Ed Dowd book just arrived today.

This tragedy is mind boggling.

Why are there no investigations and prosecutions?

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Captured regulatory control... harness the Judiciary.. the Politicians.. the Police.. the Medical and the Media.. you control.. the controllers.

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Because you are falling for a psy-op.

Unlike greEd Dowd is claiming, the vast majority of excess deaths are not "sudden deaths", but COVID-related. You can laugh, but the pneumonia numbers don't lie. There never was any financial incentive to put "pneumonia" on death certificates.

Q3 2021 alone saw 120k pneumonia deaths (this is in summer) among people much younger than the typical respiratory decedent.

The vaccines caused an epidemic in the middle of summer, that's the brutal truth.

There was an increase of traffic accidents in Q1 and Q2 of 2021, which correlated with the vaccination campaign and indicates roughly 1 in 2000 people died a sudden death shortly after their shot.

Yet the evidence is not strong enough to publish this, it's just my estimate, for what it's worth.

The vast majority of excess deaths among the young were actually COVID deaths and there is an enormous cover-up campaign about the "origin of B.1.617.2" that is stretching back to 2020, long before the vaccines were on the market.

Spoiler alert: Delta did not "come from India".

Just like Native Americans aren't Indians, I am afraid history might get that wrong, too.

It will be very difficult to prove this and even harder to make people hear it, but I can assure you that the people trying to sell you the idea of a "sudden death epidemic" are either lying or clueless.

Stop falling for liars who are trying to cash in on human suffering.

EDIT: Also look at places of death, which should see a much bigger shift towards "other" and "home" than we are seeing. https://vigilance.pervaers.com/p/minnesota-places-of-death

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You say: "The vast majority of excess deaths among the young were actually COVID deaths".

I don't think anyone here will buy this argument. The established case fatality rate of "covid" for the young is extremely low, not even worth talking about, therefore it seems very unlikely that we'd see excess covid mortality in this age group. After a lot of effort, i reused your sentence and came up with a version that matches what i'm seeing, day after day:

The vast majority of excess deaths among the young were actually the result of being unnecessarily injected with the DoD-funded nanotechnology injections referred to as "COVID-19 vaccines" in the pharma-sponsored Mockingbird media.

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Let me rephrase it then: Deaths involving pneumonia.

I'm not saying the injections weren't to blame either. I'm investing all my lifeforce into investigating HOW the injections killed.

It's not just the injections though. COVID-19 as a diagnosis poses a threat in itself in certain situations, due to the treatment protocols and the implications for further diagnostics and treatment.

The whole situation is extremely complex.

What I am saying though is: It's definitely not sudden deaths making up the majority of deaths and the notion is pretty ridiculous if you think about it.

These are counter-narratives that surpass the official ones in sheer absurdity.

Biggest psy-op ever.

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Thank you for clarifying, and that's a big difference, pneumonia can be (unintentionally) misdiagnosed, ever heard of 5g-induced pneumonia, oxygen depravation ?

You're right it's pretty complex, i don't think in human history there's been a similar situation, although the Spanish flu episode is pretty close (same BS, same deadly countermeasures).

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Yeah I read a few articles about the Spanish flu (the one about the habit of prescribing enormous ASS doses in the range of 10-30g/d which can lead to pulmonary edema for example), but I don't see why I shouldn't use existing infectious disease models though. It seems pointless and I think the discussion has not been beneficial to getting anywhere.

In fact the discussion seems to draw the attention away from the smoking gun: Variant data.

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"Stop falling for liars who are trying to cash in on human suffering."

You mean the people who run Moderna and Pfizer?

And WHO and CDC?

Who pays you to post such nonsense?

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Oh, those rarely lied. They murdered. Others did the lying for them.

What exactly about my post is nonsense?

Sudden deaths only make up a very small proportion of excess deaths. It's a fact. If you can't see that, then you are delusional.

Keep believing your heroes, fanboy. They are talking out of their asses.

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Dowd thoroughly documents his claims.

You can't because you are a mendacious troll.

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"2020 saw a spike in deaths in America, smaller than you might imagine during a pandemic, some of which could be attributed to COVID and to initial treatment strategies that were not effective. But then, in 2021, the stats people expected went off the rails. The CEO of the OneAmerica insurance company publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18–64) was 40 percent higher than it was before the pandemic. Significantly, the majority of the deaths were not attributed to COVID."

Clever deceptive use of language.

I know the data. He is deceiving you.

Don't really care if you agree. He is also using the pictures of dead children without

- verifying if they were vaccinated

- asking for permission

Just disgusting.

Believe what you want. I am done discussing this. It's a waste of time.

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DeSantis asked the Florida Supreme Court to summon a grand jury to investigate Pfizer for fraud. The grand jury investigation is under way.

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There are many things I dislike about DeSantis; however, he's been great on COVID, mandates, and lockdowns. And he's hired the best Surgeon General in the country.

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Am curious how insurance companies adjust for this

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Since they are losing their shirts, potentially, I have heard the ins. companies are getting paid by the gov to keep quiet. No source, but it would make sense, they would be squawking more I would think. And tell me how most hospitals have remained insured as they kill so many right??

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Friend of mine 52 just past with massive lung tumor, my wife's cousins husband just past at 60 with stage 4 lung cancer, father in law has prostate cancer and large tumor on pancreas ( I suspect his cancers started same time and are the TURBO CANCER DR Ryan Cole talks about , my daughter fibrous NC tumor on breast (was removed) just found another one on other breast that needs to be checked, of of this has happened in the past year!!! Yet I am crazy in my family's eyes for suggesting this is not normal these deaths aren't old age deaths!!!!! Please spread all your own stories as we need to wake the sheep up to something unusual is going on !!!

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Jun 21, 2023·edited Jun 22, 2023

something that might be of interest.


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Looks very interesting, thanks for drawing our attention to it. I am sure Mr. Miller will appreciate it.

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Yes, it was a good listen.

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The gift (actually, the grift) that keeps on taking.

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Thankyou Mark for all your painstaking work to bring this to attention...Incredulous these reports are every week... the evidence of younger and younger people dying suddenly at home or work with no prior health warnings... only to receive the same no cause of death... astonishing there is no one in authority questioning why.. nothing from the major news works... Andrew Bridgen tried to speak out but they removed him from the House of Commons..I think the cover up has gone on far too long... believe this.. there will be hell to pay when all the dying done.

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RE US list: 49 is the average age of the 38 people whose ages were reported.


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RE Canada list: I counted 537 people.

Average age: 55.6 (not including the 5 people whose age was not reported).

I counted the newborn as 1 day (.003 years). The oldest is 77.

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I am sad today after looking through all those faces....I am not sure why....I have been following you for a while and I have looked at hundreds of faces before today.... it's just very troubling today, much more than before...... maybe because it's not slowing down and it might possibly get worse..... 😥

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Weird there are so many more sudden deaths reported in NZ compared to Australia. I live in Oz and see sudden deaths reported just about every day in local newspaper yet they're not being picked up. Interesting translation of Indian son dying suddenly a couple of days after his mother passed while "longing for his mother's death"! Karma I guess.

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I’ve recently begun to look at my hometown’s obituaries and I’m just SHOCKED by what I’m seeing.

People dying wayyyy too young, husbands and wives dying within weeks of each other, multiple members of families dying within months of each other.

Multiple people from my high school - every single week - are now suddenly just GONE.

My guess as to why people in families are dying around the same time?


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What I'd like to know is how many shots they got. Most of the young people I know were double-jabbed mid-late 2021 but didn't get a booster. Many of them are now dropping dead almost 2 years later.

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That is just sooooooo FK’D

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When u say young, what age bracket exactly?

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I'm talking particularly about my kids' generation - fortyish. But I'm also now seeing increasing number of sudden deaths among 18+ age group, i.e. age of their kids.

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Just heard about another family, the friend of a friend posted, her dad and brother and sister all died within 5 weeks of each other.

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And from the same lot

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* and people within same age groups became eligible to receive them at the same time, no doubt rushing down in their herds to receive them at the earliest possible moment

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This is for the very prosaic reason that we have an NZ researcher but not an Australia researcher.

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Sounds like Mueller was full of hate. Very difficult to have any sympathy for her, except pity for losing her grasp on reality.

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Two channels that are tracking:



Here’s a website with thousands of peer reviewed studies on reactions, ignore the website warning—they don’t want people to see this!


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