It must take some kind of herculean level of denial for the 'authorities' not to be in teeneyest weeneyest bit curious. This is cognitive dissonance on steroids. Having said that I had an interesting conversation over dinner with 3 work colleagues this week. where one of them initiated the rona part of the conversation with "Are you all up to date? I am!". Silence from me of course. Then one said that a guy who works for him (he's around 50) now has heart issues. So I ask the obvious question "What does he / you think caused that?". Response "Well it may have been the boosters.... but no one knows". And then they all continued to say that they'll be lining up for No.3 Booster anyway - this takes a special kind of talent to completely block out the obvious. Funny thing, I'm not shocked any more. Rock on Mark!

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Mr Crispin I have been receiving your emails for awhile and a couple of days ago, I ran across your documentaries 1,2 and 3. I had no ideal you have so much other info. out there. I enjoyed watching them very much and hopefully you can post more, maybe some links. You are very inspirational and focused on the important things. God Bless you and love all your hard work you put in. Thank you so much.

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Regarding the kid in Laval. I grew up in that city - home of Martin St. Louis and Mario Lemieux. I used to deliver the CourierdeLaval when I was a kid for a summer. 500 for $3.10 in 1983.

Sad, sad, sad to read about that kid. I played soccer for my high school at his age.

That not a single shot should be given to anyone under 25 is an understatement. Alas, I've lost all words when it comes to Canada. Today, the Rouleau commission actually said the government was justified in crushing the protest. I listened to the hearings. I don't know what the heck Paul Rouleau (a liberal activist judge I must point out) heard during the hearings but he clearly didn't hear what I heard.

I didn't see a stick or shred of evidence presented by the government other than 'we had to'.

What a banana republic farce Canada - and the USA - have descended into.

RIP to those lads.

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Substack is a little buggy it seems. Just as a reader, I am having issues. For instance, I don't need to emailed for every new post, just opening up my inbox is enough for me. But when I canceled the email alerts, my inbox stopped updating on substack. That needs to be fixed, too.

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Mark can you give this a push.

This came out yesterday. More will surface on this story in the coming weeks. Health Freedom Defense Fund is located in Idaho.

Health Freedom Defense Fund Calls on NFLPA to Protect Players

By HFDF TeamFebruary 16, 2023

Thursday, February 15, 2023, Health Freedom Defense Fund sent a letter to the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) on January 30, 2023 requesting that the NFLPA protect the health and wellbeing of the players it represents by commencing a testing and screening program to determine whether players may have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 vaccines.

The NFLPA has yet to respond.

In light Buffalo Bill’s player Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrests, as well as heart attacks and strokes in several other former NFL players, current players may be at risk of serious injury or death due to subclinical cardiovascular issues.

Our concern is heightened by a growing body of scientific evidence documenting elevated cardiac mortality, myopericarditis, and other cardiovascular events in young adult males post COVID-19 vaccination.

As such, we have requested the NFLPA develop a set of functional medical protocols and treatments in order to address and heal any deleterious effects of the vaccines.

We call on NFLPA to protect the health and well-being of NFL players by urgently offering a testing and screening program to players.

A copy of the letter is posted below.


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I noticed the denial of Harmacide scamdemic ramps up along with the war, another Harmacide.

It seems that the only thing America knows how to do well is kill the world, and all of the folks who have to live here must be party to that else we get cancelled.

Am I the only one who sees this and has paid the supreme cost for saying so?

Regards from SF killafornia, land of Gavin screwsome and London Greed Breed

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Black and White Sports is a YouTube channel that is also reporting vaxx deaths and injuries. This is their latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z3oL9wGxqI

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Hello Mark (God bless you!), here's a story to look at. Thai student (who survived the cave rescue in 2018), 17, died suddenly. He was attending school in the UK, he was living in the dormitory. So pretty certain injected/poisoned:


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These bankrupt countries are 'handling' their elderly in a way that guarantees neither social security nor Canada Pension Plan payments will need to be made.

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25 year old Belgian soccer player collapsed and suddenly died on the field


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"...and has no images, as it would not post otherwise."

How long has this been happening? You can post images in other articles without any issues....just not in your died suddenly posts...correct?

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Two from my area of NC. I don't know anything about the first except that he "passed away unexpectedly."


I was told by a friend that the second man apparently died due to cardiac arrest and doctors say a common cold "got into his heart" and killed him.


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Mark, I hope it's okay to use your Stack to try to reach anyone who might be interested in the "early spread" aspect of this story ...

Will Jones of The Daily Sceptic asked me to summarize all of my “early spread” evidence in one document, creating categories for “cases,” likely dates of infection, “sources” for these claims and include my estimate of how convincing this evidence is (strong, moderate, weak, etc). He also asked me to include “notes” on these cases.

It’s my “notes” that made this document quite long (5,450 words!) so this is definitely only for readers or researchers with a great interest in this topic. Still, Will’s suggested project was a good one as I have now produced a document that provides all of this data in one place and maybe some researchers or journalists with more resources or talent than myself will stumble upon this document in the future.

A few highlights:

The document identifies at least 130 Americans from 16 states who had antibody evidence of infection in 2019. Given that we don’t know the unknown people who infected these people, one could double this number.

Per my research, there have been “antibody-positive” early cases reported in at least five countries.

I point out that the real number of likely “early cases” is unknown as officials have not released information on the number of “early cases” these agencies received via antibody results reported to their agencies by clinics performing such tests.

I argue that results of published antibody test likely undercount the number of prior infections.

In my summary, I include the likely early case of John Perry, a man who became infected in North Carolina in early January 2020. Mr. Perry’s likely case is significant because he reports that he was contacted by public health officials from South Carolina and North Carolina, who asked him questions about details of his case. Mr. Perry anecdote strongly suggest that at least some public health agencies WERE investigating early cases, which they have never reported to the public. I find it hard to believe the CDC was not aware of his case and others.

I appreciate anyone who might pass along the link to this article to officials or journalists who might be interested in this topic.


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This comment was written partially in regard to the recent release of an article in the British medical journal, The Lancet, which finally admitted the decades long obvious fact that natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity (even if the vaccine is not a deliberate, intentional bioweapon aimed at genocide.) It is aimed to some extent at a US audience and the USA pseudo legal structure..

Why must we rely on these puppets of global criminals, such as the Lancet, to authenticate **for us** what we already know? Why must we donate from our diminishing savings to organizations and lawyers to fight these criminals in the rigged courts while they are backed by the warp speed printing press of the Federal Reserve and other national central banks? We are losing this war of attrition by design.

They are a global criminal cabal that has been planning this operation for decades. They are totally immunized against damages in civil suits. Not only are the purported manufacturers ‘immunized" but so are anyone who touches these vials down to the lowliest nurse-in-training. In fact, it is written into "law" that the DoD owns the fake vaccine glop until it is literally plunged into the arm of the awaiting victim, so any scientist who obtains vials of it for independent analysis is committing grand larceny against the US governmentIt’s all there in black and white. All the court case victories have been simply to push back against the infringement of our rights under the first 10 amendments of the Constitution. None of them have constituted awards for damages. However, they couldn't figure out a way to immunize themselves against prosecution for mass murder. They must have figured that they had control of the DOJ and the federal and states attorneys. So far, they have figured correctly.

Sasha Latypova, a first generation Ukrainian American, has been a consultant for dozens of pharmaceutical companies for a couple of decades. She has specialized in regulations and approvals concerning NDA's (New Drug Applications). She has presented her findings in an 1h18m power point presentation which proves that the "vaccines" are weapons and a criminal conspiracy to commit genocide, and that the entire operation was under the absolute control of the US Department of Defense. Almost all of the pages of her PP presentation are public documents, documents received under FOIA, or documents leaked by whistle blowers.

Since the DoD issued OTA (Other Transaction Authority) contracts to purchase this lethal glop as "counter measures," and neither the words “pharmaceutical” nor “vaccine” were ever mentioned in the contracts, the FDA has had no authority to regulate them, and their cosmetic appearance to do so is just an ugly kabuki drama with much sound and fury signifying nothing. Thousands of laws and regulations regarding proper new drug investigational processes under Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations have been violated and ignored.

Latypova has literally stuck her neck way out on the chopping block to expose this and obviously ended a successful career. She is appalled by these crimes in general and particularly at the FDA once primarily legitimate system to screen new drugs. I cannot stress strongly enough to take the time to watch her PP presentation. Even if you are as far down the rabbit hole as I, you will be stunned by its documented revelations.



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After today's decision regarding the invocation of the Emergencies Act in favour of the WEF leader, we get this..... please comment on this guy's article..... LILLEY UNLEASHED: Lose the tinfoil hat. Trudeau isn’t after your health data https://ottawasun.com/news/lilley-unleashed-lose-the-tinfoil-hat-trudeau-isnt-after-your-health-data

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9 min. BREAKING NEWS: USA, Canada & Switzerland - 3 US Law Enforcement Agencies Activated - Ann Vander Steel and Pascale Najadi - https://rumble.com/v29up58-breaking-news-usa-canada-and-switzerland-3-us-law-enforcement-agencies-acti.html

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