This is a great sign. Seattle is very blue.

Even Blue covidians are catching on.

There’s hope for humanity.

He’s lucky he’s not in eastern Washington

Come to Goldendale Fauci

You’ll receive a warm welcome

I’ll personally introduce you to

The Red zone.

Ps get your affairs in order before you

Do the posse awaits your response

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The very fact that people in a blue Covidian stronghold are secure enough to boo the corporate media's Patron Saint whose every mumble was revered as the final word is incredible, wonderful, amazingly honest measure of public opinion. Can't think of happier news!

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That goes perfectly to plan. They need a fall guy to cover for what is becoming hard to deny. His handlers will throw the old man under the bus when the time is right and make it look like the will of the people was done.

Then they'll pull out the next puppet in time for mandatory pox shots.

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I saw a lot of overhand clapping in the clip I saw. He still has, erm, fans.

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I feel sorry for this demented narcissist. I believe he is going to lose his valued popularity! Couldn’t happen to a better guy!

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Satan will soooo enjoy it when he and his wife are with him.

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There will come a day when all the surviving members of his victims will make his life so miserable, he'll never venture into public again. It WILL come.

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F this guy. Hopefully his public execution for the murder and maiming of thousands (millions?) is held before a Texas Rangers game. It’ll be the loudest applause he’s ever received.

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Aug 10, 2022·edited Aug 11, 2022

Meme idea: Get close-up footage of Fauci throwing the first pitch, over a remake of Pat Benatar's "Hit me with your best shot" as: "Hit me with your DEATH shot . . . Fire awaaaaaay!" — cut in with zoomed-in inserts of the cretins who were applauding.

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Definitely some boos and applause as well, not exactly what I was expecting. Hard to tell from the audio.

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I love this! It's about damn time!

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Can that be arranged? I’d pay for the flight lol

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He was booed both down the 1st base line, and the third base line.

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Shout out to Yakima Peach from Goldendale!!! We are Washington’s

Sportsman’sParadise that’s what the

Old neon sign says. Come on faucci

Be a good sport

Let’s go fishing

Kinda short

Size 8 ?

Cement overshoes just wishing

Cant wait

Signed every red neck that never got

A shot or wore an Fn mask


Bring your wife too

Lots of vineyards

Lots to do

Then a nice boat ride out to …

The deep waters

On a big river

For fucking with our sons and daughters

It will be quicker

Drowning in cold waters

Ps not one mask

But 2

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What would it cost for an air drop?

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Who were those people I saw clapping?!?

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