Damn, "died suddenly" is international.

I don't know Italian so I used an online translation.

"Morte improvvisamente" was the result.

Looks like that phrase is being used for the native Italian articles as well (screenshot of the first several results):


Maybe there are other Italian phrases but even that one pulls up a lot of articles in Google news.

So it's even worse than we can keep track of.

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I love how they call so many natural causes

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Having read and followed these reports weekly for a while now am stupefied at the docility of the relatives, families and perhaps police at the ongoing plight of the died suddenly. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE???

At first i can understand you're in denial, but then you can't but feel that little voice behind your head gnawing deep down in your soul saying "could this be connected?". But they quickly dismiss it. After they observe many strange died suddenly phenomena the feeling of "geez, that's not normal is unshakeable" but then again they quickly shoot down the thoughts thinking it must be the unvaxxinated dying. But their favourite media is not covering it as such and that makes them shudder, could it be us?

Eventually they admit it quietly one day in the dead of the night and they feel a righteous indignation rise up within them. They feel they have to do something to right the wrong done to them, but soon they realise to shout is to admit i may be next and the thought of that is just too paralysing for them to raise their voice at the authorities that did this to them. Is that it?

Is this why we aren't seeing affected people openly confronting the evil genocidal governments that tricked them into taking these poisons yet? Or could it be because something in the shot makes you docile to want to do that? Barring the former, i strongly doubt it's because these family members are devoid of means to start banding together to exact justice.

In all, i can't help but marvel at the psychological dexterity of those that concocted these acts. Surely, they must have thought about, what happens when bodies start dropping? Perhaps, their answer was, they will be too afraid to act knowing most of them pushed others to take the jabs or coerced family to take it and they also might be next. What an evil genius way to silent most of humanity forever.

The ultimate question therefore is, why are they staying mute? Your thoughts and solutions are welcome.

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Allam Ouassime, 10 years-old, is from march 2021.

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