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A friend of a friend just died Saturday, 5 days after beginning to feel ill. She was taken to the hospital for weakness and numbness in her legs, and was gone within a few hours, of multiple organ failure (which also killed my dad). They said it must be blood infection, but cause was undetermined (also like my dad). She was definitely 3x and probably 4x vaccinated. Hospital policy is still only 1 visitor at a time, even while dying, so her son was not with her when she passed. (Thankfully my dad died in a rural hospital in Trump country, so three of us were in his room during his passing.)

This is a woman I've heard about for 18 years through our mutual friend, who was my age (47) and whose son was the same age as my older child (22). I've never been more glad to be unvaxxed. The vaxxed have a choice between living in fear or simply deciding not to believe there's a problem -- no wonder so many have chosen to be blind.

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Man, one of the most malicious things about these shots is they take a while to kill. That Sarah Henschel woman got her first shot in April of 2021. So everything looks fine but then she dies suddenly 14 months later in June, 2022. 😢 I have loved ones who got the shot last August so now I'm in waiting mode, hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

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re Xerox CEO John Visentin dies at 59; just looking coldly at the facts, a death calculator for the amount the CABAL will save for not paying a pension like that; 3-4 years from early retirement at 62

likely millions...so he's saving them the most $$. Maybe they will send an extra special thank you note to the family? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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So many young people with no cause of death. Car accidents etc have always happened tp young and old, but that repeated “ no cause of death” is a huge red flag. And the media? Crickets.

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Are you and your team tracking changes in the rate of increased "sudden/unexpected deaths over time?

I saw last week that you've already calculated that they're four times the pre-2021 baseline, but wondering if that multiplier is getting larger as time goes on.

Thank you for your work. It is profoundly important to record these lives lost, and I hope you're making printed records as well, for access by non-Internet-connected people in the future.

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Twin Cities radio personality Andrew Lee died unexpectedly June 25, 2022. His cause of death is unknown. The shocking news was learned Monday morning when Lee's morning co-host at AM 1130 KTLK, Jon Justice, made the announcement from a hospital room at the University of Minnesota as he recovers from open-heart surgery.

Justice tweeted that he had been texting and joking with Lee "in the hours leading up to his passing" on Saturday. Lee himself sent a tweet at 11:03 a.m. Saturday.

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of Drew Lee, the AM show host of Justice and Drew on Twin Cities Newstalk AM 1130," said Chad Abbott, the station's program director. "KTLK, along with the entire iHeartMedia team, offer our deepest sympathy to his family, friends and loyal listeners at this very difficult time. Drew will be fondly remembered and truly missed by all."

Justice and Drew was a prominent Conservative Morning Talk Show in the Twin Cities.

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Not dead yet but Santana forgot to drink water (?) so he got heat exhaustion and collapsed onstage.



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You can add my best friend to that list. He died last week of a heart attack at age 38. That’s two friends lost this year to heart issues. Friends lost to heart issues in my previous 38 years: 0.

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Breakin' 2: Clot shot Boogaloo

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The list gets a bit longer every week... :(

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My step brother 28 yo died last Wednesday blood clot heart attack.

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A good friend had a slow-growing cancer with more years to live. After being vaxed, the cancer growth suddenly sped up uncontrollably, he was put in hospital, intubated. The vax compromised his immune system so it couldn't get rid of the hospital germs. He died of sepsis. We can all grouse. Who with authority is finally going to connect the dots and declare this crime against humanity. Not publicized: Chinese did NOT take the mRNA clot shots. They administered old fashioned vaccines. Wonder why?

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My wifes physical therapist lost her sister last week, flew up to WI from GA for their parents 75th wedding anniversary, w/her two daughters. Heart attack was blamed, she was 57.

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Go read your local Obituaries. Its terrifying. In my area more than 50% of the people who died, "died suddenly" and of those who "died suddenly" were 55 and younger. Everyone else who died were over 75 mostly with one child who was 12. TWELVE! Say a prayer for the world. I beg God daily to heal all those who are ill.

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here y'all go...vid toe-tapper-dept 'No Amount of Evidence (will ever persuade an idiot)'

drtrozzi.org /2022/08/25/5g-is-bad-but-no-amount-of-evidence-can-convince-an-idiot/

5G is bad; but no amount of evidence can convince an idiot ‣

Dr Mark Trozzi 8/25/2022

Covid was launched in early 2020. Most of us were declared “non-essential” and locked in our homes. However 5G installers were deemed “essential”. In cities around the world, people peered through their new prison windows and watched crews installing 5G towers.

I do not think this was a coincidence:

stringing up the 5G network while corralling people into strange misrepresented injections.

We’ll have lots more to say about that soon.

Even before 5G,

EMF radiation was seriously damaging our health and the natural world. The cel phone industry has been biologically reckless to say the least; they warrant zero trust.

The following video

is indeed hilarious; but the science described within it is very real. My favorite part is the strategy presented for our self-defence against 5G. I hope you have some belly laughs, and cans of gas.


-Dr Trozzi

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