Mark, your forward is excellent. I'm definitely going to get Farber's book. I think she had Fauci figured out before anyone.

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her and a million gayboys

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As a 'gayboy', I'm not too sure about that...

it's hard to unlearn something you have been taught all your life

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Thank you Mark. A great forward. I read Celia's original book only in the last year or so. Amazingly our local library system had it on the shelves. It was shocking and eye opening on so many fronts - both in helping me completely reframe my understanding of the "AIDs" era - and for all the many insights it offered into the current "Covid" era crazy. I could not have more respect for Celia than I do. I can only imagine how alone she must have felt being cancelled and smeared during the AIDs era by such a power cadre of amoral forces. I hope the republication of her AIDS reporting will cause more people to look back and re-evaluate the criminality of Fauci and many others in the medical and pharmaceutical establishment during that time. Celia's book is perhaps even more timely and important today than it was when it was first published. I urge anyone who has not read this book to do so now that it is being republished.

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Our library also had "Serious Adverse Events" on the shelf. Multnomah Co. library (Portland, Ore.) got it when censoring heavy topics was not in process. I was able to check it our for two years and renew it as no one else placed a hold on it. Finally in 2023 another user requested the book.

Celia's book (1st edition) has been priced at $100 and above on the internet (eBay, AZ).

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Yep, I tried to buy a used copy when I first came across Celia's comments in Kennedy's book on Fauci, and with a search that took me to over 500 used book dealers not a single used copy could be found anywhere. That's when you know a book is "dangerous" to power and has been effectively suppressed.

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It is a good idea to make a habit of asking your local library to buy these kinds of books, to make them broader available. The librarians won't accept all your suggestions, but many are surprisingly willing to buy books on forbidden subjects. My local branch even bought Mathias Desmet, Robert Malone, Peter Breggin etc.

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Great point. My local library has what is called their "Zip books" program which allows you to order books that cost less than $35 bucks and are available through Amazon Prime which delivers the book right to your door. So for I haven't run into any attempt to censor "content" or "subject matter" when ordering these, which has been great.

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I’ve learned so much from Celia Farber’s substack. I remember reading the first chapter of her book some time ago that she posted on substack and being electrified to learn about the HIV scam, having lived through that era and believing that a positive HIV reading was a virtual death sentence.

I’ve been waiting, waiting for this book to come out. I pre-ordered 5 copies so I can pass them out to people I know.

Thanks for getting the word out, Mark!

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Yep, and little lord fauci is right in the middle of it, for 50 years..

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since the day he died, I've believed Kary Mullis was assassinated. my first thought was - who's hiding what? then covid happened and I knew. I lost so many friends to azt, and I still miss them often. I was considered crazy for saying azt was killing not helping them. considered crazy for begging friends not to take the covid shots. it's déja vu all over again...

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All I know is that he died at home, his widow Nancy Mullis said it was pneumonia. She was upset at the "conspiracy theories."

We all loved him a lot. I don't know whether it's fruitful to try to figure out what they may have done because we never will.

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yes, we'll never know for certain, but his death was much too convenient (and it wouldn't be hard to 'give him [an infection resulting in] pneumonia'). he would never have remained silent as his pcr tech was used in this manner. and there's a good chance he would have finally realized his dream of 'chasing the little bastard (fauci) from his car to his office!' lol I will always treasure that visual...

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Thank you Mark for writing the foreword and introduction to this new edition.

Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS Paperback – March 23, 2023

by Celia Farber (Author), Mark Crispin Miller (Foreword)

Looks like it will be released in a few weeks on Amazon,


Also, nearly 20 years ago, I looked into being a participant in some sort of study for women in San Francisco, and found out that all the data from the blood samples of a pilot hepatitis vaccination study conducted on gay men in SF from the late 70s/80s were still not accessible. I had heard that this pilot hepatitis program had preceded the AIDS epidemic and that gay men were coming down with AIDS after getting the experimental hepatitis vaccine. Does this sound familiar?

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Mar 7, 2023·edited Mar 7, 2023

Or pre-order from publisher Chelsea Green and avoid putting another cent into Billionaire Bezos's pocket!


Oh! And speaking of Hepatitis. Anyone want to be a Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Assistant?! https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?from=appshareios&jk=9e29cf3755e6afbe

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Thanks. Just pre-ordered through this site.

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Rolling Stone (back then they were pretty good) published a series of articles at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and they interviewed some gay men who had AIDS and were on their deathbeds, they had come down with several rare diseases, their immune systems were shot. They had no chance. Their pictures were terrible. So who knows? And then there is this— https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/05/15/a-mystery-illness-killed-a-boy-in-1969-years-later-doctors-learned-what-it-was-aids/

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The capture of Rolling Stone magazine - how its writers now seem to work only to conceal important truths and protect "The Man" - is stunning.

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Don't believe everything you read in the newspaper. That boy's case history was published in 1973 by Kerwin and Witte in a lymphatic medical journal, and I actually pulled the journal article with the photos, and it looks nothing like HIV or AIDS.

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No offense here Tom, but what does AIDS look like (forget the HIV as no virus has ever been isolated correctly) ?. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) happens when the body’s immune system is badly damaged because of something and can take many years to develop if not treated, depending on an individual’s health. AIDS can lead to certain cancers, infections or other severe long-term clinical conditions AND THIS IS WHAT WE ARE SEEING HAPPEN NOW AFTER THE COVID JABS.

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The goal is to have "new" illnesses that are vague and broad. vague and broad. Not like say, "pneumonia." The AIDS definition kept expanding and expanding, and Covid I don't even know WHAT is at the core of the supposed disease definition anymore, but it began with something centered in the lungs, and loss of oxygen.

They figured out how to weaponize "health" but it's really "sickness" coming back as "debt," and what places you in "debt" are meaningless diagnostics. ELISA/ WB VL/PCR with AIDS and PCR with Covid. Amazing.

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You are probably right, but it is interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Rayford

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Tom, you are very good at revealing the black magic.

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Yes, who knows if a cheap and effective treatment was withheld from them so that they could recover and live a normal life.

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There was a cheap and effective treatment that greatly extended these men's lives. It involved Vitamin C among other cheap, healthy supplements. Watch the movie Dallas Buyer's Club with Matthew McConaughey. Fauci was behind the whole thing. Just disgusts me what he's done to humanity over 6 decades.

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And people still worship DR.s and "science".

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I still know a few really great doctors, but for the most part the ship has sailed on worshipping them. I estimate in another 2 years the ship will have a gaping hole in its side and will be sinking to the bottom.

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Mar 7, 2023·edited Mar 7, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Thank you for this wonderful tribute to Celia Farber.

I still have the emails I sent to family and friends in April of 2020, writing that all the "news" reminded me exactly of the 80's when as a single mother of two tiny people I was made terrified of my toddlers or myself dying of a fatal disease caught from.............a TOILET SEAT(!)

The research I did at the time also showed me that herpes became a new epidemic in the years immediately before HIV/AIDS, and supposedly having HSV-2 - genital herpes - increased the risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV. Have no idea if last century's fear porn has any truth to it.

I remember Princess Diana breaking the evil spell of fear over touching anyone with"AIDS" as she embraced children in hospitals. Elton John was her champion. Now he is a douche.

More recently I remember Kary Mullis, Larry Kramer and Brandy Vaughan all died of "natural causes" in late 2019 or early 2020.

I don't have TV or a cell phone - but I do have a little memory.

But perhaps that's why.

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Jill, I too remember reading about the highly increased virulence of genital herpes around that time. I wonder how many "AIDS" deaths were due to that. I distinctly remember reading about it devastating India. Many young female Indian "sex workers" died of it.

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Thank you Truthbird.

I haven't spent much time researching it, but the timing of the herpes "virus" is odd to say the least.

One wonders which "vaccination" had just preceded it's emergence.

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I honestly don't know if there was such a thing as "herpes" prior to the 1990s. Maybe there was, but I'd never heard of it till then. If there was, why did it suddenly become LETHAL in the 1990s? Like you, I believe "vaccination" of some sort was the reason.

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Herpes 1 or 2 is almost never lethal, it is supposedly varicella zoster. Whatever that is. But that, at least, is the name given to chickenpox, herpes and shingles which stays dormant in the nerve cell body until it doesn't.

The medical military complex claims to know nothing of the human nervous system.

Our nervous system is the only system that does not replicate and stays the same our whole life.

I think it is a matter of accumulation of the toxins we have been subjected to that brings on or brings out a state of dis- ease.

"The estimated number of physician-patient consultations for genital herpes increased 15-fold between 1966 and 1984, from 29,560 to 450,570"


"HSV-2 started raging in the US beginning roughly 20 years before HIV here - and HSV-2 increases the risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV."

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Kary Mullis died in 2019, I think it was his wife that said Kary was ill for some time and there was no foul play in his death. It sure is convenient that Mullis is not able to comment on HIV/AIDS connection and the faulty PCR test for diagnostic uses.

Brandy Vaughan, a former Merck sales executive spoke out on pharma and publicly stated that she was doing well but could be silenced for doing so. I have not read the details on Larry Kramer's last days.

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I've read much different accounts of what Mullis' wife has said led to his death.

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Celia was the source on Kary Mullis:


Kary Mullis' Widow Told British Tabloid In 2021 That Mullis Died Of Longstanding Illnesses-- Was Not Murdered. Was So Distressed About Internet Rumors That She Wrote To Tony Fauci To Apologize

That Said, Kary's Objections To PCR As Diagnostic Tool For HIV/AIDS ARE Applicable to Covid. Doubtful He Would Have Called Anybody A Conspiracy Theorist. Under Any Circumstances.

Celia Farber Nov 14, 2022

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Larry Kramer was no threat to the system.

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I actually formed my opinion of dr fauci based on what Larry Kramer said through the years.

So I ignorantly thought that since Mr Kramer had, in the end, approved him, that fauci was well meaning! And was prepared to trust fauci in 2020.

I thought perhaps in that way, Mr Kramer could have been a threat to the system, as an influencer, had he changed his mind and made public any negative information on fauci.

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Mark - What an outstanding appetizer you wrote for the new edition. In the last couple of years Celia has become a good friend and she speaks so highly of you. I guess once you’ve been persecuted by the woke thought police you become a magnet for those who share the difficult world it places you in.

But unlike the AIDS fiasco where Celia and a few others bore the great weight of the attacks, we find ourselves in a time and situation where literally millions of people are finally realizing what’s been happening for much longer than we

ever could see. Being hopeful that those of us who place integrity and honor ahead of greed and ignorance will lead the charge towards redemption in better days ahead, I’m so grateful that pioneers like Celia, Catherine Austin Fitts, Andrew Wakefield and many others held on tight to their principles inspiring us all to do the same.

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Only two books I've read in the last 20 years have blown my mind: Peter Duesberg's "Inventing the AIDS virus" which showed that HIV was just a harmless passenger virus and the AIDS epidemic a total fraud and Robert Whitaker's "Anatomy of an Epidemic" which exhaustively proves that all of psychiatry and its brain-destroying drugs are 100% fake. Supplemental reading to Celia's book.

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Nearly two years ago in March 2021 Tanzanian President John Magufuli died under mysterious circumstances.

Magufuli was crucial in Tanzania (a nation of over 50 million) opting out of the WHO/WEF pandemic program. Celia Farber’s article on Magufuli is the best I’ve come across, (If there is a better source than this link, post it below and I will edit this)


John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter, Confronted Big Pharma and the Corrupt Covid Cabal


In the Western world, African leaders are invisible, until that is, they draw the ire of the Globalati, the Pandemic Curia, the WHO, and its Virus-obsessed Media.

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Thank you for this!

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Mark, this subject is so infuriating because it was one of the defining points of my life. I was finishing up my Master's degree in dance in 1988 when all the gay men started dropping. I was terrified, not knowing how "catchy" this was, since Lord Fauci said we could get it by just breathing the same air. Never mind the physical dance contact, sweating on stage with severely calloused dancers feet that are cracked and taped, etc. I literally left the field I loved and planned to spend my career doing at age 23 over an unmitigated LIE. Kaput, the end. These 300,000 or so men were human beings that needed real medical care and they were treated like so many guinea pigs, killed with AZT. And had they called out the real reason these men were getting sick, some of them could have had a chance to turn their lives around. Fauci gutted the entire arts industry in the late 80's with a dismissive wave of his corrupt hand. I remember the gay community screeching at Pres. Reagan - it was all his fault, he's a homophobe, blah blah blah. Never mind that Reagan's own son was gay, and it was Fauci all along. During the past 2 years, when I saw friends and family lysoling their Amazon Prime packages, I wanted to throw up with the insanity. I think everyone should watch the movie Dallas Buyers Club to see what Fauci put desperate human beings through with his lies and greed.

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Great piece - just bought the book. I remember being in southern Zambia in 1989 and being brought to a so-called 'Aids Hospital' in Livingstone (my oldest sister worked in the area at the time). I asked "So how do you know they all have Aids?" to be told 'The test says so, or the Doctor said so". Sounds familiar right?

Of course in my wild youth I knew nothing of, or cared about PCR tests or that AZT was a killer drug back then so I simply assumed all to be correct. Little did they know.

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

I appreciate all these comments so much. It still feels so unusual. There are so many people who fought this thing. I'll do my best to bring them out one by one in future Substack posts.

No heterosexual "explosion." No "AIDS decimating Africa." (population grew by size of the US since mid 80s.)

NOT ONE of their grim and baseless epidemiological "predictions" panned out. But they all became millionaires. And Fauci…went all the way to the top, as we know. "AIDS in Africa," was and is a huge subject, an important part of the horror show.

Charles Geshekter, Anthony Brink, Rian Malan, Joan Shenton, Christian Fiala, Gordon Stewart, Christine Maggiore and Robin Scovill, Harvey Bialy and countless others also reported clearly from Africa (and this is not even counting post 2000, Mbeki etc)

Here's what I wanted to add:

Your question was spot on. "So how do you know they all have AIDS?"

They did not know. They did not even try. They only knew it was time to terrorize and exploit Africans in a brand new way. For years it was IN the definition of "AIDS" (or "Slim Disease") in Africa that they didn't need a test. No test needed. (Then again, the HIV test was designed not to test for "HIV," which is a very simplistic way to address a very deep rabbit hole.) In any case, all they just needed to get themselves an "AIDS" case in Africa was a cluster of symptoms like this: Fever, diarrhea, weakness, cough—symptoms that also fit the definition of most tropical diseases. They told all those people they had AIDS with no valid definition at all. Later when they started "testing" the "test" only requires two "bands" to light up. (3-5 in western nations) so they set the bar really now. The devilry knew no bounds. Africans took it very hard, it was a crushing "diagnosis." Many times they just removed themselves from their village and went down to the river to die. It's a vast, and deeply racist crime that can never be described. It was all about gaining access to Africa's resources.

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" Many times they just removed themselves from their village and went down to the river to die. It's a vast, and deeply racist crime that can never be described. It was all about gaining access to Africa's resources. "

Thank you for this Celia. The summation of the dark side of human history for the last 10,000 years or more. In one sentence!

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Mar 7, 2023·edited Mar 7, 2023

I read Farber's book many years ago and applauded her courage to tell the truth in the face of the relentless machine of deception. She was effectively right about everything of course. And such reporters/authors have been around revealing similar facts about all sorts of different so-called "germs" for over a century now. Fauci's deception is only the latest in a long line of deceptions, each upholding and strengthening the former making the germ theory "spell" all the more difficult to break.

The germ theory hoax all started with Louis Pasteur 150 years which has been amplified to epic proportions ever since. Many books/articles were written during and shortly after his life about his quackery and complete lack of scientific evidence to back his assertions. Even his own diaries, publicly exposed some 30-years ago demonstrated the driving force behind all his efforts - fame and fortune at all costs. What a surprise! But the fact that the entrenched orthodoxy encouraged and supported all his pseudoscientific endeavors is the real story behind the story - as always.

Pasteur's pseudoscience was followed by the thousands of failed attempts of the scientific community to satisfy Koch's Postulates in the first half of the 20th century - Koch being an early pioneer of the germ theory orthodoxy. Down but not out, the germ theory hoax was revived by the 1954 Enders' Measles paper which was the first and last of its kind to perform an actual "control experiment", a requirement of the "Scientific Method", with his viral culturing (aka "Pseudo-manufacturing) process. The invention of the mythical "immune system" arrived in 1972 with its sudden appearance in medical textbooks for the first time (somehow mysteriously overlooked by scientists in previous decades), shortly followed by the Unconstitutional corporate US "administrative state" declaring "healthcare" would now become a vital part of the national GDP in 1975, with a growth requirement of 5% per year. Seen in this light, Fauci's role in the grand plan is perfectly logical and understandable.

Despite all this overwhelming evidence, the collective mindset rejects it all out-of-hand because everybody has had at least one experience of allegedly "catching" or "passing" a dis-ease to a family member in their lives. And it is this experience alone that trumps all the facts and stops cold any further attempts to contemplate them, let alone investigate.

The spell that causes this deeply-programmed reaction seems to imply "there's no other possible way you can explain this apparent transfer of dis-ease other than by a germ". And yet, there is another explanation, well hidden and suppressed from the collective awareness. Unfortunately, it's an explanation that causes tremendous mental discomfort, so much so that it's far easier to discredit it as nonsense with a singular wave-of-the-hand.

Interestingly, there are number of newly circulating "viral" memes and tweets making their rounds this week pointing out that the "experts" were wrong about "everything" these past 3 years, delineating a dozen or more examples. Still not included in these tweets however was questioning whether a "virus" even existed. And yet, if in fact viruses didn't exist, then it would make absolutely perfect sense that "the experts were wrong about everything", wouldn't it? What possible thing could they have been right about if all the advice and guidance from the "experts" revolved around protecting humanity from something that didn't even exist?

HIV/AIDS has been bloated into nothing more than a collection of 30 unique and independently distinguishable dis-eases having no direct relation to one another. All 30 were well-known in the medical community long before the "AIDS" story came along I might add. There was never any "new" dis-ease at all. This alone should be a debate-terminating statement, but alas, the facts don't matter in the face of emotional distress.

In modern history, I can't think of a greater propaganda campaign then that of the much-feared "germ". The non-existence of the virus coupled with the lies and half-truths about the role of bacteria would be the story of the decade. While such a story would save countless millions of lives each year, thus freeing humanity from the endless fear of the boogeyman as well as needless pain and suffering, the story would also be a career-ending, reputation-destroying event for the person(s) who broke it wide open as it would elicit the full-force retaliation of the moneyed institutional interests as well as their indoctrinated supporters that profit and benefit from upholding the hoax known as "germ theory".

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I have been with Bechamp my entire life and thank you for your post.

Could you please explain "And yet, there is another explanation, well hidden and suppressed from the collective awareness. Unfortunately, it's an explanation that causes tremendous mental discomfort" ?

I am ready for that mental discomfort!

Thank you.

PS I do have a library of books and digital links of resources - so I don't need more of those. But would love the clarification of your thought and explanation of transmission - "catching".

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Thanks for your comment. BeChamp was the genius of his era. His thoughts about the "terrain" were well-founded and rational. However, while he was right about practically everything else, he wasn't right about terrain theory.

The "mental discomfort" initiates mild to extreme cases of cognitive dissonance when the true "culprit" is pointed out. Said discomfort arises due to the piercing of our lifelong "victim consciousness" programming. Herein lies the rub and why so few are willing to entertain the cause of ALL "dis-ease", not simply germ-related dis-eases.

In order to open to acceptance, you must invert everything you've ever ben taught about dis-ease. That dis-ease is "bad", a problem, something's wrong, something's broken, something has malfunctioned, something attacked me, etc. Deep programming.

And instead, you must think in terms of perfection of the body, perfection of nature, and that our natural state is always one of perfect health. Within this context, you can start to reverse a lifetime of brainwashing and begin to see dis-ease in a new way. Instead of things going wrong or falling apart, the dis-ease symptoms are a "return to balance or homeostasis".

Accepting this assessment as a possibility, one can then naturally ask the question; "what has happened to me that knocked me off balance for a time"? Because it was in this moment of being knocked off balance - an unanticipated event prior to the dis-sease symptoms, an unexpected shock, unsettling news, unforeseen circumstances perceived as negative, etc. - in which the part of you that runs all your bodily processes, which some call the psyche, others the subconscious mind, others the autonomic nervous system - that makes its best effort to assist you with getting through your unexpected life crisis event. In short, the psyche interprets your FIGURATIVE thoughts --- LITERALLY.

And here is the short answer to your question. It is our thoughts/emotions that create our entire reality, including what we call "dis-ease". It is literally a "Dis-Ease" within the mind that initiates the process, for instance; scares, frights, worries, concerns, fears, losses, separations, grief, anger, annoyance, frustration, powerlessness, hopelessness, self-devaluation, self-esteem, judgment, blame, hatred, vengeance, etc. that are the cause of our "dis-ease" within the conscious mind. Our subconscious mind goes to work immediately, at the moment the life event conflict starts, doing its best to assist us with resolving the conflict as quickly as possible. And it does so by interpreting the mental crisis in association with one's continuing survival - as the subconscious is evolutionarily programmed to maintain survival of the organism above all else.

A good example of this process is that of scares/fears in relation to the predator/prey model. When a prey animal fears it's being stalked, it instinctively freezes and remains as still as possible so as to avoid detection. This effort to remain still includes significantly shallower breathing so as to not be seen. In this moment, the psyche begins widening the bronchial tubes of the animal in order for enough oxygen to enter the lungs to enable its escape as it would become easy prey for the predator if it only had to wait around for say 15-30 minutes for its prey to pass out due to an eventual lack of oxygen.

Unlike the animal kingdom however, within programmed humanity, we entertain these types of scares/worries/concerns for hours, days, weeks, months and in the most extreme cases even years on end. Thus, this widening of the bronchial tubes process continuously run by the psyche can eventually become deadly. But for most people this isn't the case. Eventually they get past their unanticipated worry/concern and the psyche then reverses the process by returning the bronchial tubes back to their normal state prior to the scare. And this is what we have come to call "dis-ease". For a scare that only lasted an hour for instance, the person would have a mild cough later that day for an hour or so. Likewise for a day. If the scare lasted a week, the person will likely have an aggravating cough for roughly the same period as the bronchial tissue is replaced. Some run to the doctor already in this phase. An adult gets diagnosed with bronchitis. A child often gets diagnosed with whooping cough/pertussis if they haven't had the shot, bronchitis is they have had the shot. The condition becomes much worse when we get into the month plus range of the unresolved scare conflict and many complications can arise. Should one get themselves checked into a hospital stay in this condition, a very serious existential/abandonment conflict can arise if they are frequently alone and have few visitors. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn pointed this out clearly in his book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic". He didn't know what the mechanism was, but he knew patients left alone in the hospital had a much poorer prognosis than those who were surrounded by their loved ones. In the case of the bronchial scare conflict, the individual is in the restoration process, having resolved their conflict, but then suffers a brand new abandonment/existential/hospitalization conflict which causes the psyche to initiate a process of water retention as it senses the individual is questioning its very existence. And it is this combination that leads to the very deadly dis-ease known as "pneumonia" where excess fluids are already present to assist with the bacterial tissue replenishment process, now the patient is at risk of literally drowning. Modern medicine discovered the anti-biotic to resolve this situation, kind of a double-edged sword however. As the anti-biotic kills the healing work of the bacteria, the excess fluid is no longer needed and in the extreme cases of pneumonia, it saves the patients life, but at the expense of permanently degraded bronchial and lung performance and capacity by curtailing this natural process of healing/restoration.

Hopefully this example gives you a taste of what I'm suggesting. I deliberately chose this example to demonstrate the "half-truths" we are told about the role of bacteria. They are quite present during the "dis-ease" symptoms, and their activity often does "CAUSE" a person to "feel sick". But the bacteria are simply the clean-up crew, the microsurgeons utilized by the body to restore and maintain homeostasis. Had the scare-fright conflict not been irrationally entertained for such an overly long period of time, which is entirely abnormal and unnatural in the animal kingdom, none of the extreme circumstances would have ever arisen. And this is the hard part for most people to entertain, let alone accept.

And yet we've been warned since time immemorial to harbor no fear, to not issue judgment toward others, time and time again. As these are the fundamental causal factors to all of our dis-eases.

Let me know how this resonates with you. If you're bothered by it, don't think it could possibly be true or are highly skeptical, we can leave it at that. But if there's something inside of you that feels like this could possibly be accurate, I'll point you directly to the genius who figured it all out long ago.

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Thanks for your articulate comment Mika. I see this truth and it also fits so well in the homeopathic approach notinig the body is doing its best to rid itself of toxins or the Polarity Therapy approach of moving energy which will clear the blocked currents. Mostly this makes sense. How do you factor in environmental or vaccines or any outside toxins into this way of seeing heath.

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Poisoning is poisoning. It should have immediate and recognizable effects. When we have a definable "dis-ease" which includes known symptoms, this is not a poisoning. Sometimes we are in the midst of our mental "dis-ease" conflict which is causing the psyche to alter tissue/organ/bone in order to assist the individual with resolving their conflict. But most often, we have resolved the mental conflict and the psyche is reversing the tissue/organ/bone alteration and this causes various bodily pains and discomforts. Understanding this eliminates worry and fear, allowing the body to move through its healing and restoration process with greater ease, rather than trying to take medicine to eliminate the pain and discomfort as soon as possible. This is the great difficulty most have when first hearing these things as we and our doctors are deeply programmed into "get rid of the bodily dis-ease at all costs", and thus the overwhelming number of medications on offer today revolve around pain relief and symptom suppression. Neither of which are helpful to our natural bodily processes. And in many cases, they are harmful, curtailing the natural healing, in some cases arresting it which ultimately leave the tissue/organ/bone in a less than optimal condition afterwards. Anti-biotics (against-lifes) are a good example of this. They kill the bacteria performing the healing/restoration work.

I realize there is a huge community of alternative health advocates who promote the "terrain theory" idea. I've studied it carefully for over a decade. The greatest problem I see with it is there's simply no precision, no direct correlation, no linking of "toxin X" to "dis-ease Y" in any of it. If you eat fatty foods you might get heart dis-ease so they say. Yet I've known and know dozens, hundreds of people who eat "fatty foods" on the regular and were or are perfectly healthy in every way. I also know people who had or died of some heart-disease related issue that claim to have eaten "healthy diets", greatly limiting "fatty foods" and such.

They also tell us smoking causes lung cancer. Yet there are many suppressed studies that show less than 10% of smokers ever develop lung cancer. I have personally known 17 heavy smokers in my life, only 3 of which got lung cancer (close to that 10% mark). I also know of at least 11 people who died of lung cancer (not really, but that's on their death certificate - they really died of poisoning -> chemo/radiation) and none of them said they smoked a cigarette, cigar or marijuana in their life. So my own common sense alone proves what these suppressed studies are saying.

So these are just two MAJOR examples of how "toxins" don't seem to be the causal factor of dis-ease. I could go and on down the line. These are the just two of the so-called "big killers" we are always warned about.

I looked carefully at this 5G or electrification idea for several years proposed in the Arthur Firstenberg book. There are many interesting correlative observations he makes. But this is the same type of technique used by mainstream outlets to uphold their theories. And I'm not accusing Firstenberg of maliciously doing this, just pointing out that he had a strong theory and followed and presented the evidence he could find to best support his theory. That's all.

I could go on and on. Never have I been interested in stopping and saying "this is right" because that's what I believe. Rather, I've been on a quest to discover who has the most precise, accurate, supportable, repeatable and provable explanation for each and every individual dis-ease. And perhaps most importantly, HOW and WHY they occur. And it's a case of working backwards. You can't work it forwards as perception/belief is subjective.

The simplest example is that of lung cancer. The modality I support says that lung cancer is caused by a "Death-Fright Conflict" - meaning the person was afraid they were going to die. This sets off the lung cancer program. When we see things in this light, it's understandable that a certain percentage of smokers could succumb to the establishment fear-mongering and wake up one day fearing death. Likewise, as lung cancer is the most common "secondary cancer" diagnosis, this also makes perfect sense. As an individual who gets diagnosed with breast or prostate or colon or whatever type of cancer is told "you have 6-9 months to live", this would cause an instant "death-fright conflict" and lung cancer would ensue.

But not all smokers succumb to the fear. And not all people who get a cancer diagnosis and are told they only have so long to live react in the same way. Some are determined to survive. Some are determined to "beat the odds". This is their subjective reaction to the situation. And survive and beat-the-odds they do.

Should you have the interest to research the many "cancer cures" that have been suppressed over the past century or so - say those of Royal Rife, Harry Hoxsey, Stanislaw Buryzynski, Max Gerson, Gaston Nasessens, etc. one thing will jump out at you after you've spent some time studying their methods, techniques and treatments. While each offered wildly different treatments, they all seemed to have tremendous success with their patients. None of course were 100% effective. But they were all vastly more effective than conventional treatments.

If all these vastly different treatments were highly successful, yet vastly different, what can we attribute their success to? Are there literally hundreds, maybe thousands of various different natural herbs, plants, tinctures etc. that cure cancer? One could possibly arrive at the conclusion. But I don't think that's the answer.

I think most of the patients of all these wonderful doctors were instilled with HOPE, with POSITIVITY, with the WILL-TO-LIVE, with the desire to survive, to beat the odds. This as opposed to being filled with dread, anxiety and abject fear.

And it is this conclusion that fits with the ideas surrounding the wellness model I ascribe to. That cancer isn't an evil, deadly scourge that is to be eradicated at all costs. Instead, it is a natural bodily process that arises to assist the individual with overcoming a difficult life situation. The problems arise either when cancer is treated as this evil, deadly scourge, most of which results in poisonings (chemo/radiation). Or, when the person is unable or unwilling to release their grievance, to move on in life, to forgive and forget the difficult life situation that caused the cancer cells to arise in the first place. Eventually, nature will eliminate these individuals as unfit to survive. the majority of which dying of cachexia, enervation or in rarer cases, vital organs/functions that become occluded over long-held conflicts.

Moral of the story - release our grievances, withdraw our judgment of the world around us and those who we feel mistreated us, but above all else, intend to eliminate fear, worry, concern, anger from our way of being, To stop looking back at the past and how we've been wronged.

This, I believe, more than anything else is the recipe for living a long, happy and most healthy life.

Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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I believe you are correct and it's SUCH a turn in everybody's way of thinking. Terrain theory people are also essentially as you say secular materialists, focused on "toxins," not "viruses." Nobody but nobody speaks of emotions. This is…Un American!

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Indeed, very well stated -> "Secular materialists". If you want to add fuel to the fire of disbelief, you can research Mary Baker Eddy, founder of "Christian Science", perceived as a cult of nut jobs of course. But she had it figured out some 150 years ago. In essence, her experiences with healing proved to her beyond a shadow of a doubt that "Matter follows mind". And as such, "matter cannot cure mind". Dr. Hamer simply took everything to the next level with his specific correlation of the mental/emotional/biological conflict-shock causation of dis-ease coupled with the CT scan brain relay evidence.

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Mika may I publish this?

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Certainly Celia. I shared all of this in an off-the-cuff blog comment manner so you may need some clarification. Having explained this to hundreds of people now, I've slowly learned what hits the the mark and what doesn't over time. I've found that the hardest part, hands down, is the entrenched "victim consciousness" which short-circuits our reasoning faculties.

Anyway, feel free to publish as you wish and reach out if you have any questions. Wishing you luck!!

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I resonate with and agree with this and it rings true in my own personal experience with health and sickness. Always emotional shock is present. Since childhood, when sickness came.

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Yes. A small number of dis-eases arrive with the emotional conflict shock, most notably those that the psyche relates to our senses - seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting. These fall into the "functional loss" category. The psyche is protecting us from seeing/hearing/smelling/tasting something we don't want to see/hear/smell/taste....or.....even deeper....helping us get over the emotional stress of wanting to see/hear/smell/taste something we want to, but can't for some reason. The common cold is the classic example in this category - a "stink/annoyance conflict. For example "The weather stinks, I can't go outside and enjoy the park today", or "My spouse/child just came home with the cold/flu today, this stinks, now I have to ......." The psyche translates your FIGURATIVE thought (stinks) LITERALLY and clogs up your nasal passages to protect you from the "stink" that "ruined your day".

But most dis-eases arise after the emotional conflict shock is resolved. All during the emotional trauma the psyche is temporarily proliferating or removing tissue to help the organ/tissue/bone perform better to help the individual get through the conflict. No pain/symptoms are evident during this period. After conflict resolution, the psyche goes about restoring the organ/bone/tissue back to homeostasis, the way it was prior to the emotional conflict shock. And this is when we "feel sick", the previously created bacteria are activated to either remove and or help restore this temporary tissue and their work by-product is putrified excrement. In the ginormous "self-worth/self-devaluation" category, which includes literally hundreds of conditions (Parkinsons (I can't hold{Hands} onto something), MS (I feel stuck, can't move), Leukemia, Lymphoma, all auto-immune disorders, and every "chronic pain" thing you can think of), the psyche breaks down the muscle/connective-tissue/bone concurrent to the length of the conflict shock and congruent to the intensity of the self-devaluation with the goal of making that body part permanently stronger at the end of the healing cycle - just as we see with a healed broken bone or the goal of a weight-lifter tearing down their muscles to build them back stronger a few days later. The same basic principle is involved - break down to build stronger. The psyche is going this in the hopes that you never have to face a similar emotional conflict in the future.

Anyway, that's rough sketch. In summary. Emotional conflict shocks related to our 5 senses result in immediate "dis-ease" symptoms. Emotional conflict shocks related to our endodermal germ layer and glandular tissue result in tissue proliferation (cancers/tumors) during active conflict, removal of excess tissue during conflict resolution (spontaneous remission). Emotional conflicts related to our ectodermal tissue layer result in tissue necrosis (e.g. ulcers) while conflict active and tissue replenishment during conflict resolution. Emotional conflicts relating to our physical abilities (aka "motor skills") see necrosis in conflict active with lasting improvements coming at the very end of the healing/restoration cycle (stronger muscle/tissue/bone). There are some other rarer scenarios but I'd guess this covers roughly 95% of dis-ease scenarios.

Lastly, the healing/restoration phase symptoms generally last as long as the conflict active phase. So you can trace backwards from the length of the dis-ease, say that lasted roughly 3-months and look for the conflict shock which would have occurred about 6 months prior to the cessation of symptoms (3 months conflict active, 3 months resolution/healing - equal duration).

Hope that helps with your understanding...

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Thank you for this beautiful post Mika.

I have not had the chance to review it all carefully so have copied it to a document but

I think I will be enriched by what you've written and that I am in agreement with it.

I wrote in a comment above,

"The medical military complex claims to know nothing of the human nervous system.

Our nervous system is the only system that does not replicate and stays the same our whole life.

I think it is a matter of accumulation of the toxins we have been subjected to that brings on or brings out a state of dis- ease."

I have never looked at bacteria as the enemy - just out of balance, or having to become different to perform a different function.

I am now working out the mental explanation of our bodies responding to resonances in other people's bodies ....

Also what you wrote - "the psyche interprets your FIGURATIVE thoughts --- LITERALLY."

I've always thought the same, but that it is my body taking my thoughts and words literally.

Like small children and animals do.

So I am used to speaking to my body as I would one of my animal people or one of my children when they were small. Which is supposed to be with patience, one thing I'm often short on(!)

I've gotten healthy hair and a few re-enameled teeth this way - with of course some proper food.

I raised 5 children who never once saw a doctor - nor have I ever made an appointment to see a western doctor except to give birth. (Where once I had to lock the door to keep the doctor out! Longer story.)

Anyway, thank you and yes, please do share that name.

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Wonderful Jill, wonderful! You'll find all your answers from this remarkable genius, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. His system is commonly known as "German New Medicine" or "GNM". However, the avant-garde followers are now calling it "Germanische Heilkunde (Germanic Healing Knowlege)" or GHk for short.

I've found most people come around to GNM/GHk quickest by studying their own previous dis-eases and seeing if they can fit Dr. Hamer's "conflict shock" causes to it. That's certainly how I did it anyway, rather than starting from scratch and trying to learn a whole new health modality. I did that after I confirmed all my former dis-eases and then did the same with several dozen friends and family who were willing to talk through their various dis-eases and life situations. After going like 50 for 50, I was convinced!

This is the best website to learn and I'm linking you to the "A-Z dis-ease" index for starters where there are several hundred dis-eases listed you can quickly jump to and read about.


I think you'll be amazed in short order. You have the consciousness level that's ready to contemplate, absorb and integrate these amazing discoveries. I wish you the best of luck and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Good luck!

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Thank you Mika!

My husband was born in Germany and is surprised that it's not called Deutsche Heilkunde!

How fantastic - "50 for 50".

Perhaps Louise Hay's book 'You Can Heal Your Life' was a primitive primer for Dr Hamer's work?

And I looked quickly but didn't see a hard copy book available with the same information in the link you sent. Do you know if there is one available to buy?

Danke, Merci, Mika

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Here's one link your husband will enjoy: https://en.germanische-heilkunde-dr-hamer.com/germanische/germanische-heilkunde

If he can read German, he may prefer to change this over to the German text, which is probably much better and more accurate!

I couldn't find the article about the ancient history of the Germanic peoples, their culture, ways of living, etc. that so contrasted and conflicted with the Romans, but I know it's on this website somewhere. And it's worth digging around for as it's some really insightful and valuable information --- totally scrubbed from any mainstream history books of course.

You can also get more info from Giovanna Conti, who was a very close friend of Dr. Hamer while he was still alive. She understands the essence/cultural/historical/musical aspects of Dr. Hamer's work better than anyone else. Her "The Thing" presentations look more closely into the cultural/societal influences of Dr. Hamer. Here's her YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/@Playingrieg/videos

Lots to digest which I'm sure you'll enjoy. Your intuitive knowing will be firing on all cylinders as you research Dr. Hamer. I personally guarantee it!


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Mika, Astute commentary. 🙏👍😎

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AIDS was a psyop planned in the 1960's, just as "covid" was a psyop planned in the 1980's: both intended to push a global population control agenda. I have a whole shelf of books on the AIDS lie, and the three best are Farber's, Culshaw's, and Duesberg's (actually written by Bryan Ellison). I think what is different now is the AIDS dissidents have outgrown their innocence: it wasn't just a mistake or a medical blunder or a cheap political bungle. AIDS was and is a vast globalist conspiracy and deception with all the sophistication deserving 9/11 or the Kennedy Assassination.

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Indeed. 2020 started on its way in 1963.

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Superb. Exactly right.

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A blowtorch of a review. Will be getting the book. I read of Celia Farber’s work in RFK Jnr’s book but your article has turned up the heat to full blast.

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twelvehundredtwentytwo stars

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Mark, cheers to you and Celia's on the work to enlighten our population. Holy Mackerel, if only more would invest in reading "substack", esp. MCM and many others that are so refreshing to bring to surface. The commitment to work as such is JOURNALISM! THANK YOU, CELIA and many others who will continue to bring like content above the swamp so that light may shine upon to enlighten ALL!

"In this time and age, we must all be critical thinkers and do an awful lot of research. Unfortunately, we must also become activists." Marcelo A.

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