Wow. India has the biggest population of any nation that took the mRNA meds, so that explains a lot, but still, one gets the impression from these News from Underground posts that "dancing at an Indian wedding while vaxxed" is one of the most dangerous activities on earth.

So sad.

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Apr 1, 2023·edited Apr 1, 2023

This is extremely concerning, because India REFUSED to use the dangerous mRNA vaccines: https://www.wionews.com/india-news/why-were-pfizer-and-moderna-vaccines-not-available-in-india-health-minister-responds-454466. The two vaccines used in India were Covaxin (traditional inactivated virus vaccine) and Covishield/AstraZeneca (adenovirus vector vaccine).

The key fact is that only mRNA vaccines showed excess non-COVID and cardiovascular deaths compared to placebo in their clinical trials (this was shown in both the Pfizer and Moderna trials). But the clinical trials of Covaxin, AstraZeneca, and J&J DID NOT show any excess non-COVID deaths compared to placebo, none whatsoever. https://dailysceptic.org/2022/04/09/covid-vaccines-increase-risk-of-heart-related-deaths-by-up-to-50-lancet-analysis-of-trial-data-finds/. So what do we think is really going on in India- how can all these unexpected deaths be explained? Are these just the usual rate of unexpected deaths given India's population of >1.3 billion people? Another possibility is that taking even the "safer" vaccines AFTER already having a COVID infection (remember India had a huge COVID Delta wave just before their vaccine rollout) makes those "safer" vaccines similarly dangerous as the mRNA vaccines. There is some anecdotal support for this second possibility.

What we do know for sure is that the vast majority of countries that used mRNA vaccines are seeing notable excess non-COVID deaths, and these excess non-COVID deaths were actually PROVEN in the "gold standard" clinical trials for both Pfizer and Moderna.

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ALL the Covid "vaccines" are killers.

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Apr 4, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023

Well, what's the best evidence that the non-mRNA vaccines are killers? I am 100% open to believing that "all COVID vaccines are killers", but proper evidence is obviously needed, otherwise the statement becomes no better than "all COVID vaccines save lives".

There certainly is solid evidence that the mRNA vaccines are killers- they had 16% excess non-COVID deaths and 45% excess cardiovascular deaths compared to placebo in their clinical trials. So where's the corresponding evidence for the non-mRNA vaccines?

As a starting point, was it stated that these people who died unexpectedly in India (and other countries that used non-mRNA vaccines) were vaccinated? That might be a place to start if you want to convince people that the non-mRNA vaccines are killers as well.

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