I’m old enough to remember when “no cause of death reported” meant drugs or suicide.

I guess that’s technically still true.

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This is off topic because it's vax injury and not died but these stories are almost worse because they are gas lit and are in constant pain, with very little hope. This story from "Kat" is heartbreaking

This link (story from today) on Realnotrare.com https://www.realnotrare.com/post/kat-pavelek just was published and since she supplied the info to that blog, she has been diagnosed with ALS. Please take 5 minutes, and offer her some support and love. These people have no one to turn to.

I just traded several messages with her on Instagram and she is in a group chat with 3 others that are young and have the same diagnosis of ALS.

Her last message when I asked her to follow certain people on Substack like Mark Crispin Miller with potential insight and some "reach" to others was "I don't have the energy, plus I'm dying.

To be clear about this, it is not a scam/play for money as you can see from her Instagram profile and her story on Realnotrare.

On a different note, she never heard of Substack, and she worked in film in Hollywood (babylon etc) How can we get the word out that alternative media exists and for the betterment of humanity. I appreciate you all. Please give Kat a minute of your love, time and care. Mark

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Children dropping dead has become commonplace. This is completely unnatural. Surely, people are waking up!

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Hello there, Mark! I am a Substack writer (Poetic Journals) who would appreciate the chance to have a one-on-one interview with you on a day and time of your choice! You have a keen ability to discern propaganda regarding COVID and the disgrace that is U.S. politics, and I'd love to hear your perspective for myself so I can hopefully gather some ideas for future articles and/or books -- and any ideas on how I can take productive and constructive action during this time! Thank you for everything you're doing to keep the public aware of the endless propaganda coming our way, and for being a voice of reason and truth during these trying times!

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Squibb/Pfizer have been running radio ads warning people of the signs of Atrial fibrillation, and telling them to see a doctor if they notice any such signs. We all know this is a common problem, and people should be on alert, you see.

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They're so good to us.

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Always looting out for us or should I say, from us.

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I'm unsure whether this truly falls into the class, but I thought that it may - after some investigation. Jab status unknown. Tragic surfing accident - or Vaxxident? Was the source of the fall 'a medical emergency', or just 'bad luck'? So far, the information is sparse. But we do know that an athletic 21 year old is no longer with us.






The last one has the most details about the incident. Still a mystery. It will likely require some follow up, unfortunately. Sorry to put more work onto your plate...

Surf was relatively high on Sunday, but not huge - dropping from the peak of the swell, seen on Friday and Saturday.

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Seems like A Marked Pattern Hear.

Weather Sea, Land, or Air.

Condolences To Our Off Shores Brothers & Sisters.

Thank You Mark & Crew.

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I think we need more studies and evidence.

/ducks vegetables.

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Thank you and shared.

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I like it when you generally list these precious deaths from youngest to oldest. RIP beautiful people. 🙏❤️

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What I don't get is, how come there are only ever one or two entries for Australia on these lists, when Australia has a very high percentage of people vaxxed???

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