Another 20 year old hockey player in Canada died during a game. Sad


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“ She had probably been suffering from health disorders in the past, or she may die suddenly without a symptom as Steve was shocked after seeing his wife dead. Jessica, Steve's wife, works as a teacher in a public school but wishes to stay out of the spotlight.”

This has obviously been converted from metric. It’s pretty much incoherent.

I guess being dead is one way of staying out of the spotlight.

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Wow, Canada's list is super long to this week. The lovely young Wendy who died live streaming in the swimming pool actually may not have known how to swim. It looks like she spent the first 10 minutes in the shallow end of the pool, and then the first time she ventured into the deep end she got in trouble. She spent about a minute trying to stay afloat and calling out, so there's a chance it wasn't a cardiac event like the others. But who knows. She works for a long-term care facility so we know she was probably jabbed. https://youtu.be/PkfWLw_siPc

How anyone can think children having cardiac arrest is anything close to normal is beyond me. 😥

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This is too much to bear.

When is humanity going to arise and confront this evil? It's just heartbreaking to read all this "suddenlies".

At this stage what do we do to shake the rest of the sleeping dead awake? God please show us how to galvanise humanity to take the necessary action to prosecute the evil scumbags behind this democide. It's simply unbearable.

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