How long before a group like MADD, is formed to fight this roadside carnage?

Call it MAVD perhaps — Mothers Against Vaxxed Driving.

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And Flying!!!

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I've been against the scamdemic Harmacide from day zero, 3-11-2020.

In SF killafornia there is worse than zero resistance....

Even my draft dodger friend from when no one trusted the government Vietnam era, tells me Putin and trump are bad and why don't I get injexted and Joe bidendiaper is concerned for our well being, not to genocide or depopulate my ass.

Ain't no resistance here, they give out needles, silver threads and golden needles, pipes for crack and tinfoil for fentanyl, city provides the accessories for your demise, you just have to score the drugs ....

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Thank you Mr. Crispin... almost unfathomable what you have reported on over the past couple of years... even more so that it has been so ignored by the media and medical community.

Neuro-Biologist-Naturalist, JJ Couey… latest brilliant superstar/smart humans on the radar…

he was ecently hired by RFK Jr. at Childrens Health Defense (CHD), then laid-off by CHD presumably because he strongly differentiates between the ‘fantasy’ of viral “diffusion” (i.e., an RNA viral spread through the air) versus “transfection” (pathogen delivered by injection), which is what the kill-shot program is designed to be.

All while calling out the narrative manipulators such as Robert Malone, Kevin McKernan and others… as Dr. Alexander and of course the Sage Hannah!

In other words… RNA can not replicate itself without errors.

and… he expresses “regular dude” communication skills 😉

Couey’s “Gigaohm” Substack:


Gigaohm website:


Follow-up interview on Twitch:


JJ Couey X account:


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A tad naive to comment on how in your view the media 'ignored' these events. They are controlled and push a controlled narrative to feed the sheeple.

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I thought Dr. Malone was one of the good guys. Can you explain why he is considered a manipulator? Not challenging anything just curious.

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Please listen to the linked article


also please follow these very credible stack authors… and certainly feel free to draw your own conclusions:

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander;

Dr. Peter Breggin; Neuro-

Biologist JJ Couey at “gigaohmbiological”(and on his website: gigaohmbiological.com)

Investigative Journalist George Webb

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With all due respect to those people, whose work I very much admire, I don't see any use in piling on Malone, whose self-defenses I've found credible. The fact is that his work has helped alert people to the dangers of the jab, which is why "our free press" also has gone after him.

Division is among the LAST things that we need (along with defeatism, and panic). What better way to function as controlled opposition than to accuse others of being such? I'm not suggesting that they are, but simply urging that we not let suspicions get the better of us.

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Generally speaking I see value in the point you’re making, but in the case of Dr. Malone... it appears that “piling on” is not the issue but rather the seemingly large collection of both circumstantial and concrete evidence of his involvement in a potential cover up of this apparent mass murder campaign.

Plenty to see/validate here:


And the fact that he has 50+ patents related to mRNA technology and that he’s filed multiple $25M defamation law suits (dismissed by the judge) against some of the most qualified MDs on planet earth, stinks.

IMO, thorough investigation and identification of culpability is paramount and the perpetrators of this nightmare must be brought to justice... would you not agree?

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Mark - Have to disagree, as what this scam-demic has re-affirmed for me is that one should never extend automatic trust to anyone but must carefully check out background, history & actions/credentials in order to trust anyone.

Doc Malone fails that test as so much has come to light on his nefarious deeds.

We must hold those to account who cheer-leaded & defended this scam C19 & that is most def not divisive but seeking justice for those who were injured or died.

> Scientific Progress - December 6, 2023 - The REAL Robert Malone

Hidden ideologies? Ayn Rand, depopulation. Hero or traitor?


The patents: follow the money!

Malone confessed: “speaking as somebody with DoD security clearance in the bio-industrial complex area, that the binary weapons that were developed by US military for deployment, as a countermeasure against the threat of a USSR tank blitzkreig, can currently be readily reproduced by virtually any biologist in their garage.” 15

Malone worked under Fauci at the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). He has a long record in the bioweapons complex (10 billion dollars in grants 2012-2017

Malone confessed: “I am as a physician and scientist who happened to have had a role in the genesis of this (mRNA) technology when I was a young man back in 1987 to 1990. I'm very, very familiar with the technology, worked as an academic to try to advance it until I determined that I could not overcome the toxicity associated with it, and abandoned it for other technology platforms, which I've also developed.” 22

So, if he determined in 1990 that the mRNA tech was toxic. Was it ethical to patent and make money from a toxic tech? It seems not ...

> C’s Newsletter - Jan 17 2024 - Charles Wright - Plandemic - Robert Malone says he knew that Pneumonia in Wuhan was caused by a "Novel Coronavirus" in the "first week of January." - Why is that important?


> Charles Wright says: I’ve long suspected that Robert Malone was informed of the alleged “Novel Coronavirus” by Michael Callahan in one of his phone calls between the United States and China in the first week of 2020.

He said it for the first time that I am aware of to Veronika Krylenko of the New American on August 9, 2023.

> Jan 23 2024 - James Hill MD’s Newsletter - Don’t let them get away with it: Dr. Michael Yeadon - Don’t believe those telling you Covid tyranny is all bumbling and fumbling that deserve forgiveness and amnesty


Mark, from reading about Malone's mRNA connections, govt funding/grants, activities, experience, etc over the past 2 years, he's def deep state complicit in the injuries & murder of millions. He could have spoken out but didn't. Shame. No one is let off the hook for their deliberate (& profitable mRNA patents) participation in a planned democide. So, it's not a question of FM disunity but murder. :/

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Wow. That young man washing his car and the next thing you know he's dead. Tragic.

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Former Bay Area musician Jose “Luis” Vasquez, the sole member of the post-punk act the Soft Moon, was among three people found dead last week in a Los Angeles loft of a suspected fentanyl overdose. The incident also claimed the lives of John “Juan” Mendez, a 46-year-old DJ who performed as Silent Servant, and his partner, Simone Ling, 43, at her residence in the Pacific Electric Lofts on Main Street. https://www.sfchronicle.com/entertainment/article/vasquez-soft-moon-death-overdose-18621998.php

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What would they do if they did not have fentanyl to blame it on?

Maybe it was, but it's a pretty safe bet they were also jabbed.

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Well all three died in the same house on the same night - seems like drugs had a major role (of course they could have weakened hearts & therefore be more susceptible to risk)...

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Play pill roulette, expect to hit a loaded chamber sooner or later ... and lately it's been sooner.

Absent Naloxone at the ready, Fentanyl takes no prisoners.

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Hasn't the same thing happened somewhere else? 3 football fans found dead, presumably frozen to death.

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Out of curiosity, any chance all these 'died suddenly' stories can be put into a statistical data set? It seems to me the anecdotes seem to be a pattern now and stats may be able to determine if the pattern has become evidence.

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I see a bunch of auto accidents -- please connect the dots for us. If these are the result of sudden deaths (not the result of the crash, but the cause of the crash) then please give us the story. If sudden death while driving is a thing--the statistics of total auto collisions before and after the covid shots were rolled out should be worthy of study.

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Mark - Re: on-going investigations by journalist Gemma O'Doherty in the indie newspaper The Irish Light re: C19 scam-demic, Irish Lockdowns & Irish adults & youth "died suddenly" after vaxx roll-out.

And the harassing law suit filed against her by the Irish courts to intimidate & silence her.

> "Irish Slaves Again" article - The Irish Light - The Uncensored Truth - https://irishlightpaper.com/

"Deep down the average Irish people knows they were severely scammed during the Covid hoax and that the government's 'cure' is killing large numbers of young & healthy people..."

> Update: Jan 24, 2024 - Gemma O’Doherty - Political Stooges Cannot Be Judges


Update on court gang-stalking of Gemma O'Doherty: Political stooges like the O'Connors CANNOT be judges and should not be recognised as such. They are in breach of the separation of powers

> Jun 9, 2023 - Orwellian Ireland: Ask No Questions About The Pandemic Of Sudden Death - The latest psychological operation designed to silence the speech of the Irish people has raised some significant questions about the life and death of a Cavan teenager - Gemma O’Doherty


Excerpt below: A fortnight ago, the mainstream media embarked on a frenzied attack against ‘The Irish Light’ and Gemma O’Doherty. This latest charade, which appears to be collapsing all around them, was launched to bring in new hate laws to gag the Irish people from asking questions about suspicious, sudden deaths for fear of ‘offending’ someone.

We knew we were directly above target with the latest edition of The Irish Light which names and shames the gang who framed Aaron Brady without a shred of evidence, including state prosecutor Brendan Grehan SC and senior gardai Mark Phillips and Pat Marry.

The powers-that-shouldn’t-be are fuming over that exposé and launched their latest strike a few days after it was published.

I’ve been warning my subscribers for a while that the Drew ‘Harass’ regime had been planning some sort of ‘hate hoax’ to justify forthcoming legislation to restrict free speech but the tissue of lies they’ve concocted on this occasion represents a new low even for them, because they’re exploiting the death of a young man for their own sick gain.

The background to this latest episode is as follows. In November, we published the ‘Died Suddenly’ edition of The Irish Light in which we selected the faces of 40 young people (unnamed) from the hundreds of youngsters who have ‘died suddenly’ since the launch of the vaccine in 2021.

Their pictures covered no more than a space of approximately one inch squared and had already been published on RIP.ie and in the media, and were widely available online.

The article stated clearly that we did NOT know how they died and that all we did know was that their deaths were sudden and unexpected, according to the death notices, condolences and newspaper articles about them.

Obviously, the article related to a matter of substantial public interest, especially since the controlled media are completely ignoring this tsunami of young deaths.

We simply asked why are all these young people dying - since that is our job as journalists - but in Police State Ireland, such questions are now verboten.

Some days after the publication of the paper, a volatile woman from Kingscourt in Cavan went on RTE Drivetime claiming to be devastated and traumatised over the use of a tiny picture of her son on the front page with several dozen others.

In a bizarre coincidence, someone she knew had seen it in a shop in Monaghan and given it to her.

Edel Gilsenan said she was adamant that her son Diego (18), who died suddenly on August 25th 2021, had killed himself and that it was to nothing to do with the vaccine.

Even though our article made it clear that suicide could have been the cause of some of the deaths, the rabid media ignored that critical point and launched their feeding frenzy, exploiting and manipulating a clearly unstable woman.

Why let the truth get in the way of a story that can be manipulated to advance their dystopian cause?

Out of respect for Ms Gilsenan’s apparent upset - although I did not know her true motivations at the time - I chose not to put the front page of the paper on our website for several months even though she had told the most outrageous lies about me and The Irish Light.

It should be stated from the outset that there is nothing illegal, unethical or journalistically unusual for a newspaper to use a picture of a deceased person that has already been posted publicly online, no matter what age the person is, although in this case, the individual was an adult. In fact, that is how the media obtain most pictures nowadays. They are even more justified in doing so when the person has died in what appears to be unexpected and possibly suspicious circumstances because it is the function of the media to inform the public about such deaths and inquire as to how they happened. Yet suddenly, the press pack were screeching like hyenas because The Irish Light had engaged in this normal journalistic practice. The stench of a very large rodent was already all over this pantomime.

Given the scale of sudden deaths in 2023, I decided to repost the front page in February. Due to the online suppression of The Irish Light by the regime, anyone feeling tormented or mentally volatile at the sight of the images, like Ms Gilsenan claimed to be, could simply avoid such trauma by not logging onto our website, which is probably the most censored in Ireland. Oddly, she has absolutely no issue with Diego’s picture appearing on other mainstream media. and thanks to her, his name will soon be a household name so privacy was never an issue for her. Just one of the many anomalies in the case.

We have since blocked out all of the faces to highlight the media’s dire attempts to shut down knowledge of the sudden death epidemic.

continues at the link...


Gemma O'Doherty's website link here > https://gemmaodoherty.com/

Gemma O’Doherty is a multi award-winning journalist whose work has shone a light on some of the darkest corners of Irish life.

Former Campaigning Journalist of the Year, her investigations have led to the reopening of a number of unsolved murder cases involving police corruption and political interference.

Apologies for the length of this post but wanted to excerpt from her extraordinary reporting here.

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Tried like five times to load th US report, for some reason , can't understand, Gorrroogle fascist don't want me to see the evidence in front of my own eyes, they essentially shadow banned the site, scumbags never sleeep

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Fast Eddy - You prob know all of this so posting here for all the moon believers around. Pssst... the NASA mfers lied to everyone like sleazy hand-rubbing money-grifters on crack.

> May 29, 2019 - Mars Rover Hoax ~ NASA Are Lying To Us Again ~ Mars Rover Never Even Left Earth - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVsa8H54rX0

And peeps need to study the Moon Landing Hoax cuz big amounts of US tax bucks have flowed to NASA annual every year since the so-called space program began in 1969..

Proof we didn't go "to the moon, Alice":

> The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes - TruthWorthFighting4


More analysis here > Wagging the Moondoggie: Part 1 by Dave McGowan - (Oct 1, 2009) - http://centerforaninformedamerica.com/moondoggie-1/

And the ISS Space Station scam goes on and on...

> Space Is Fake Featuring NASA Actornauts at International Scam Station

redpillcity - https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZQhxjc28NsMv/

2 years, 9 months ago

Lots o' we the taxpayers moolah being scammed for a long-running US space fantasy. :/

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Carlin was too naive. It actually came with dancing transgenders in vaccine costumes

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