Is it just me or is the list growing longer each week?

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Sep 1, 2022·edited Sep 2, 2022

Please look into the recent sudden deaths of two Ohio musicians: Morgan Taylor, 52, of Dayton OH, creator of grammy-nominated Gustafer Yellowgold children's series, and Jay Aronoff, 60, beloved guitarist and son of senator Stanley Aronoff. I don't want them to be forgotten.

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How can people write "died suddenly of natural causes while driving" ??????

RIP casualties of our time. 🙏🪦❤️

Thanks Mark and team.

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It sounds like passing away from "natural causes" means something different than it used to mean.

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People easily dismiss the 50 and up crowd for dying suddenly. It will take overwhelming deaths of twenty and thirty year olds to wake them up. I had a thought that if I go to a funeral of someone passing suddenly, I will stand up and yell at the mourners and let them know it is the jab and not weird natural causes killing people. It would be a terrible scene, but so tempting to try and wake people up.

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"In the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, life expectancy declined least among White people. In the second year of the pandemic, however, this group saw the second-biggest decline in life expectancy."

I jotted down the above from one of the many pieces on the decrease in life expectancy in the U.S. It has dropped down to 73.6 for men and 79. 5 for women. But that 2021 decrease for whites over any other race certainly shouts out VACCINE.

I can also add to above list a 39 year local wrestler & baseball player (no drug user I surmise) who died suddenly upon being taken to the hospital.

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Mark you've probably seen this, but in case you haven't or haven't seen the updates, here is a link to "How Bad is My Batch?" Reveals Covid Vaccine Batch Codes and Associated Deaths, Disabilities and Illnesses From Covid-19 Vaccines. It Appears that Some Batches Are More Toxic Than Others." It's super comprehensive. https://howbad.info

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Listen to PERCHANCE TO DREAM on Soundcloud--a song about the parents' reaction to the vaccine-related death of their dauhgter. https://soundcloud.com/turfseer/perchance-to-dream

Fight medical tyranny. Listen to Turfseer's complete Scamdemic Collection at https://soundcloud.com/turfseer/sets/scamdemic-collection

And check out some of the music videos:


The “virus” is claimed to have invaded a town in the old west and soon worshipped as a new idol among the populace



There’s a new church in town where fear of demons turn neighbor against neighbor



The mainstream Covid narrative is compared to the Salem Witchcraft trials



The people graduate “with honors” at mass conformity Sheeple University



Welcome to internment camps for the unvaccinated



The anthem of the anti-lockdown movement


1984 IS HERE

The famous novel becomes a metaphor for the current dilemma we find ourselves in


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How can they possible say died of natural causes in their sleep or wherever? Natural causes should mean one thing...your body wore out from old age. That's it. Anything else is NOT NATURAL!

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Check out COVID BC on Telegram. All these articles are paired up with the victim’s “I Got My Covid Vaccine” photo. #Genocide

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not only is it growing longer, but these people still cannot connect the dots.

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Could be evidence if the so called vaccine (inoculum) cause the death (which is easy to expect)! Dr. Ryan Cole explain here https://brandnewtube.com/watch/ryan-cole-on-how-to-identify-a-person-killed-by-the-covid-vaccine_gBYEyMCr4O2mUqq.html to Steve Kirsch that the evidences are very easy to get. But is hard to get when they don't look for!

Denis Rancourt give all the data who confirm the terrible situation in USA

See. https://odysee.com/@jermwarfare:2/Denis-Rancourt-all-cause-mortality:e

and see for USA https://denisrancourt.ca/entries.php?id=116&name=2022_08_02_covid_period_mass_vaccination_campaign_and_public_health_disaster_in_the_usa

you will find a lot of useful paper here https://denisrancourt.ca/page.php?id=1&name=home

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