"Your president and I care about you." Bwahahahaha

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Once everyone realizes that what is happening to us humans currently, is exactly what has been done to cattle for many decades, it all makes more sense.

We are someone's cattle. Have a happy Saturday.

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Dr Jill Mengele has a Christmas message for the undead. If doubling food, heat, shelter prices haven't killed you yet, PLEASE GET YET ANOTHER CLOT SHOT BOOSTER!

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The Politicians keep lying about this shot with no end in sight. I guess Big Pharma pays them well for these murders.

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Dr. Jill wants us to die.

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locked into the WEF/BIS/World Bank/oligarch party line just as the Soviets were locked into Stalin's, or the Nazis were locked into Hitler's, or the CCP were locked into Mao's. They've gotten away with it for so long they think the clown car parade will last forever and the money will never run out.

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Schwab’s brain, Yuval Harari, who who went on a promotional tour fall, 2022 shilling a new book asked questions like: What do we need so many humans for? Referring to non-globalists as “common people” who are fully disposable, Harari’s latest leaked statements reveal a profound attitude of self-perceived superiority and globalist supremacy. Harari says the common folk below him are right to be fearful about the future because their lives could end at any moment. And it would not be any great loss, he says, because non-globalists are “redundant.” In a future run by “smart people,” Harari went on to state, common people will naturally face increased feelings of anxiety and fear about being left behind. And he is technically right: those who refuse to board the ark of Christ will, in fact, be left behind in Harari’s globalist dystopia. “We just don’t need the vast majority of you,” Harari stated out loud without shame, believing himself to be invincible. Writes NewsTarget “As we previously reported, Harari, an Israeli historian and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, openly admitted that he and the rest of his globalist cabal are unleashing transhumanism as their own personal “technological Noah’s Ark” – meaning they believe the lie that tampering with their DNA and genetic blueprints will somehow grant them eternal life while the rest of us are either eliminated or turned into their permanent slaves. Talking about this kind of thing used to be scoffed at and labeled conspiracy theorism, but now we have the plan coming straight from the mouths of the globalist cabal itself – right out in the open with no shame.

Rockefeller Foundation official (V.P) Alan Gregg is another outspoken globalist who recently declared that the world has cancer and that cancer is mankind – excluding himself, of course. Prince Phillip, the late Queen Elizabeth’s husband, likewise believed that humanity is a cancer that he wished he could eradicate by dying and coming back to life as a killer virus.The now-destroyed Georgia Guidestones revealed that the globalist plan for their envisioned “New World Order” involves reducing the current population of the world from roughly eight billion, the current number, to just 500 million. Former President Bill Clinton, unbeknownst to many, signed a so-called “biodiversity” treat during his tenure that contains an explicitly stated goal of reducing the world’s population to one billion, at least as a start. About Gregg – now gone to meet his Maker with his just rewards for his misanthropy – another Rockefeller Inst. misanthrope zoololgist Marston Bates – also now who has met his Maker, whatever that looks like - wrote that “Gregg pointed out that human population growth within the ecosystem was closely analogous to the growth of malignant tumor cells within an organism: that man was acting like a cancer on the biosphere. The multiplication of human numbers certainly seems wild and uncontrolled… Four million a month—the equivalent of the population of Chicago… We seem to be doing all right at the moment; but if you could ask cancer cells, I suspect they would think they were doing fine. But when the organism dies, so do they; and for our own, selfish, practical, utilitarian reasons, I think we should be careful about how we influence the rest of the ecosystem.”At the “grassroots” level, the globalists have done an exceptional job programming millions of Westerners into supporting mass genocide through abortion and even infanticide, the latter constituting the murder of a child after he or she has already left the womb.“George Orwell warned us about these times,” writes Baxter Dmitry for Newspunch. “He said they would convince us that war is peace. How right he was.”

And by 2022, the globalists were out in the open about population control. Globalists Openly Admitting To Population Control Agenda https://www.technocracy.news/globalists-openly-admitting-to-population-control-agenda/ similarly, the antics of the Trilateral Commission, Kissinger, etc. on the same topic are outlined here https://www.technocracy.news/kissinger-the-genesis-of-u-s-government-population-control/ , specifically the Kissinger Report (NSSM-200)from 1974, which continues to be the foundational document on U.S. government population control, and continues to represent official United States policy on government population control and, in fact, is still posted on the USAID website. https://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/Pcaab500.pdf

The Kissinger Report states, in part, “The U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in the political, economic, and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.” Human Life International has an expose on this by Brian Clowes, PhD at National Security Study Memorandum 200: Blueprint for World Depopulation. What does this do? Per the report:

 When Nigeria refused to legalize contraception and homosexuality, the United States withdrew financial and military aid that would allow it to combat the Islamic terror group Boko Harem, which has murdered and kidnapped tens of thousands of people in that nation.

 When Ecuador declined to legalize abortion, the United Nations refused to provide any aid for it to battle COVID-19, condemning many more Ecuadorians to death.2

 When Kenyan pro-lifers collected irrefutable evidence that Marie Stopes International (MSI), one of the largest abortionists in the world, were committing illegal and dangerous abortions on a vast scale, MSI demanded that they be either muzzled or jailed.

 The United Nations Population Fund halted food and other aid to millions of starving Yemenis because the nation refused to legalize abortion.4

 When Zambia refused to legalize sodomy, the United States withdrew much-need foreign aid to help alleviate the 11% national HIV infection rate and to care for 250,000 AIDS orphans.

 The Joint United Nations Program on AIDS [UNAIDS] threatened to withdraw all of its aid from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia unless it approved language supporting abortion and homosexuality in a political declaration on HIV/AIDS.

Some further reading on all this evil is at Kissinger: The Genesis of U.S. Government Population Control

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It is obvious they know about the deaths and injuries, how could they not? They know about VAERS, they know about various jab-related legal actions and still they peddle the clot shot without a single qualification, not even excepting children or pregnant women.

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And this is what saps all the hope out of me. Good people young people are dying or having their lives destroyed, and the ILLEGAL TREASONOUS rulers of this country continue to LIE and say GET THE JAB.

Why don't they tell the truth? Instead of "because we care about you and want you to stay healthy" it should be "Because we hate you and want more of you dead".

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I sure hope Jo Ann Jenkins, Dr. Ashish Jha, imposter president and all his doubles and Dr. Biden, oh yes, and the administrations of all these universities mandating and "doctors" pressuring for it, got real shots.

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"I was nothing more than a covid vaccine human guinea pig and the doctors excited to participate in my fascinating progression unto death."

That's awful, just, poor man.

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Why haven’t they all been assassinated by now? Seriously. Spewing nonsense continuously. I can’t believe I signed up for this rodeo.

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Visited relatives and was greeted by the tv blaring Joy Reid screaming about Trump and his tax returns. Not one story on the collusion between Twitter and the government. Not one word about the vax and its impact on the young. But there was a feel good story about the basketball player traded for an arms trader who is certain to revive his trade. Apparently there was also a televised pageantry of the January 6th committees heroic efforts to save the Republic complete with the national anthem. Missing was the part of federal agents instigating much of the darker side or of those jailed still awaiting trial. As a younger friend commented after LA news failed to report yet another inexplicable car veering off road hitting a pedestrian, 'it's what they don't report that is important...what they choose (or told) to report and what to skip." Yes indeed. And suffering through a few hours of MSNBC I understand why large parts of the country believe those who follow Mark Crispin Miller and others are complete kooks that need to be silenced.

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Dr. Eric R. Pianka, at University of Texas lecture to fellow scientists, students and professors in 2006, invoking peak oil (the ugly stepchild of global warming) stated that 90% of the world’s population needed to be killed using a weaponized form of the Ebola virus. He stated that an airborne version of Ebola would be more effective than the HIV/AIDS virus has been because of the speed in which the victim dies. Pianka also spoke positively of the death the bird flu could bring, and spoke of the need to “Sterilize everyone on earth” at this lecture. This is the same Mengele-like Pianka who has also stated “We’re no better than bacteria!” at one of his lectures. (I’m not sure how bacteria could compose, or appreciate, say, Handel’s Messiah, but whatever.)

University of Texas at Austin Eric R. Pianka "I do not bear any ill will toward people. However, I am convinced that the world, including all humanity, WOULD clearly be much better off without so many of us."

James Lovelock, the creator of the Gaia hypothesis, told the Guardian that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet because people were too stupid to be allowed to steer their own destinies.

Prince Philip said after he died he would like to reincarnate as a deadly virus to help solve the issue of overpopulation. And it looks like he did just that!!! The quote is noted in an article by The Guardian newspaper from 2009. The full quote reads: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation." According to the Daily Express, the quote originates from a 1988 interview that Prince Philip, gave to Deutsche Press-Agentur.

Meanwhile, Simon Ross, head of Population Matters, has stated “population shrinkage is the cheapest and surest contribution to sustainability that we know of.” Fellow misanthrope Rob Hengeveld, in his book How Our Consumption Challenges the Planet, proposes reducing world population to 1 billion. And of course, And of course, the other god of the left, evolution, factors in here, for if evolution is true, then a changing climate will simply see living things adapt and change with it. And those that don’t adapt are clearly not the fittest, which we all know to be the only thing that matters…. right? The angst of the evolutionists over climate change contradicts what they claim to believe.

As the Daily Sheeple noted, “Altering our ethics, altering our morals - that’s exactly what Agenda 21 is all about- specifically and altering these ethics and morals to more “environmentally friendly” ones.” And don’t expect this to be done openly or democratically, as the need is “too urgent” (though not urgent enough for the elite to have to change their lifestyles).

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President Biden is taking orders. hmmm. Are globalists breathing down his administration's neck?

It is peculiar to have elected and non-elected officials telling me and you what medications we should be taking. (downright intrusive, and Orwellian)

This is government overreach at its zenith. If there are still a red flag in existence, I say, 'Raise the red flag and alert as many as you can.'

These MFs do no care a whit about you, your family, or your health. Recall, they closed your businesses, locked you down like dogs and criminals, disrupted the education of children and adults, forbade the use of life-saving therapies, and made everyday routines and movement a misery.

As that visionary Nancy Reagan once said, 'Just say no to drugs'.

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Talking about Dr Jill, here’s a joke: Joe and Dr Jill Biden went to a fancy restaurant. The waiter walks up, Dr Jill orders the steak and fries. The waiter asks, and what about the vegetable. She said, oh he’ll have the lobster 🦞

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