This is heart breaking. I live in Canada and I hear ambulances go by my house way too often, I believe most are for illness due to the bio weapon shots.

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I don’t normally look at the lists outside of the USA. I did just now.

Given that Canada is a population of 38 million vs. the USA at 330 million, the length of this list is horrifying.

I had hope that the USA would catch on to what’s going on, but if Canadians aren’t waking up with a list like this, maybe not.

So tragic. Our government preyed on our weakness to trust them (I don’t, haven’t for years) and killed a lot of people.

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Canadians are in a very deep trance...on every level.

Politically we are inclined to socialism/ communism at approx 70% of the population.

A much greater percentage accesses all their news from msm which is 95% hellbent to the left and globalist leaning.

I have no real idea how many are jabbed because media and government only accel at one thing...lying. The numbers are certainly high based on above info.

Huge newspapers like the Toronto Star regularily defame anyone not jabbed.

I know very few people not jabbed. I do not know anyone who is jabbed and has any inkling about what is going on. Not one.

We are a brainwashed country almost like no other. Whatever else the WEF have in store will all pass in time.

Most people who call themselves Christians...including most conservative evangelicals...are all jabbed and completely blind.

I can barely name a dozen of such people who are not jabbed...and beyond that...defensive in their stance...and have no interest in the other viewpoint. They are Lucifers little darlings...doing his bidding.

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Now double that with Quebec. It's always worse in Quebec.

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Quebecers just voted in the party that pushed the worst lockdowns in North America with a STRONGER majority. Prior to the election, the CAQ had 74 seats. They were rewarded with 90. I'd say, Canadians are still in a deep sleep and in sophomoric denial.

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I grew up in northern NY, 20 minutes from Huntington, Quebec. My grandparents immigrated to the USA in the 1940s. I feel a connection via my heritage.

It is tragic to see what is happening.

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Are your votes counted by computers in canada?

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Interesting theory about Hockey Canada.

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Wow, that's a lot of people. 🙏❤️🌷. It makes me wonder if Canadians got particularly potent doses... Or if the US media is beginning to censor obituaries with no cause of death...

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RE: Serenity Leah-Anne Simon Joe -looks like this poor girl in Miramichi died in a house fire:


Police say 4-year-old girl was found dead after Miramichi fire

All of these deaths are so so saddening. When will ppl stop promoting and accepting these toxic injections!

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