Seems to me that Italy was targeted very harshly by the Deathstab. Seems like it's a full death camp over there, anyone know why? Like did they receive the worst of the batches? Or are the newspapers actually talking about each death? At a loss.

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Alexander, I am at a loss as well. I did some research yesterday and found three U.S. obituaries i would consider suspicious. Under 40 yo, no cause of death mentioned, unexpected and sudden death of healthy people. These were my qualifiers. The obits offered no other clues regarding vaccine status. I also looked up family members listed in these obits on facebook. It was a heartbreaking and deeply disturbing journey. Perhaps the people of italy did receive the worst batches. I suspect there are cultural differences on how death is reported in Italy given how the write ups translate. They are so full of emotion and humanity. I have only questions and few answers.

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Jun 24, 2022·edited Jun 24, 2022

IMPORTANT: Prof Miller, I notice you have recorded a number of traffic accidents, including lamppost in one, of possible heart attacks while driving. There is an entire section devoted to this type of accident in La Quinta Columna's video:

[La Quinta Columna on accidents near 5G antennas • September 23, 2021]

If there is a 4, 5G telecomms tower nearby this could cause inexplicable accidents, particularly they mention ones where no other vehicle is involved.

[Epidemic of heart attacks: Graphene Oxide and EMFs • September 20, 2021]

Electrical body systems (esp. heart) are affected by amplified frequencies from 26Ghz 5G to any graphene oxide in the body. The process is described by Dr Luis Sevillano and Bio-Statistician Ricardo Delgado. I would not suggest that this is the cause of all, but the presence (to *98-99%) of graphene in the vax adjuvant in the vials is heavily indicative of illness caused by this material. It resembles radiation sickness:

[5G causes COVID-19 symptoms (radiation sickness), seismic activity, the Hum sound, and the so-called waves •August 21, 2021]

An alert by Ricardo Delgado on athletes and others who are engaged in strenuous physical activity dropping dead suddenly:

<https://rumble.com/vs9sxf-electromagnetic-fields-graphene-oxide-and-arrhythmias.html> (subtitled in English)

[La Quinta Columna explains how graphene multiplies frequencies and damages cells, and how reducing agents help to control that damage •July 16, 2021]

[La Quinta Columna: '98% to 99% of the vaccination vial is graphene oxide' • July 03, 2021]

(*Full Lab Report by P. Campra, Nov 2021, University of Almeria, Spain — I will link if asked)

All references in square brackets are titles of pages listed in the translator's archive:


La Quinta Columna started their research and investigation in May 2021 as a result of reports of magnetization of vax recipients. There is a lot of material and many links to their own pages which I cannot paste here —too many, and are in Spanish. If you want this information please email me at sally@amics21.com, I shall delete this address in due course.

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