This list is enormous. Each week the deaths in Canada are mind blowing. So many from every age category. Babies to elderly. Canada will be a major contributor to population reduction. My Lord, another shocking report.

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Canada’s population is (was) 38.5 million, about 11% of the USA.

Trudeau must have negotiated with Pfizer to get the good stuff.

He’s a good little foot soldier for the WEF.

Canadians’ natural propensity to be trusting and compliant is making for a sheep to slaughter scenario. Do they have the ability to survive as a country?

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Another Canadian doctor has died suddenly. Dr. Makis writes:

🔥 56 yo Alberta doctor "died suddenly" - Dr.Sean Grondin 🔥

AHS is "mourning" the SUDDEN PASSING of Calgary Thoracic Surgeon Dr.Sean Grondin.

It cannot be related to the 4x or 5x COVID Vaccines he had, because AHS leadership has ensured they are "safe and effective" before MANDATING them on their 105,000 staff and 11,000 doctors.

If anyone has more information, please forward it to me.


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