I'm here.

I read them all.

That is my job.

Thank you Mark and thank you all you people that work to find and publish these untimely deaths from around the world.

These are all people not coming home for Christmas and who will not see the New Year - at least not physically.

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Han Peekel has been morbidly obese since he became well known in the 1980s (and possible much longer). Considering his obesity and his age of 75, it's very difficult to determine whether the jab had any relation with his passing. His death may have been sudden, but I wouldn't call it unexpected. In fact, considering the average life expectancy for men of 81 years, I'd call it expected.

In sharp contrast, Elia Alessandrini's death is a very, very strong signal. As a professional athlete, he was young, healthy and fit. He's fine one moment and dives in the swimming pool, only to die suddenly and not resurface.

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