This is a real noble truth

I never liked liver, my mother called it minute steak


Mar 4

We have small victories. We relax. The opposition re organize and replot the next attack. The main point is they never stop and they have the resources to continue and are very patient.

This awakening will take years more. We have spectacular leadership albeit defacto. The pay off will be a better place for us all. That’s my vision. What is your vision.

While we are forgetting they are regrouping.

They are at this moment exploring ways to make the VAERS data results the fault of the virus not the vaccine. They are trying to make VAERS a system available only to those with financial interests in the data. They are trying to establish reasonable links between vaccine hesitancy and prolonged pandemic. Connecting deaths/adverse events to anything but the product.

Right now they are redefining words, and we must stop that. Right now the are attaching emotions of their choice to concepts of their making

Right now they are finding virus that isn’t treatable with generic drugs. Right now they are re-ordering drug tables eliminating some promoting others so certain drugs can’t be used against them. Right now they are rewriting history so certain things are forgotten.

Right now they are finding ways to justify demanding clinical trials for a drug(s) with 40 years of safety data.

Right now they are finding ways to have it “taken out of context”

Right now they are setting the stage to discredit inexpensive therapies/drugs as dangerous (melatonin to Vitamin C to generic)

Right now there strategys are being re tooled, based on lessons learned from this current effort.

Over the next few years internet will be reorganized so it will be so easily accessible to everyone, that agrees.

I hear my niece interacting with ‘Hey Google” she asks a question the interface delivers the answer. She doesn’t even see the next potential offering.

“ on the website CNN it states………………….”

By coercion not so easy for those that disagree

!Approved websites earn points, surf 3 hours of approved websites get your weekly shopping bonus! on and on

As I have mentioned in previous posts we must do a forensic investigation of legislation that seemed innocuous at the time but has allowed dominance of the narrative by the corporate interests. The true oligarchs. Pharma companies and news providers sharing board members as an example. One promoting and protecting the other. Legislation which allows immediate criminalization of dissent, removal of funding and cancellation of your ability to function in society. As happened recently in Canada. Remember it is also being used against the Russian aggressors. An easy sell.

A modernized bill of rights for the new age is the answer.

Its all liver disguised as steak.


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Apr 3, 2022·edited Apr 3, 2022

Media won't give a shit until members of their own family start dropping dead after the clot shot. And even then, many of them may be too obtuse and/or brainwashed, to connect the dots.

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If 15 players fall in the woods, and nobody reports it, did they really fall?

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I guess Novak Djokovic gets the last laugh...remember this sacrificial lamb a few months ago that held his ground? "Novak Djokovic 'admired' for sticking to guns despite tennis star being told he's 'crazy' https://www.express.co.uk/sport/tennis/1589993/Novak-Djokovic-Rob-Steckley-vaccine-tennis-news

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I searched on Duck Duck Go, “Miami Tennis 2022 updates news” I stopped at 5 pages in and nothing about this appeared in any of the search results.

This never happened in the eyes of 99.9% of the population. I would wager that even amongst 99.8% of tennis fans don’t know about this.

If a tree falls in the woods……

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Apr 3, 2022·edited Apr 3, 2022

Thanks for calling attention not just to the 15 players but to the lack of media coverage. I forwarded it to vax'd family members who will still refuse to see the truth.

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This with "safe and effective" vaccines - just imagine if they were "dangerous and ineffective!"

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Those corrupt presstitutes will pay dearly for their lies and collaboration with satanic evil, if not in this world, then the next. They belong in the deepest circle of hell, possibly more than the top perpetrators themselves.

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My brother dx with multiple myeloma, cancer of blood/bone marrow a month after second Moderna shot. He’s in UCLA Medical Center hanging on to dear life just having high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. I joined FB multiple myeloma groups on FB and asked who got dx in 2021/2022 and when “vaccinated”. Out of 7 responses 3 got dx with mm after shots and 1 was dx immediately after booster after being in remission for 10 years! These are real people.

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Apr 3, 2022·edited Apr 3, 2022

Let’s not forget we the taxpayer funded this poison. Ugh.

Talk about taxation without representation.

I have a dear friend who took the jabs and is now in the ICU.

He took a funny step and his replaced knee started swelling.

5 days later he has staff infection in both knees and his elbow. His kidneys are shutting down and his on dialysis.

From taking an off balance step???

Not one medical professional his said a word about the shot.

His family is also in the dark.


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Great as always. I happened to write about the blind uptake and continued denial of the V almost a year ago. I didn't think at that point it would really get this far. I was feeling really down about this whole thing, so its pretty bleak and judgemental, but unfortunately, it has aged rather well.


Now, obviously, I don't expect you to repost all of my stuff, but I've stuck the link there incase anyone is interested ;-) . Cheers

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By 2030, all sports will be conducted solely in the metaverse. Participating and watching physical sports events causes unacceptable levels of CO2. Justifiable concern over CO2 can also cause heart palpitations so all physical stress should be minimized.

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Every day lately, I think about what I could 'paint' on my car, so many phrases go through my head; JAB KILLS, MORE JABS KILL FASTER....HOMOBORGIENSIS ARE NOT HUMAN, WILL YOUR CHILD BE STERILE FROM THE JAB?.....A MASK PROTECTS YOU FROM COVID LIKE UNDERWEAR PROTECTS YOU FROM SMELLING FARTS....so far, I am hesitant that someone would bash my car windows in. Bloodyhell...

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“Like so many things we’ve witnessed over the last three years, there appears to be a coordinated effort to suppress the truth. “

This can only happen when they all play for the same team, regardless of their “claims of opposing allegiances”.


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I have a bet with my husband that Nadal will never play professionally again. I wonder what they will say if he announces his retirement.

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Apr 6, 2022·edited Apr 6, 2022

My husband (an engineer/general contractor) was talking to his framing subcontractor who is not vaccinated. The framer was with his high school aged son in Asheville, NC for a swim meet & during the meet five of the swimmers sunk to the bottom of the pool & had to be rescued. The framer does not know what the health outcomes were for the swimmers as he lives in GA & left right after the meet. A man who has worked at the swim meets for years said he has never seen that happen to even one swimmer previously. The man said he thought this was the result of the vaccines.

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