Ironic how I have to 'like' your articles.

Thanks for the weekly update, Mark.

Even today, was talking to a retired nurse in the grocery store when someone near began coughing.

She immediately whipped out her mask and put it on commenting "I'd better protect myself".

A nurse who does not understand the size of viruses - go figure!

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How can no connection be made to the jabs and boosters? I just don’t get it!

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Died suddenly is probably a small percentage of people stricken by vaccine poisoning

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I’m literally sitting here listening to a group of people talking about the horrible reactions they and others in their community have had from the jabs and in the next breath telling each other they are getting their fourth and fifth shots tomorrow.


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I'm amazed at the amount of research that goes into your Stacks. It's overwhelmingly sad news, but keep it up as, one day, people will look back and be dumbstruck how no one saw what is happening.

I have a question for you. That there is an over abundance of sudden deaths is glaringly apparent, but are there historical records that show what the average number of 'died suddenlies' per year were? It would be good for stark comparison.

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Following Emperor Blackface's logic, so if we pay more carbon tax (just went up again 1st April), that will keep the temperature rise to less that 1.5 degrees (don't ask, I know!) so that should translate to a sharp reduction in the number of deaths on Mark's ever increasing list. Why? Just becaus - now off you go you lot before I call the authorities.

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Catastrophic deaths in Australia.

The Aborigines of Australia & Their Fight For Survival: “We Are Seeing Our People Getting Buried at a Rapid Rate Across the Country. It’s Out of Control.”


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Thanks again, dear Mark. Your compilations are invaluable.

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I think I recall you sending out a message awhile back requesting to be alerted as to problems accessing your content..

I have noticed that your ‘Died Suddenly’ Substack update pages, about CANADA in particular, have been repeatedly crashing.

This has been happening intermittently for at least several months.

The pages for ALL of the other locations usually load fine for me.

I live in Canada (BC).

I wonder if this is happening to others, or is it just me who is experiencing this?

I wonder whether this could be some kind of interference / censorship, or is your information for Canada not loading due to some other reason?

Thank you for everything you are doing. It is much appreciated!

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MORE..... Care Failure Of Toronto Rock Band Die Mannequin Has Passed Away, Canadian Musicians Pay Tribute https://www.msn.com/en-ca/music/other/care-failure-of-toronto-rock-band-die-mannequin-has-passed-away-canadian-musicians-pay-tribute/ar-AA19jNOV?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=1380684372214299bd37f5cb2fad29f0&ei=47

Oshie Shared Tough Truth About Injuries: 'Gonna Be Some Times I'm Just Not Able To Walk For A Couple Weeks'


Blackhawks star Jonathan Toews is set to FINALLY return from long-COVID and chronic immune response syndrome as three-time Stanley Cup winner continues to weigh up retirement https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/othersports/article-11926411/Blackhawks-star-Jonathan-Toews-set-FINALLY-return-long-COVID-19.html

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Mark, thanks for doing this, it is a necessary (though ghoulish) task.

Regarding the debate on people not making the connection to the poison injection -

My thinking has evolved on this. From the beginning it was obvious that psychologically, by having people inject themselves (no matter that it was under pressure), most people will take responsibility and defend their "decision" to their last breath. It's just basic psychology.

On top of that, I think there is more going on. Basically most people have a slave mentality. In the past obeying the king was helping survival of the gene line (even if the parents were buried alive with the monarch - see https://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-asia/death-pit-of-ur-mesopotamia-0010297). Now, trusting authorities is the exact wrong thing to do for your children.

Finally, I came to believe the theology that we are not born with souls. There is a seed, yes, but most people will never nourish it so they end up soulless, with no free will. Only people that struggle to do something, make their own mistakes and learn from them develop the ability to choose and have a full fledged soul (see detailed theological analysis in Simpsons episdoe "Bart sells his soul")

Sorry to say, but that does not bode well for our future...

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New Hampshire Terrence Judge, 64

"A Pembroke Fire Department lieutenant died suddenly after returning home from a fire last week and succumbing to a severe medical incident, fire officials said.

Terrence Judge, 64, of Allenstown, was a 33-year veteran of the department and served as the officer-in-charge on Tower 1, Fire Chief Paul Gagnon said in a news release."


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Here's another died suddenly, at the national security level


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