There are so many this time. I kept scrolling and scrolling and more names appeared. During the Iraq War, I made sure to read the obituary of every soldier killed. As somber and horrible as it was, I think the numbers your column reports will soon surpass those numbers. This was a war on our land committed by our government against the people. Weapons, of a different kind, turned inward. You are chronicling the dead for a memorial the government does not want.

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It was very hard to get the Vietnam war monument built but now 58000 + names are etched on that wall. How many will be on the monument commemorating this war and what will the war be called?

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The wall will stretch around the world if these demons have their way. There’ll just be no one to read the names!

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The wall will be called Elite’s war on humanity!!!🥲😡🇺🇸

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"elite bellum humanitatis" etched on to each part of the wall, like on a tombstone.

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The horrors of the cabals continue.

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Are single-vehicle accidents trending up in number statistically? This is not something I have been paying attention to, but I'm sure MSM will report on it if it is (sarc).

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I do not know how else we can envision the individual lives and “could have been, almost were…” without these lists. Sprinkled verbal flower seeds from their existence…their fragrance…and now their path in this garden has ended….Tributes of affection, and loving testimonies of personalities, humor and generosity of spirit, the music talent extinguished …..I cannot grasp the waste and loss….it goes on….announcements tucked into inches in village and community papers around the world….the reader scans the story and moves on to something else….what is ahead for us…? .OMG

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Thank you, Mark, as always for this daunting task you have taken on. It brings to mind the substack today by ExcessDeathsAU entitled Requiem For Australia. I’ve linked below. I encourage all to read it, it’s really a picture of what is happening no just in Australia, but here in the US and worldwide.


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I keep thinking maybe they aren't still dying so much as we get further away from the mad jabbing times. I'm wrong though aren't I? The thing is that, here in the UK, only very old people are still getting these jabs so most of the dead haven't been jabbed for a couple of years. Which means people really aren't thinking about them anymore which means they simply think they are living through an isolated terrible tragedy rather than a mass extinction tragedy.

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if antibodies do not occur, then vaccines can't work either, then Virologists and Big Pharma with the support of Governments are pushing for depopulation in line with the Globalists who want to stop global warming, by blaming that on the multitude of us and by reducing us, that, they think, will stop it, but since global temperatures were first recorded, our planet has warmed by only 0.02%, so the whole thing is a deliberate lie to exterminate those the Elite call "Human Rubbish" and nothing more.

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The "human rubbish" would be depopulated either way. At least this way its humane.

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What this way - shudder: But, But, But - They are "vaccines", not "genetic experimental "MODmRNA" therapy - Actually

Scientists STUNNED by First Proofs of Contaminated DNA Getting Absorbed into Human Cells –“Sunak Better Watch Out” says Dr Bhakdi

By Patricia Harrity on March 15, 2024

In an explosive revelation a few days ago during a video conference with Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International, Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, former Chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz and a distinguished figure in the field, unveiled findings that have sent shockwaves through the scientific community. The first experiments indicates that experimental COVID mRNA jabs, may have been integrating into human cells—raising the specter of genetic modification on an unprecedented scale. Dr Bhakdi says “Sunak better watch out and that he met with Andrew Bridgen a few days ago and that he was going to use this information.

Details of the video discussion have been republished below

Scientists Stunned by First Proofs of Contaminated DNA getting absorbed into Human Cells

“These cells did not merely interact with the vaccines but absorbed them, incorporating foreign DNA into their very structure” originally published by Aussie 17

Prof. Bhakdi, long known for his critical stance on the mainstream narrative surrounding genetic experimental mRNA therapy, shed light on previously dismissed evidence, saying, “What then happened was that Kevin McKernan’s findings [of DNA Contamination] were belittled…, although they were reproduced in Canada by Speicher.” These findings were eventually reproduced across multiple independent labs across the world. This disregard for groundbreaking research is alarming, but what Prof Bhakdi and his german team discovered next is even more so.

Prof Bhakdi’s colleagues immersed human cells in vaccines, unveiling a startling truth: These cells did not merely interact with the vaccines but absorbed them, incorporating foreign DNA into their very structure. “Our two lady scientists…found that the human cells immediately took up the vaccines, and the DNA, and the chromosomes,” Bhakdi said, outlining a process where cells began producing the spike protein in massive quantities. What was once theoretical fear has now been manifested into tangible evidence, showing the potential for these vaccines to alter human genetics fundamentally.

This evidence not only corroborates the initial findings but also offers a chilling validation of the genetic alterations being observed. “So, what did our girls do? They sent their human cells that had been transfected to Kevin McKernan, begging the question, Kevin, can you find any chromosomal integration of bacterial DNA in the human cell chromosomes? Do you know the answer? He put it up in his substack one week ago, and the answer is yes,” Bhakdi reveals, underscoring a critical and undeniable marker of genetic modification, fueled by vaccine integration.

Adding to the concern, Kevin recently published another article on his Substack, in which he reveals that the Plasmid DNA is not merely being absorbed by the cells; it is also being replicated after getting absorbed.

The severity of these findings cannot be overstated. Prof. Bhakdi articulates the gravity of this situation by stating, “The uptake of a foreign chromosome into your cell equates with nothing less than genetic modification.” This proclamation signals a critical juncture in our understanding of vaccine safety and the potential for long-term consequences impacting billions worldwide.

The possibilities of what this means for the human genome are deeply concerning. Bhakdi elaborates on the potential for catastrophic genetic disruption, using the metaphor of the “book of life” to describe the genome. The integration of foreign DNA could “smear” vital pages of this book, leading to unreadable genetic sequences with far-reaching implications for cellular function, possibly explaining the surge in tumors and genetic disorders globally.

If you haven’t read my exclusive report on the surging cancer drug sales post-vaccination in the “fastest and highest” mRNA vaccinated country in the world, now would be the time to do so!

In response to these alarming findings, Bhakdi calls for immediate action, urging a halt to vaccination campaigns until absolute safety can be guaranteed by both manufacturers and regulatory bodies—a demand that seems as unlikely as it is necessary. “These vaccines have all got to be stopped,” he demands, emphasizing the urgent need for a reevaluation of our current trajectory.

With forthcoming publications, Prof. Bhakdi’s findings represent a “shit hitting the fan” moment that you need to prepare for (i.e. heat up the popcorns!).

“They better watch out,” Bhakdi warns, signaling a storm on the horizon for political leaders and health authorities globally.

Full Video Below – To see shorter version see here Source Aussie 17

The Expose

Me: So what has this to do with "antibodies" - nothing does it? So Antibodies don't exist, because they can't and that has nothing to do with what the vaccines have done to the blood of the vaccinated (above), does it?

Interestingly, The US and Canada and New Zealand are seeing legislations put into place which prosecute anyone who questions vaccines, to life in prison and those in charge, at the top, but let's say Trudea, Biden, etc - now your Presidents for life, presumably because the ModRNA vaccinated ceased to be Human and now have zero Human Rights by US 2013 Law, so they can't protest who controls them now or what for, can they?

See my last post on that subject, the one before this post or the one before that

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Egyptian international footballer Ahmed Refaat (30) suffers cardiac arrest mid-game


> After 9 days in the hospital, Amr Osman, one of the medical supervisors, and cardiologist consultants for the Modern Future Football Club has confirmed that Refaat is suffering from a rare medical heart condition.

> He explained that Refaat’s condition is unprecedented and that doctors hadn’t seen something like it before.

> Osman explained “Refaat was resuscitated for two full hours, and every time he was resuscitated, the player’s heartbeat accelerated, returning to point zero, and we had to begin the resuscitation process again. The heart’s condition returned to point zero once more approximately every five minutes.”


Video of incident here: https://www.marca.com/futbol/futbol-internacional/2024/03/12/65f03bb946163fa3a68b45c1.html

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A college professor from Averett University died suddenly a few days ago. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2024/03/18/averett-university-professor-dead/73014315007/

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There are supposedly coming prion (mad cow) deaths. This was predicted early on! So upsetting.id like to force jab every eugenics alive!

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I think Mark's readers might be very interested in my in-depth feature story on Richard Hirschman, the famous/infamous embalmer who first showed the world images of the “horrifying” clots he was seeing in up to 50 percent of the bodies he embalmed.

This, almost certainly, explains many of these never-ending "died suddenly" ancdotes.

If you read or skim the story, please note the link I added about a medical professional who recently became a whistleblower and reported that doctors and nurses are removing these worm-like substances from patients “three to 10 times every week.” They are NOT forming only “post-mortem.”


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Look At The Bright Side:

These People Are So Stupid

That You Don’t Have To Feel Sorry For Them.

They Are Perpetrating Their Own Deaths.


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deletedMar 15
Comment deleted
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I Like This Whole Covid Thing.

But Then I Think:


There Goes The Entire Science Fiction Genre.”


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