Wonder if the analyst JeffC had been vax'd. That's always the looming question in my mind on any deaths I see or read about anymore.

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After reading three posts on the names of those who have "suddenly died" in the US and worldwide Feb. 8-14 and the same week in March, I'm extra vigilant. I've posted Crispin Miller's lists on my Telegram accounts and Parler and have sent them to 20 or so friends.... Its important that we don't let the tapestry of life shadow the true intentions of the shots and how they are in fact WORKING as designed to reduce the population day after day. The tracking of the deceased of ALL ages was a great effort on Crispin Miller's part

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Why would they need to advertise their nanotechnology in ice cream in a creepy commercial?

That would make people skeptical of that brand...

If it really existed and worked you wouldn't be told. It would be in the regular ice cream etc.

Oh and I've followed jeffC for a long time... Not sure how we can connect his death to this unless you have more info. Otherwise it's just an urban legend... Too much of those in the battleground that we know the CIA is playing games in.... So let's employ healthy skepticism with these cutting edge revelations....

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Not too long ago, Camille of "Please Stop the Ride" posted her latest video report on synthetic foods called "What Keeps Me Up at Night" showing what food scientists are designing for mankind; it's chilling. She's a very thorough, plain spoken researcher without resorting to sensationalism and who merely lays out the facts hiding in plain sight. Below said video are her show notes and the one at the very bottom of her exhaustive list is one called "This Will Blow Your Mind" produced by "Jeff Censored" (aka JeffC?) on that creepy Halo commercial. She and Jeff got together on many podcasts deep diving into their research findings. Also this most recent video of hers is dedicated to "Jeff". I had no idea he "dropped dead a week later" after producing that specific video.

What Keeps Me Up at Night (approx 40 min):


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JeffC had been complaining of migraines during his last week... that's all anyone knows. And he certainly didn't get an mRNA jab, but it seems likely that he could have encountered SARS-CoV-2 (whatever THAT is...) just by walking around and breathing, as so many of us did.

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Mark are you still with NYU? I thought only woke leftists could work in higher Ed.

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I remember JeffC. He was a Canadian truther legend out of Montreal. He was brilliant at dissecting the propaganda from the NWO. He hated them. He would never take the vax in a million years. He spotted the op from day one. ReallyGraceful was tight with him as a fellow YouTube presenter/research. JeffC was gaining more reach. One of his last interviews was with the YouTube personality “what’sherface?”

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I keep hearing the vaccines or this or that is about control.

Really? We are closing in on 6B people who have been told to inject an experiment into their bodies - as well as the bodies of their children - and they have done it. More would - but they live in butt f789 nowhere and can't find a pop up clinic.

Did I mention that pregnant women are shooting up - same women who eschew coffee for 9 months....

And there there are the face muzzles otherwise known as masks.. almost everyone is on board with these...

Seems control is pretty much complete - what's the point of chipping people?

As for cash -- we are told to use cash on Fridays. What exactly is that expected to achieve?

If they don't want cash to exist it won't exist -- they just ban it and the shops are forced to use cards ... you don't wanna play ball with that fine --- starve.

Resistance is futile.

This ain't about control -- and it ain't about a Great Reset... if it was they wouldn't make a website https://time.com/collection/great-reset/ Anyone think any of that is possible?

And then there's the Klaus guy - right out of a james bond film... coincidence?

And let's not forget about Greta - remember her in 2019 - screeching How Dare You (then heading off to the shop to buy a new iphone...) Ya think she just happened to get audiences with heads of state... top business leaders... and the pope because of her good looks and incredibly charming personality?

Totally manufactured...

Then we have Ukraine --- more fakery -- ya a few bombs etc... photo opps... barely ... show me all the bodies... where are all the phone videos and photos? And where are all the photo journalists? Where there is war there are freelance photographers... they like to get up close and risk their lives cuz they want to turn that photo into a full time gig.... not seeing any of that... and it's easy to get into ukraine... so no excuses.. also nobody cuts your head off there - like in MENA... and they go to MENA ... and they get their heads cut off...

More head fakes going on here than Michael Jordan in his prime.

The fact of the matter is -- and I understand that this is terribly inconvenient -- is that we have 8B people on this planet ... ever watched an Albert Bartlett presentation on exponential function of population?

Familiarize yourself


Heard of Herb Stein - he's the guy who said - what cannot continue - will stop.

And here we are ... everyone's been saying 'this cannot continue - we need to do something before it's too late' Then they went and pumped out another kid...

Don't dare show a breeder this - it might trigger them (just like showing a CovIDIOT that most deaths are fully jabbed)... https://youtu.be/rcx-nf3kH_M

'They' are doing something. I like to think it's a mass cull (being unvaxxed) -- but not sure how that works -- you hack out 5B or even 1B and Humpty goes to pieces - permanently.

I suspect it is a total cull... aka extinction --- why would 'they' commit suicide? some will ask...

Consider this - when civilization collapses... its total chaos ... every man for himself... and there will be no food within a very short period of time.

If you were 'they' -- elderly men mostly ... pampered... good at giving commands... you own the Reserve Currency - so you can pay whatever it takes to ensure plenty of lap dogs to do your bidding...

But when Things Fall Apart... and The Centre Cannot Hold... where does that leave you?

The minions throw you under the bus... the military quickly realizes you've got nothing to offer any longer... your Reserve Currency isn't worth the paper its printed on...

So you are an old man --- sitting in the library at your hamptons estate... sipping a nice single malt... waiting for the hordes to arrive to raid the pantry ... and tear you to pieces....

They won't realize who you are (were) -- but they will ID you are entitled.... and they'll be looking for payback.... cuz it's your type that is gonna get blamed for the anarchy...

It makes perfect sense to unleash a virus so deadly that it exterminates 8B people ... it prevents a hell of a lot of suffering -- remember how Gaddafi died? They raped him with a knife... you can google that - there is video of it.

What cannot continue - will stop. BAU is no longer feasible. It will soon stop.

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Wow it took me multiple times to login. The now frequent server issue. I now understand fully previous post about the dark commercial. Wow and this is so dark. Sent it to friends. Life would be far easier if just scoffed at this and said it was the ramblings of a crazy person but after the past two years it would be immoral to do so.

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