Corrado Munarini, who died in Viano is a cousin of a friend of ours. This friend, who also took the vax,(and we warned him of the dangers before and he laughed). He is quite upset and scared now. Prayers that he will be okay.

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This is so sad Cathleen. I think there are many many people now, who are beginning to understand that something is not quite right.

One of the 3 doctors in my village has just gone into early retirement. He is very ill, (I think he's about 60/61). A friend of mine, (who knows him well), said that in conversation he mentioned "it's these vaccines that are causing all this sickness". 😟 But as we know very well, those of us living here in Italy had a very hard time, and many caved in under the constant pressure. As a medic , I'm pretty sure he didn't have a choice.

A friend of my daughter, (she is 27), held out right to the end and then caved in due to pressure from her boss. She only had one jab, (Moderna), and she is now quite ill. It is utterly heartbreaking. I pass her all the info that I get from all these wonderful substacks.

(particularly the World Council for Health and Dr Tess Lawrie and also the FLCCC ).

I have a horrible feeling this is just the beginning.

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Hi Puffin! Yes, it's so sad. I hope your daughter's friend is taking NAC? And recently I read that fasting for 48-72 hours creates autophagy (Dr. Makis from Canada substack) - the body's detox process that kills COVID-19 vaccine spike protein damaged cells and reboots the immune system (even though the spike protein continues to be produced in vaxxed people's bodies, but I guess it helps). Yes, we are just at the beginning of massive democide.

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Thank you Cathleen - I will certainly pass on the info about fasting 🙏

I have a feeling I have already told her about NAC. It's all just so new isn't it - even the good doctors looking desperately at cures - they are up against something that they simply don't know that well.

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