I know last week obituaries from Ontario are added to this week, but this is brutal!!!! How come nobody connects the dots? If they are not connecting when a person dies from cancer, ok, I can see it, but dying suddenly, young and healthy!!!!!!! I feel like screaming 😡

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Oct 21, 2023·edited Oct 21, 2023

That may be the longest list I have seen thus far. Absolute insanity.

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Ya we live in a Collapsing society here in Ontario CHINADA.

That's the goal that the 338 WEFers that suck off of our efforts pretend to not know.

Our NATZI UNIPARTY here in CHINADA should all be charged with MASS MURDER.

Along with you COWARDS in the health profession.

You are on your own if you are JAB injured.

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each one a coffin, or due to cost, an urn. Most choose urns, this this where we are at.

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