So crazy that some articles say young people die of "natural causes". They don't seem to know how life and death actually work in the human body.

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There is a bit of misinformation on part of the Spanish journals.

The young Carter Payne died in his country, the US. A hit-and-run case in a city in Georgia, according to the American press. The "Barça Residency Academy" referred to by Sport.es is not the original "Academy" in Spain, but a new youth training facility in Arizona, U.S.A.

He was now a professional player, it seems.

"Carter was hospitalized at Memorial Health: Southeast Georgia Hospital after being involved in a vehicle, pedestrian accident in Statesboro, Georgia."


It is sad to watch young people die unexpectedly or from the democide.

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Story from ITALY - JULY 3RD:

I just learned that a famous underwater diver and photographer from Italy, died on July 3rd, they say from a diving accident, but articles I have found say he became ill under the water and by the time they brought him back up he was dead. I know he worked for a company that mandated the shots back in the fall and he was a world traveler, so many of those people did take the shot to make life easier to continue traveling. Makes sense. I get it.

Here is his website, IG, and the story I found. How can they keep getting away with saying it was from something, when we all know it's from the vax.



Here is one article that says it was from a diving accident: https://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-scuba-ocean-news/underwater-photographer-david-salvatori-tragically-dies-diving-accident/

Here is the article that gives a bit more detail showing that he became ill under the water - and not that the death was a "diving accident"

"According to reports from Trapani Port Authority, Salvatori had been diving with two friends and a guide some way out from the small island of Favignana in the early afternoon on Sunday (3 July). They were at a depth of about 40m when the guide realised that Salvatori was unwell and brought him back up to the dive-boat, where attempts were made to resuscitate him."


Sounds like another "Died Suddenly" explained away. So sad.

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