unusual.

LAURA JEFFERY: It sticks out in a lot of people's minds I'm sure.

QUESTIONER: Now did you start seeing any basically, scarring or anything like that on shoulders?

LAURA JEFFERY: Yeah. So for a long time people were coming in with that like a little bandaid, right? And I'd kind of go, OK, Laura, it's just a bandaid, ignore it, even though, like it was just unusual deaths with a bandaid. Right? Right? That's how I'm supposed to look at it because I'm not a doctor, I'm an embalmer, but the reality is, I'm looking at this and I'm going, yeah, yeah, there's a little tiny bandaid on everybody's shoulder. So that tells me— I mean, bandaid's what, they last what 2, 3 days if you're lucky, right? So that tells me there is a problem.

QUESTIONER: And what were the ages of these people coming in?

LAURA JEFFERY: Oh, full range.

QUESTIONER: Full range.

LAURA JEFFERY: Full range, yeah, yeah. Actually at that point, actually to be kind of clear, more clear, at that point people were, I would say it was that retirement age at that point, because I was seeing people that were like maybe 60 something older with the bandaid.



... continued...

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Re: Jab deaths in Canada.


Dr. Chris Shoemaker and Dan Hartman in Honour of Sean Hartman

Filmed September 3, 2022, at a rally before a march in Canada



DR. CHRIS SHOEMAKER: I'm proud of my last name but I'm also proud of the fact that almost all of my patients and almost all of the mothers and fathers of my patients, you know, call me Dr. Chris. So I can be called either, there are my two names, Chris is my first name, Shoemaker is my last name, and it's a real honor to be here with everybody.

Well, ah, in the very near future I'd like to ask a wonderful man to come forward and stand with me. His name is Dan Hartman. He's here in the crowd. I would welcome him coming up to be with me in the next couple of minutes or seconds. And it is at this time that we will put a face to the sadness of what vaccine injury is.

Vaccine injury, when given to people who don't need it, and no one under the age of 18 needed this shot, no one. And they were all likely to have bad things happen because their immune system is so strong at that age. That's the reason that Denmark has canceled the shot for the future. If this dear gentleman and family had been living in Denmark, to be honest, his son would be alive because there is no mandating of the shot for children in Denmark. They could get them, but they were not mandated for activities, social, physical education or otherwise.

Smart people other there in Denmark. Morons over here in Canada. Morons! Who don't know that you should not vaccinate babies and children.


And I pass the microphone to my dear friend Dan Hartman. God bless you, Dan.

DAN HARTMAN: Thank you, Doctor Chris.

DR. CHRIS SHOEMAKER: Great honor. [inaudible]

DAN HARTMAN: My boy loved hockey. It was his whole life. He was playing ever since he was a little kid. It's all he ever thought about. It was his love and passion. To keep playing hockey, he had to get a vaccine. Sean's biggest fear in life was needles. He was terrified of them. And if he would have had the choice, he wouldn't have taken a needle.

On August 25th, he got vaccinated. On August 29th he went to the hospital, to emergency. He had brown circles around his eyes, he was vomiting, had a very sore shoulder, and a rash. And the doctor sent him home with the medical equivalent of Advil. He didn't do a d-dimer test,* he didn't do a tropanin test.** I filed a complaint against this doctor with the CPSO*** for not doing his job. Two little blood tests that he could have done that might have saved my son's life. They found him not guilty.

So he went to hockey on August, on September 26th. Went to play hockey with his friends. On the morning of September 27th he was, he was found dead on the floor beside his bed. My perfectly healthy son, who had no underlying conditions, was gone.

They did an autopsy and the cause of death was unascertained. Sorry, we don't know why he died.

I want to know why my son isn't here. He was perfectly healthy. There was nothing wrong with him. He faced his biggest fear, which was needles, and it took his life. And I want someone to tell me the damned truth, why my son isn't alive anymore.

This man next to me has been a doctor for over 45 years, he's worked in emergency for 25 years, so when you needed his help, you went and saw a man like this. You trusted him. So now the world needs to trust what he's saying because he's just trying to help. And that's what a doctor does.

My days are absolute torture now. I just cry 15 times a day. And it's hard to even exist. I want the truth about these vaccines.

Every other country in the world is admitting to vaccine deaths. Not Canada. I haven't heard of one.

Is that what we're going to do? We're just going to pretend it's not killing anybody? Really?

If someone could say, I'm sorry, Mr. Hartman, your son died from the vaccine, then I can grieve my son. But not until that day.

Thank you, doctor.


DR. CHRIS SHOEMAKER [taking the microphone]: Based on the medical history, I can say to you, your son was killed by the vaccine. Immediate symptoms within 48 hours of the shot, including symptoms of thrombosis or hemolysis, the fact that marks under the yes, something was going on with his hematologic system and the only thing that had happened was 48 hours before, he got a toxic shot.

I'm so sorry. We're here with you and with all the vaccine injured. Love to you all.


Thank you Dan.



#   #   #


For more about Dr. Chris Shoemaker visit https://drshoemakercovidtruth.com/

* "A D-dimer test is a simple blood test that can help your healthcare provider determine if you may have a blood clotting condition. If you have a high level of D-dimer in your blood, your provider may have you undergo further blood tests and/or imaging procedures to determine a diagnosis."

See: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diagnostics/22045-d-dimer-test

**"A troponin test looks for certain types of the protein troponin, in your bloodstream. Those types of troponin only occur in heart muscle cells and only enter your blood because of heart muscle damage. That makes troponin invaluable in diagnosing heart attacks and other heart-related problems." See: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diagnostics/22770-troponin-test

*** College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario


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Helping The Chronic Vaxxers

With Their Adverse Effects

Is Like Loaning A Drug Addict Money.


The Clinically Retarded Ones

I’d Make An Exception For.

But They Would Have To Have Been

Clinically Diagnosed As Retarded

Before They Were Vaccinated.


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his testimony was so good.

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“You cannot win a war if you lose all the battles.” Most don't know there's a global genocidal war raging. What a perfect situation for the perpetrators.

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I live in Paris but back home in Quebec, most of my family and friends believe the freedom convoy people were a bunch of neo Nazis and far rightists!!! How could that be any other way if CBC said it? :-/

When Gardians of Truth and Freedom end up being considered in this twisted way, it tells you how powerful and efficient their propaganda is. And when you know that this propaganda led to the unnecessary death of thousands of people which continues today with the harmfulness of the lethal pro-Covid injections, that is nothing short of criminal.

How could the great journalists that Rodney Palmer once admired fell in alignment with this criminal rhetoric?

When you go through a recapitulation of how the unvaccinated were treated by so-called doctors, experts and politicians, it becomes very clear how Nazi Germany was possible.

And in the light of all we know about the ineffectiveness of the vaccines and how the vaccinated people not only put at risk frail people but fed the pandemic by getting infected and transmitting it to their surroundings, you would expect the “safe and effective” propagandists to come up with their mea culpa. They did not. For some of them, that might be because they were simply lying. For the others, why don’t they apologize?

Shame on them. And if we don’t want them to repeat those violent and highly discriminatory behaviors when the next pandemic hits, this national citizen inquiry must lead to a highly publicized scientific report for all the catastrophic sanitary measures never to be implemented again (masking, lockdown, pseudo vaccines, sanitary passport, etc…).

Ads must be put on the walls saying it is detrimental to your health to wear masks!

A John’s Hopkins University study determined that the lockdowns prevented only 0,2% of the death toll and concluded that it should never be used again as a sanitary measure against pandemics. Mr. Trudeau, have you just heard what I said?

That is what the Great Barrington declaration said from the very beginning of the pandemic. Had we listened to those experts, we would have avoided the destruction of the world economy and the falling into extreme poverty of more than 300 million people.

I think apologies should be asked of everyone who talked so nastily against unvaccinated people while in the end they were the beacons of light and freedom!

Somethings should be done. They cannot get by after having said such atrocities.

Think about it. Some people were refused life-saving cares because they were not vaccinated while we now know that not only those vaccines did not do anything but gave the disease and caused extreme adverse effects including death in too many cases!!!

And young Canadian kids are dying in their sleep or while practicing sports. Babies in the UK are born with myocarditis!!! Still births, miscarriages and excess mortality have reached record highs. And mainstream medias are preventing people from becoming aware of that. A genocide is on the way and CBC is looking the other way!

Many doctors and scientists are now saying that not only were they not vaccines, they were sheer biological weapons! How else do you call an injection that doesn’t do what it is meant to do but instead induces diseases, injure people and kill them?!?!

God, help us! (I would probably be called extreme right just because I implore God! Those woke people have lost their heart and soul!)

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the Canadian MSM is just as bad as everywhere else, the newspapers like the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, the Times-Colonist, Maclean's Magazine, Global, CTV, CBC all crap. Anyone with an ounce of integrity just happened to retire just before the SHTF big time re covid. Local news sucks too.

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This was absolutely captivating and Rodney James Palmer did an amazing job succinctly and thoroughly demonstrating what so many of us have known for so long. Many more like him please. Thank you so much for this.

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