I'm wondering about the plane crash in China. “This nosedive was simply unprecedented, especially from cruising altitude. We’re talking about the safest phase of the flight.” https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/22/-china-plane-crash-unprecedented-given-good-safety-record-analyst.html

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Let’s call it what it is. Genocide

Those responsible including the shot givers must be charged.

At this point, zero excuse for not knowing, and just doing my job, did not include killing people.

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Plenty from the Non-English press too.

Kristian Tangermann, Mayor of Lilienthal in Germany, died at age 45. He was found at home. The circumstances of his death are still not clear.


The niece of 'Dancing with the Stars" celebrity Oti Mabuse died "surprisingly", age 28.


The saxophonist and band leader Peter Stannecker died. He collapsed during jogging last month with heart problems.


The cause of death for the pop ('Schlager') -musician Oliver Frank (58) is now known. The singer, known for his hit "Italian longing", suffered a heart attack, from which he did not recover.


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Thank you Mark, brings a heavy heart. This is an important series you do. 💜

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It would be more convincing to those with their heads in the sand if a comparison count could made of similar reports over a period of the same length two years ago (and three, four, five, ... years ago—and even one year ago for that matter).

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The scariest thing for me is that for every one of these sudden deaths there probably about five people who are either totally disabled or going to be in serious and intractable pain for the rest of their lives, or both. If it was me, I'd rather "die suddenly".

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Foo Fighters drummer just died unexpectedly with no cause of death.

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I wish there was a pre-Covid “baseline” for the number of sudden death stories, as my friends will just say there are always sudden deaths.

The story about the couple- he died of a heart attack and she has sudden cancer- was especially tragic.

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An Australian mother is calling for better advice for parents and for long-term health studies on mRNA COVID-19 vaccines after her 12-year-old son was hospitalized with life-threatening pericarditis within hours of getting the jab.

Nat’s eldest son, whose name The Epoch Times is not disclosing to protect his privacy, was a “happy, healthy” 12-year-old prior to being injected with Moderna’s pediatric COVID-19 vaccine, commonly known as Spikevax. But now, he has chosen to isolate himself from his friends and has been on strict rest to keep his heart rate down.

Nat said that she chose to vaccinate her son despite being hesitant about the immunization due to the lack of research on the long-term health risks associated with the mRNA vaccines, believing she was doing the right thing.

The thing is...

This is the universal refrain of the CovIDIOT... oh but nobody told me this could happen boo hoo!!!!

You could have warned her (and no doubt people tried) that these vaccines are not vaccines - they are not safe - they offer no protection from covid - and healthy people almost never end up in the hospital with covid --- and she'd have told you to f789 off and mind your own business.

I have zero empathy for this woman. Zero. But what I am happy to do to relieve her of her guilt (does she feel guilt - or is she wanting to dish that off on whomever she feels should have warned her?) by purchasing her a sturdy noose and providing her with a DIY video on how to use it.

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