it is always a bad way of making up your mind hearing just one side of the story. If you need to suppress the dissenting voices, you are on the wrong track. The moment someone disagrees, it has to be carefully examined. If something is propagated as strongly as the jabs, there is something wrong. A good thing needs no propaganda, it will sell itself. If it needs advertisements that bad, leave it be. Only bad things need propaganda. All the rest will find its way.

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The BBC is a truly awful institution that actively seeks to encourage harm to their paying customers.

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One of the questions that needs to be answered ASAP, WHAT is the Fibrous "clots", that are being removed from cadaver's during autopsy's, made from? What is this material???? That's what needs to be answered.

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Nov 24, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

I didn't realize Forbes hired 8th graders.

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There's a Texas saying, "Picking fly shit out of black pepper" is what these critics of Died Suddenly are doing.

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We knew they would do this. It is as predictable as it is disgusting.

And she’s clearly wrong when she says it’s based on the evidence of one embalmer as those who have watched it would know.

Therefore her piece should be rejected on that alone. It’s a blatant lie and if the she and the fukt checkers are going to hold everyone to a standard of zero mistakes ever they have to abide by the same standards. Of course they won’t. Rules for thee but not for me etc. etc.

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A friend of my daughter lost a coworker today to a heart attack. Age 23.

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I find it ironic some of the biggest pushers of the 'vaccine' are cardiologists. Ironic because of the heart side-effects.

Also. Mark, if I understand the term 'disinformation correctly, it's deliberate misuse and transmission of wrong information meant to deceive, correct?

Isn't this what we call 'propaganda?'

And if so, who are the biggest pedlars of propaganda?

The state, no?

In effect, then, they should be shutting itself down. Oh, the ironies of it all!

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Waiting for the documentary called ABTV (Anything But the Vaccine).

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The thing that sickens me so much about this situation is that all we are asking for is "safety in medicine". It doesn't matter what our beliefs are beyond that point. I mean, it DOES matter, but we want these medical devices of death to be stopped, immediately.

25 deaths used to lead to vaccinations being withdrawn. No-one with a brain would call thalidomide or Vioxx "safe and effective". What is the difference?

We "anti-vaxxers" are advocating for safe medicine and an end to unsafe medicine that is demonstrably killing and maiming people.

These scumbag shills want to sweep the suffering and death under the carpet, EVEN THOUGH THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING KILLED AND MAIMED ARE TRUE BELIEVERS AND THEIR ALLIES in many cases.

With friends like these "people", who needs enemies?

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"Never mind the fact that people have been dying suddenly ever since, oh, the beginning of human existence. Never mind the fact that over a million people in the U.S. and over 6.6 million around the world have died from, you know, Covid-19, since early 2020. Never mind the fact that these deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in excess mortality."

Since excess mortality is the mark of definitive deadliness, perhaps Forbes would like to explain the FIFTEEN million excess fatalities through the end of 2021...


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If folks'll pardon my pastin' my own comment on the same topic (from somethin' I commented on recently on Celia Farber's Truth Barrier Stack), I'll do so thereby throw'in my 2 cents plain...

In brief... this "doc" is for the choir, not the new potential parishioners.. (if ya look at death-by-jab as a flock-kill and ya wanna make that "flock" aware...this ain't gonna do it...) SO...here goes:

It's purdy well done albeit gruesome (sharin' it with my mamas group with a not-fer-kidz caveat) but it's far too rough about the edges to give to "normies"---the fast cuttin', vorkapich-style images of "NWO Central Castin'" folks that NOBODY not already in the choir'll recognize... will be off-puttin' and are a tad too music-video-y--it's too fast and way too insider-y to normie folks who don't even know what the heck is a reset (my own ma would say ya reset the margins on the typewriter...)... Also all the cuttin' in of folks droppin' dead needs 'splainin'--to someone not in the loop it seems gratuitous...

What IS powerful is meetin' not just one'r two embalmers but SO MANY've 'em--all good on cam'ra. Steve Kirsch comes off well! Oddly it makes ya feel that fer all that's in there--some key stuff is left out---the AI / digital control / digital $ is screamin' to be mentioned... Still he gits an A fer the effort...

ADDING here...

1. indeedy, showin' Bigfoot and Aliens like this'll be some "scandal revealed" National Enquirer episode will not win newbies--sensationalistic, not sober...

2. I hadn't caught that one've the dead basket(ball) cases wasn't a jab-victim but the whole montage wuz sloppy -- we needed to see the connections presented s-l-o-w-l-y along with proof they whar vaxxed... such as on x date suzie sez she's SO happy to have gotten her rooster and on y date she posted she was having side fx and on z date we see the obit. Needs a thru line... basic filmmakin' 101--TELL a story don't show a fast cuttin' commercial... I think 5 minutes of Maddie DeGaray (or a family that had a vaxx-related loss but spoke cogently about it...) would've "trumped" (sorry) 5 minutes of vorkapitch droppin-dead-e-o's montage...

3. I got a general feelin' that besides being off-putting image-wise fer normies, this overall comes off as too glib and confident... like a gen-z car commercial and thereby sadly discredits itself cuz there IS some very good stuff here.... The "grainy rough" footage with shock value (like dune buggy races..), quick cuts, slick editing (style)... all wrong... save it for a music video, Stew (former white rapper that he is!)

4. I AGREE with the legit crit that talking about cullin' the herd and KILLING us all (even tho' it's truer than the nose on our faces...) will be an instant turn off / head scratcher' fer normies. I mentioned the NWO cast've characters bein' too abstruse fer regular folks but addin' here/now that the "de pop" goals should be a separate movie--this'll seem WAY too sci fi being told that they wanna kill ya with these jaberoos. Should be 'nuff to show them that jabs=died suddenly, simple is better here...

5. BUT all that said...I applaud the effort and wanna call off the venomous voices here...SO...

Hey y'all let's not STEW Peters here cuz've his asso-cia-shun with Brian Ardis. Adding: Dr Ardis is a good person / a mensch (gave us a rec. for gettin' ivermectin --no charge, bless him! and he did this for thousands'a folks...) and even if his snake venom theory is semi-WONKY, it's not totally bogus (see link below) and I will NOT cheer on those that wanna censor Peters fer presentin' it. Ya'll think Mike Adams is good on health stuff? I do, this is from Natural News :

"European researchers have confirmed that the plasma, urine, and feces of people who test “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) contain “toxin-like peptides” that are “almost identical” to those found in snake and other animal venom."

"Samples of each of these fluids were collected from so-called “covid patients” and tested for composition. The stated purpose behind the research was to identify the mechanism of infection for the Chinese Virus, which is still largely a mystery."




NOBODY with an idear, no matter how wack-a-doodles, should be left out in the cold while we try ta figger this out--we got here by censorship--"believe" in the bat/pangolin, but DISCOUNT "They're tryin' to kill us!" story. Dismiss the "folks are magnetic" story (but they ARE Blanche!)...

So y'all, take it from a certified crackpot, go easy on the Stew... the man tried (this DOES reflect his own sensibilities) and this "doc" does NOT totally suck, it just ain't what's needed to convince the normies and by being so "sense-ational" it IS off-putting and allows itself--too readily--to be dismissed by the MSM (BBC, Forbes, etc)... BUT it doesn't suck. It gets good stuff in--again' fer me the embalmers were the MOST powerful...

My 2 cents plain!

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You know it’s a threat to the establishment when they lob a hit piece two days after launch. We can only hope it triggers the Streisand Effect.

I watched it last night and agree it is a must-watch, minor flaws notwithstanding. I hope they can release a new version quickly with the errors expurgated to avoid giving the propagandists ammunition.

The interviews with funeral industry professionals and footage of embalmers pulling out fibrous white clots are devastating, and I hope as many people as possible see it for those segments alone. Perhaps Sage can get to work slicing it up into bite-sized fragments.

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Difficult to have ANY opinion that challenges the totalitarians. What will be the response when Edward Dowd’s book, Cause Unknown, becomes a best-seller? I’m not a Stew Peters fan--he goes for the drama & mistakes are literally pounced upon by those controlling the narrative. Recent revelations by the retired head of Pfizer R&D should make all heads spin in shock. The FLCCC Alliance published in on Substack. WaPo published facts that more covid deaths attributed to the jabbed. Are we finally getting somewhere? MO v Biden has advanced to depositions. The Marik lawsuit re: being denied early treatment is also advancing. Coordinated, collective lies are difficult to challenge, but when battles are wisely chosen, a few great wins takes the whole house of cards & cads down.

Mark, your substack confused me. Excess non covid mortality is real. Do you follow Dowd’s research? Ethical Skeptic?

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Nov 24, 2022·edited Nov 24, 2022

One of the things the documentary does right is showing what depopulation means, concretely and viscerally. We see the amyloid clots, we see the grainy blood, and we see the cadavers ( parts of them ). That's all real, and incontrovertible — given the number of embalmers who have come forward, and the looming excess deaths, worldwide. With over 2/3 of the human population injected, regardless of whether one believes it is by design or not, the ramifications are staggering and cannot be ignored.

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