As David Crosby announced from the stage: President Kennedy was killed by multiple shots.

I suspect the same of David Crosby, killed by multiple shots.

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Personally I do not how these people who in the sixties said “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” go to let’s follow our cult leader Fauci and his experimental poison. Were they just trend followers with no critical thinking?

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My husband is 72. In his small high school graduating class, he may be the only person who did not take the vax. He & I try to understand how our youthful friends who were so against The Man, seem to now be The Man.

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I got to hang out with David when I was still "cool" and was out their opposing Bush---when I also opposed Obama, I became anathema to CS and N (Never met the sellout Young) and all the other Hollywood libs. David Crosby has quite the ruling class pedigree, so he could afford to be counter-cultural. David "Van Cortland" Crosby: "The Van Cortlandt family was an influential political dynasty from the seventeenth-century Dutch origins of New York through its period as an English colony, then after it became a state, and into the nineteenth century. It rose to great prominence with the award of a Royal Charter to Van Cortlandt Manor, an 86,000-acre (35,000 ha) tract in today's Westchester County sprawling from the Hudson River to the Connecticut state line granted as a Patent to Stephanus Van Cortlandt in 1697 by King William III.

Among the Van Cortland family tree are members of the Philipse family, van Rensselaer family, Schuyler family, Livingston family, the de Peyster family, the Gage family, the Jay family (including John Jay, the Founding Father and first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court), and the Delanceys.

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Wonderful piece, as ever. Here's to having a "room temperature IQ" but being alive. The rock crop are in a lot of trouble, with some exceptions. May he Rest In Peace. (Whatever he died of.) I do agree the suddenness has a certain feel to it. Death when it is natural is slow. Unless it is a "heart attack." Right?

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I don’t believe it is just the aging process that has transformed these people who mistrusted the Power when they were younger into absolute tools of that same Power. I am very interested in finding out how people who had reflexively mistrusted Monsanto, were transformed into utter totalitarians devoid of any skepticism of Big Pharma industrial complex. One way, or another, we have been profoundly modified.

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The old hippies were the most disappointing. In our neck of the woods, Wavy Gravy is pretty influential and beloved, and very good friends with Larry Brilliant, vaccine rapist and prophet of doom. The two have run a charity which is known for providing cataract surgery and other health services in poor countries. They are both considered saints.

Larry Brilliant is best known for his work on the UN smallpox campaign in India. On encountering a resistant village, where spiritual beliefs were frustrating the vaccinators, Brilliant and the others broke into the home of the leader, and forcibly injected both him and his wife. The village soon followed.

It's hard to have heroes anymore. Maybe it's for the best.


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I’m probably around your age and although I wasn’t interested in David Crosby or Paul McCartney I was interested in David Oistrakh and George Solti I found your memories of these very 60’s figures VERY moving. I was a bemused outsider AND STILL AM 😂 but so interesting they became followers of government orders. I never had any intention of getting that shot I thought from the beginning it was ridiculous and a scam. What’s left of my family a brother and a sister very compliant don’t talk to me other “friends” have fallen by the wayside but I didn’t lose anything. I can’t believe SEVENTY PERCENT of Americans got at at least one useless AND potentially poison shot that no one had any idea what it contained.

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So many bubbles burst since mid 2020. It’s a real pity that I now have a bit of trouble listening to the music I loved for so many years. Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Elton John among others.. have all turned out to be great disappointments for me. Although I have a newly found regard for Eric Clapton and Van Morrison I must say.

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Beautiful Powerful words! I just shake my head in total disbelief that bowing to the propaganda and the shots is so antithetical to everything we believed and spoke about in the 60s and beyond. Talk about the needle and the damage done.

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Thank you, Mark. Thank you for continuing to help illuminate the darkness that surrounds us.

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MCM is correct that Covid could only have happened now. Many factors led to the perfect storm. Even when Fauci et al have tried this recently (H1N1, Zika), they couldn't pull it off due in part to outliers in the media. As Bret Weinstein pointed out on Joe Rogan's podcast, zero is a critical number because: "narrative control would not work if there was even one newspaper that was dedicated to the job of reporting the news. It wouldn't work if there was even one university that was dedicated to finding what the truth might be." Even as recently as the 2015 Disneyland Measles outbreak, mainstream liberal media such as Frontline & PBS News Hour were giving almost equal time to Barabar Loe Fisher, but that's all been stamped out by the Trusted News Initiative, Gates Foundation "journalism" grants, official "fact checking", and several other factors.

"You have to be room temperature IQ not to understand them"? Wowzers. Even people who have been studying mRNA their entire lives say we're only scratching the surface of understanding this technology and its implications. This is not so much a criticism of Crosby as an indivudual, but about the propaganda that is so powerful it tricks people into believing they can "understand" infinitely complex scientific ideas just by listening to some soundbites, or have a PhD-level grasp of a subject because Big Bird told them so. That's some messed up life-and-death brainwashing.

The Crosby clip about JFK was quite amazing, I was unaware he (or McCartney) stood up like this.

I see very little gloating about vaccine deaths, though I must admit, when I first saw the headline about a legendary rocker, I thought it was Neil Young (not Crosby) and was relieved. Not that I wish ill will on anyone, but I'm just sick of his (and Darryl Hannah's) bloviating, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, and virtue signaling.

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Very sad and unexplainable. There's an evil in the world today that cannot be explained other than to attribute it to satan, in my humble opinion.

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Your last point Mark, is critical.

We have all seen friends and family divided.

In many cases I expect irreparably.

I am not even sure what to really think about that?

Exactly the same thing would have...and certainly did happen in Germany in the 1930-40s.

A minority would have read the narrative correctly...and an even smaller group from within would have spoken up.

That vocal minority would have been considered a liabilty and an embaressment to regime supporters.

And after all was said and done...how many of the regime supporters admitted they were wrong...and sought out those they branded as enemies...and asked forgiveness?

My guess....probably not many.

To me, we are well past the time-frame that has clearly defined the truth about the narrative we have all suffered under.

In other words...the modern 3rd Reich has been exposed...near fully.

There are no question as to the lies about covid...lockdowns...masks....mandates and the jab. There is no question this has all been a very elaborate scheme for control.

Yet...of all the friends and family I have personally lost...I am not aware of even one who has changed their mind...or approached me to suggest they were deceived. I am not sure even one of them believe they were deceived. These of whom I speak are all jabbed...and all narrative followers in varying degrees.

In one sense it appears their narrative is utterly collapsing around them. In a more personal sense...I have experienced no change of heart from anyone.

I wonder how many fragmented families and friendships were ever restored after 1945? I really wonder?

I may be wrong...but I think the question will be answered in the following months and years.

In all openess...my expectations are very low.

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Thanks for that clip of Crosby speaking out on JFK as a young man. It's amazing what age does to some of us. Virtually all but one of the people I collaborated with closely in organized opposition to the U.S. counter-insurgency operations in Colombia 20 years ago - have all morphed into Ukraine flag waving shit-libs in their 60's and 70's. And of course - it goes without saying - they are all covid true believers.

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Let's all ponder for a moment. Aged 65 and over we're the target for the vaXX. Regardless of health, whether perfect health or health issues. It was blanketed to those " seniors" , first.

So those in that age bracket die " normally", no one questions it.

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