Thank you Mark, and your team who do the difficult work of compiling the loss of these human beings who are being so easily dismissed as being unimportant. May God bless your efforts.

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Thank you for your reporting.

Every person had folks who loved them and will miss them.

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"...and some health problems of our own. We..."



Shalom & Amen.

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Strange. I am so angry at them while they are alive . . . and feel so sad for them once they are dead.

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My voice teacher, back in the day, served in WWII in the chaplain corps. We talked about what it was like for him to be relatively safe back at HQ while every day someone would drop off the dogtags of men killed in action, many of them men he knew personally. He said he woke up every morning dreading it. "Who's going to be next?" was his constant thought.

All these years later, I think I'm getting a little taste of what he experienced. Watching good people all around me fall.

It's not breaking my heart. It's shredding it.

I hope someone is compiling a list of perpetrators for prosecution.

In principle, I'm against the death penalty.

But I'm re-thinking that now.

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So 3 of my young adult kids and husband got the 💉 for various reasons. In 2020 each got the first 1-2 and no boost, and will not boost.

None have any negative side effects so my prayer and hope is they are “fine” as these that are dropping, well, it scares me to death.

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I just heard that half the players in the big 10 have myocarditis w no symptoms. I’m trying to source this info. If anyone has any links please share.

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Former NHL player Gino Odjick. Dead. Heart attack. 52.

We need more evidence.

And damn this climate change!

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Is there anyone in the US who is interested in hiring a PI to find out what happened to Tiffany Dover?

Here's a start https://conandaily.com/2020/12/19/dustin-dover-biography-13-things-about-tiffany-dovers-husband/

If so please set up an account so we can crowd fund the costs https://www.givesendgo.com/

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Thank you Mark.

The young man, a Kansas University student you mentioned was killed in a vehicular accident on a two lane highway here in Kansas.

I live in Lawrence , Kansas home to the University of Kansas, the obituary came through our local paper, I am always interested to fact check a man this young passing "suddenly". He died in a car accident, I don't believe it was vaccine related.

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A reminder of why you should be celebrating these deaths ... and embracing Shad (no need to feel guilty about what you are feeling)

The more they die ... the closer they inch towards awareness (or maybe not cuz the PR Team will blame this on Covid and Long Covid...)


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This death of a 25 year old Dr. of Pharmacy in Pittsburg who ran vaccine clinics has died suddenly. This may have been covered already and I didn't catch it - but if not, here is the link:


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Interested in your thoughts about why the democide is happening. Democide can take many forms. Do you believe someone has deliberately decided to kill and maim people? Or do you see a different set of intentions and actions?

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I live in Niagara region Ontario and will also monitor the obits for a trend. Thank you for this information.

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I don’t recall seeing President-in-waiting Newsom roll up his silken sleeves for his 5th jab, has anyone seen it? He got Covid ten days after booster 2. As that was last May, he’s overdue. I can’t find reports about it and I’m “concerned” for him.

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