Mark, your forward is excellent. I'm definitely going to get Farber's book. I think she had Fauci figured out before anyone.

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Thank you Mark. A great forward. I read Celia's original book only in the last year or so. Amazingly our local library system had it on the shelves. It was shocking and eye opening on so many fronts - both in helping me completely reframe my understanding of the "AIDs" era - and for all the many insights it offered into the current "Covid" era crazy. I could not have more respect for Celia than I do. I can only imagine how alone she must have felt being cancelled and smeared during the AIDs era by such a power cadre of amoral forces. I hope the republication of her AIDS reporting will cause more people to look back and re-evaluate the criminality of Fauci and many others in the medical and pharmaceutical establishment during that time. Celia's book is perhaps even more timely and important today than it was when it was first published. I urge anyone who has not read this book to do so now that it is being republished.

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I’ve learned so much from Celia Farber’s substack. I remember reading the first chapter of her book some time ago that she posted on substack and being electrified to learn about the HIV scam, having lived through that era and believing that a positive HIV reading was a virtual death sentence.

I’ve been waiting, waiting for this book to come out. I pre-ordered 5 copies so I can pass them out to people I know.

Thanks for getting the word out, Mark!

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since the day he died, I've believed Kary Mullis was assassinated. my first thought was - who's hiding what? then covid happened and I knew. I lost so many friends to azt, and I still miss them often. I was considered crazy for saying azt was killing not helping them. considered crazy for begging friends not to take the covid shots. it's déja vu all over again...

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Thank you Mark for writing the foreword and introduction to this new edition.

Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS Paperback – March 23, 2023

by Celia Farber (Author), Mark Crispin Miller (Foreword)

Looks like it will be released in a few weeks on Amazon,


Also, nearly 20 years ago, I looked into being a participant in some sort of study for women in San Francisco, and found out that all the data from the blood samples of a pilot hepatitis vaccination study conducted on gay men in SF from the late 70s/80s were still not accessible. I had heard that this pilot hepatitis program had preceded the AIDS epidemic and that gay men were coming down with AIDS after getting the experimental hepatitis vaccine. Does this sound familiar?

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Thank you for this wonderful tribute to Celia Farber.

I still have the emails I sent to family and friends in April of 2020, writing that all the "news" reminded me exactly of the 80's when as a single mother of two tiny people I was made terrified of my toddlers or myself dying of a fatal disease caught from.............a TOILET SEAT(!)

The research I did at the time also showed me that herpes became a new epidemic in the years immediately before HIV/AIDS, and supposedly having HSV-2 - genital herpes - increased the risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV. Have no idea if last century's fear porn has any truth to it.

I remember Princess Diana breaking the evil spell of fear over touching anyone with"AIDS" as she embraced children in hospitals. Elton John was her champion. Now he is a douche.

More recently I remember Kary Mullis, Larry Kramer and Brandy Vaughan all died of "natural causes" in late 2019 or early 2020.

I don't have TV or a cell phone - but I do have a little memory.

But perhaps that's why.

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Mark - What an outstanding appetizer you wrote for the new edition. In the last couple of years Celia has become a good friend and she speaks so highly of you. I guess once you’ve been persecuted by the woke thought police you become a magnet for those who share the difficult world it places you in.

But unlike the AIDS fiasco where Celia and a few others bore the great weight of the attacks, we find ourselves in a time and situation where literally millions of people are finally realizing what’s been happening for much longer than we

ever could see. Being hopeful that those of us who place integrity and honor ahead of greed and ignorance will lead the charge towards redemption in better days ahead, I’m so grateful that pioneers like Celia, Catherine Austin Fitts, Andrew Wakefield and many others held on tight to their principles inspiring us all to do the same.

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Only two books I've read in the last 20 years have blown my mind: Peter Duesberg's "Inventing the AIDS virus" which showed that HIV was just a harmless passenger virus and the AIDS epidemic a total fraud and Robert Whitaker's "Anatomy of an Epidemic" which exhaustively proves that all of psychiatry and its brain-destroying drugs are 100% fake. Supplemental reading to Celia's book.

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Nearly two years ago in March 2021 Tanzanian President John Magufuli died under mysterious circumstances.

Magufuli was crucial in Tanzania (a nation of over 50 million) opting out of the WHO/WEF pandemic program. Celia Farber’s article on Magufuli is the best I’ve come across, (If there is a better source than this link, post it below and I will edit this)


John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter, Confronted Big Pharma and the Corrupt Covid Cabal


In the Western world, African leaders are invisible, until that is, they draw the ire of the Globalati, the Pandemic Curia, the WHO, and its Virus-obsessed Media.

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Mark, this subject is so infuriating because it was one of the defining points of my life. I was finishing up my Master's degree in dance in 1988 when all the gay men started dropping. I was terrified, not knowing how "catchy" this was, since Lord Fauci said we could get it by just breathing the same air. Never mind the physical dance contact, sweating on stage with severely calloused dancers feet that are cracked and taped, etc. I literally left the field I loved and planned to spend my career doing at age 23 over an unmitigated LIE. Kaput, the end. These 300,000 or so men were human beings that needed real medical care and they were treated like so many guinea pigs, killed with AZT. And had they called out the real reason these men were getting sick, some of them could have had a chance to turn their lives around. Fauci gutted the entire arts industry in the late 80's with a dismissive wave of his corrupt hand. I remember the gay community screeching at Pres. Reagan - it was all his fault, he's a homophobe, blah blah blah. Never mind that Reagan's own son was gay, and it was Fauci all along. During the past 2 years, when I saw friends and family lysoling their Amazon Prime packages, I wanted to throw up with the insanity. I think everyone should watch the movie Dallas Buyers Club to see what Fauci put desperate human beings through with his lies and greed.

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Great piece - just bought the book. I remember being in southern Zambia in 1989 and being brought to a so-called 'Aids Hospital' in Livingstone (my oldest sister worked in the area at the time). I asked "So how do you know they all have Aids?" to be told 'The test says so, or the Doctor said so". Sounds familiar right?

Of course in my wild youth I knew nothing of, or cared about PCR tests or that AZT was a killer drug back then so I simply assumed all to be correct. Little did they know.

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I read Farber's book many years ago and applauded her courage to tell the truth in the face of the relentless machine of deception. She was effectively right about everything of course. And such reporters/authors have been around revealing similar facts about all sorts of different so-called "germs" for over a century now. Fauci's deception is only the latest in a long line of deceptions, each upholding and strengthening the former making the germ theory "spell" all the more difficult to break.

The germ theory hoax all started with Louis Pasteur 150 years which has been amplified to epic proportions ever since. Many books/articles were written during and shortly after his life about his quackery and complete lack of scientific evidence to back his assertions. Even his own diaries, publicly exposed some 30-years ago demonstrated the driving force behind all his efforts - fame and fortune at all costs. What a surprise! But the fact that the entrenched orthodoxy encouraged and supported all his pseudoscientific endeavors is the real story behind the story - as always.

Pasteur's pseudoscience was followed by the thousands of failed attempts of the scientific community to satisfy Koch's Postulates in the first half of the 20th century - Koch being an early pioneer of the germ theory orthodoxy. Down but not out, the germ theory hoax was revived by the 1954 Enders' Measles paper which was the first and last of its kind to perform an actual "control experiment", a requirement of the "Scientific Method", with his viral culturing (aka "Pseudo-manufacturing) process. The invention of the mythical "immune system" arrived in 1972 with its sudden appearance in medical textbooks for the first time (somehow mysteriously overlooked by scientists in previous decades), shortly followed by the Unconstitutional corporate US "administrative state" declaring "healthcare" would now become a vital part of the national GDP in 1975, with a growth requirement of 5% per year. Seen in this light, Fauci's role in the grand plan is perfectly logical and understandable.

Despite all this overwhelming evidence, the collective mindset rejects it all out-of-hand because everybody has had at least one experience of allegedly "catching" or "passing" a dis-ease to a family member in their lives. And it is this experience alone that trumps all the facts and stops cold any further attempts to contemplate them, let alone investigate.

The spell that causes this deeply-programmed reaction seems to imply "there's no other possible way you can explain this apparent transfer of dis-ease other than by a germ". And yet, there is another explanation, well hidden and suppressed from the collective awareness. Unfortunately, it's an explanation that causes tremendous mental discomfort, so much so that it's far easier to discredit it as nonsense with a singular wave-of-the-hand.

Interestingly, there are number of newly circulating "viral" memes and tweets making their rounds this week pointing out that the "experts" were wrong about "everything" these past 3 years, delineating a dozen or more examples. Still not included in these tweets however was questioning whether a "virus" even existed. And yet, if in fact viruses didn't exist, then it would make absolutely perfect sense that "the experts were wrong about everything", wouldn't it? What possible thing could they have been right about if all the advice and guidance from the "experts" revolved around protecting humanity from something that didn't even exist?

HIV/AIDS has been bloated into nothing more than a collection of 30 unique and independently distinguishable dis-eases having no direct relation to one another. All 30 were well-known in the medical community long before the "AIDS" story came along I might add. There was never any "new" dis-ease at all. This alone should be a debate-terminating statement, but alas, the facts don't matter in the face of emotional distress.

In modern history, I can't think of a greater propaganda campaign then that of the much-feared "germ". The non-existence of the virus coupled with the lies and half-truths about the role of bacteria would be the story of the decade. While such a story would save countless millions of lives each year, thus freeing humanity from the endless fear of the boogeyman as well as needless pain and suffering, the story would also be a career-ending, reputation-destroying event for the person(s) who broke it wide open as it would elicit the full-force retaliation of the moneyed institutional interests as well as their indoctrinated supporters that profit and benefit from upholding the hoax known as "germ theory".

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AIDS was a psyop planned in the 1960's, just as "covid" was a psyop planned in the 1980's: both intended to push a global population control agenda. I have a whole shelf of books on the AIDS lie, and the three best are Farber's, Culshaw's, and Duesberg's (actually written by Bryan Ellison). I think what is different now is the AIDS dissidents have outgrown their innocence: it wasn't just a mistake or a medical blunder or a cheap political bungle. AIDS was and is a vast globalist conspiracy and deception with all the sophistication deserving 9/11 or the Kennedy Assassination.

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A blowtorch of a review. Will be getting the book. I read of Celia Farber’s work in RFK Jnr’s book but your article has turned up the heat to full blast.

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twelvehundredtwentytwo stars

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Mark, cheers to you and Celia's on the work to enlighten our population. Holy Mackerel, if only more would invest in reading "substack", esp. MCM and many others that are so refreshing to bring to surface. The commitment to work as such is JOURNALISM! THANK YOU, CELIA and many others who will continue to bring like content above the swamp so that light may shine upon to enlighten ALL!

"In this time and age, we must all be critical thinkers and do an awful lot of research. Unfortunately, we must also become activists." Marcelo A.

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