[died after] Johnson & Johnson, Age 32



FATHER: My son was 32 years old and he was one of the happiest kids I've ever run across. And he just loved life.

PAMELA GOODMAN: My name is Pamela Goodman and my 32 year-old stepson Benjamin was killed by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on March 14, 2021. Within 12 hours he was dead of a cardiac arrest. Sudden death.

We don't want any more people to die. Benjamin would not want anyone else to die.

The autopsy is inconclusive. The medical examiner is changing their phone number, refusing to answer our calls, or give us a toxicology report.

The mainstream media is not reporting these deaths, these serious adverse reactions.

We can't bring Benjamin back. And this is not only just about Benjamin, this is about all of humanity. Benjamin would not ever want anybody to take an experimental vaccine that could cause death or permanent injury. If he knew what he knew—

FATHER: What we know now.

PAMELA GOODMAN: What we know now, in March, which no one is letting anyone know, no mainstream media outlets, nothing, you have to dig and dig and dig to find anything, and even then you're called crazy and nothing has nothing to do with anything, there's no correlation. Healthy people are just dropping dead of blood clots, everything, and everything is being hidden. And Benjamin would never, ever want anyone to die or be injured. This is horrific, this is criminal, this is murder. And people need to wake up and speak out.

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Thank you for what you are doing. Relatedly--

4 more doctors call for a stop to the jabs

Press Release 21.12.22 - Doctors For Patients UK




DR. ELIZABETH EVANS: Dr. Elizabeth Evans, retired doctor and director of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance.* There is now overwhelming evidence showing that the covid vaccines are neither safe enough nor effective and that the risks far outweigh the benefits, particularly for the young and healthy. This violates a fundamental principle of medical ethics, that we must first do no harm. The roll out has also been carried out in a way that undermines the ethical process of informed consent with coercive policies and messaging, exaggeration of benefits and failure to fully disclose risks. It is time to halt the roll out. We must stop the shots.




DR. ANGELA MUSSO: Hi, I'm Dr. Angela Musso, international GP, former UK HSA*

public health officer. Covid 19 vaccines are not safe or effective due to insufficient evidence.




DR. BILLY RALPH: Billy Ralph. I'm a physician, Ireland. These jabs, these covid vaccines, are not as safe and effective as alleged and they're especially not safe or effective for children. So stop the jabs.




DR. ALI AJAZ: Dr. Ali Ajaz, consulting forensic psychiatrist, lecturer, researcher. I left the NHS* because I refused to take the covid 19 jab. I refused to take the jab because I did my own research. Covid 19 jabs are not safe and they are not proven effective and this is the experience of front line doctors across the world and published scientific research. If you look for it, you will see it. It's time to do the right thing. Let's stop the jabs now.



# # #



*HSA Health Security Agency (UK)

*NHS National Health service (UK)

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How hard is it to keep up with all of the sudden deaths around the world in every quadrant of society?

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Who knew excitement & cold weather could cause sudden death?

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Just heard that my sister-in-law’s best friend just passed away. Retired 6 weeks ago, aged 60. Now dead from an aggressive cancer. I’m hearing more and more anecdotes of young, previously healthy people either acquiring new heart problems or suffering from turbo-cancers. So much wilful blindness, collusion, and corruption led to this mass tragedy unfolding in front of us. I’m so angry right now ...

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More tragedy that is not recognized for the tragedy it is.

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Scarlet Scenes Awakens Questions Within, of The Without.

Memory Fortifies Learning, Answers Questions Sans Doubt.

Souls Echo Heart Sounds,

Carrying Crystal Clarion Clout.

~ for MCM/Crew

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One of the ways we can remain individuals (embedded in communities) not glaze-eyed with numbness, or cynicism, or depersonalization or derealization. transmogrified into the germans who walked like automatons through the rain of ashes from the death camps, is through allowing great literature and music and poetry (and jokes too) to act for us as load bearing timbers, where we can leave some of our anguish and dread and grief. I was reminded of this scene in the movie "Philadelphia" reading Arkmedic's substack La Mamma Morta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b0p9mTJOJI

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Are the WEF trying to clean up their and whitewash their exposed sinister reputation before proceeding with their continuing Plan to depopulate the planet with injected poisons called 'vaccines', and eventually use those of us remaining (the unjabbed) as their SLAVES?

We must keep on 'keeping on' with our messages of reality of what's really going on, as to ease off will simply play into their hands. The 'New World Order' (WEF) think we're not significant in the Control argument but they don't know how resilient and resolute we really are. We should start, and continually announce to the world, the next Gates planned Scamdemic - before he and the WEF establishment do. - such repetitive pre-warning might encourage some predictable human complacency - even if Fauci and friends actually prepared the next virus before he was dethroned?

Some still believe the artificially produced 'Scientific evidence' that suggests that the Covid jab was created for the health & wellbeing of humanity! Due to the ineffectiveness of the injections (called vaccines), I actually believe the deadly injections (VACCINES) were conceived years before Covid was released. After being sufficiently tweaked by Fauci & friends for maximum impact on the world's population - just to justify a new profitable vax market. Released, coincidentally, a few short months before they announced the 'miracle injection' - just after Covid appeared (at 'Warp Speed' - my arse!)

Our corrupted Governments, medical industry and media have understandably, turned us all into - suspicious cynics!

Many of us (unjabbed) realise Coronavirus, modified by Fauci & Co, has links with bio-weapon technology and that the US military connections enable such deadly materials more leeway, during manufacture, to avoid normal safety and quality disciplines. Not to mention the 'Ineffective and Unsafe' nature of the shit that goes on to be sold.

The injections (stupidly referred to as "VACCINES") are created under less stringent health & safety quality control processes due to their original Bio-weapon connections and alternative 'military offensive' purposes.

LIABILITY COMPENSATION FOR VAX RELATED DEATHS and VAX RELATED INJURIES would end this CULL of humanity, organised by the Elite WEF. And back-dated to early 2020 would be reasonable!

My team (extended family) of 15 have no intention of accepting the next (Corrupt) World Health Organisation's MANDATED INJECTION! We will ignore ALL rules, Laws, Mandates that Gates has planned through his puppets at the WHO. Instead, we'll be part of an army that will, depose Gates, Schwab, Tedros, Bourla, the WHO, the WEF, and all that intend SLAVERY.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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How does the last 12 months compare to say, 2019, or 2020? It appears way worse.

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I know 4 that died suddenly,

one waiting for a new heart, (myocarditis), and another hanging on with a body full of clots.

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And so many alternative drs have said these deaths haven’t peaked yet! Many, many more are expected.😢😡

Will these murderers ever have to pay for these crimes?!

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Ok that’s it. F*k Chinadian suicide! Im putting my lot in to dying from Excitement. Gotta start going to soccer games and making big bets. My team wins, my family is rich, My curtain falls.

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Thanks Mark and shared.

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it's time to #notice the jews

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