3 recent cases from Denmark - have tried mailing several times with cases, but don't know how or where to get through?:

35 yo husband and dad of two small children, Anders Nissen, died sleeping on August 6th. His widow, Line, asked the police if they knew why, and the reply was 'No, sometimes life just stops'.


Musical star Pernille Petersson died of 'aggressive breast cancer' which she got in 2022, Tuesday morning, October 17th. Only 50 years old. Her father has said: 'Such is life sometimes, but it is very unfair.' (If only he knew...)


59 yo Henrik Backe died on October 11th of a cancer he got less than a year ago . He hoped to the end that he would return to his work.


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I have same question (how to contact). Perhaps they're not so interested?

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Who's not so interested? We review all comments and take note of items. You can also just email me via Substack.

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Sorry, for some reason I haven't received a notification about your reply. So maybe you have replied before.

I have sent several emails to 'markcrispinmiller@substack.com' with deaths from Denmark, but only saw one at the beginning (of this year when I started) I think was from me. So I stopped, because I have a damaged brain that makes it really hard, then tried a couple of times more. Tried to make them as ready-to-go as possible, to the best of my ability.

It made me both sad and frustrated, but obviously you have reported on several from DK. I refer to your articles in my info material to local doctors, politicians etc.. and more names could have been on the list. I thought that your team were maybe just too overwhelmed with all the deaths. I am. ❤️

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will try to forward you

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it scares me, that so many doctors die. Many oncologists die. They don't know how to heal cancer for sure.

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