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I’d be happy to. I’m in Wisconsin, near Appleton. To be clear, I went through about 4 pages of the obits so they weren’t all just within the last week or two, but I don’t ever recall seeing so many younger, unexpected deaths. (Granted I don’t scour the obits often) Here you go: https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/local/wisconsin/appleton-area

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Mark, I have followed you for some time now, as well as other truth-tellers (not to mention what I’ve seen with my own eyes), so I know the sudden and unexpected deaths have skyrocketed. But the other night I went online to look through our local obituaries, as an old neighbor passed away and I wanted to read hers. I was STUNNED by how many peoples’ obits said they died unexpectedly, and many were young (several in their 20s & 30s)! It’s so tragic! What a time we’re living through.

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New John Campbell video on Pfizer revisits their Project Veritas statement released last Friday.

Within that statement, Pfizer quietly tells women that are pregnant or planning to get pregnant to have a discussion with their doctor before getting the covid shot. WHY? Public health and media have been telling these women they better get the shots for about two years. Was that wrong??

Completely unrelated I'm sure, Veritas released another video this week. Walker acknowledged their awareness of menstrual irregularities.

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The Harmacide scamdemic is the new Holocaust

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Born sleeping.😞

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I read the local obits and last week's died unexpectedly totalled 12. It seems to go up every week.

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Local (beloved) teacher died suddenly Jan 12, 2023. It didn't make your news but that was the week Lisa Presley and a host of other famous people died. https://www.facebook.com/lisa.v.jackson.9


Lisa Viola Kelly, age 48, formerly of Chestnut Hill, passed away suddenly on Jan 12, 2023. She was a hard-working, dedicated Catholic school teacher for 20 years in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

She was a devoted wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to many. Lisa truly lived life to the fullest through simple pleasures, chatting with family and friends, spending time with her nieces and nephew. She was an avid Disney and sports fan. Lisa had an uncanny ability to reach people in a deep and positive way.

She is survived by her husband Justin Kelly: sons Nicholas and Stephen, her puppy Bailey, her parents Carmine and Rose Viola, her sisters Gina Facciolo (Rocco) and Angela Neff (Steve). Also survived by her nieces and nephew Sabrina, Sophia, Austin, Olivia, Aubrey and Gianna.

Visitation Wednesday January 18th, 9am at St. Helena’s Church, 1489 Dekalb Pk. Blue Bell, PA 19422. Funeral Mass at 12pm. Interment will be at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery following the Mass.

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Thanks Mark and shared.

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Flipping through our small town weekly newsletter, another died unexpectedly at 64.


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They were just doing what your government intended for them: There were no COVID-19 vaccines close to approval on August 27, 2020. In fact, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine trial phase 2/3 had only started a month earlier on July 27.The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020. It outlines a series of services the company was to provide to the CDC pursuant to the “anticipated increase” in VAERS reports due to the COVID-19 vaccines. It certainly appears that by August, 2020, the impending emergency use authorization of at least one COVID-19 vaccine was a foregone conclusion. BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin says that his mRNA vaccines rolled out in January this year (2021): Link here: https://www.ibtimes.sg/fact-check-biontech-ceo-ugur-sahin-refuses-take-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-due-safety-concerns-61652

In 2020, BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin proudly announced, "...we chose lipid nanoparticles that promote migration from the muscle cells into the lymph nodes." - https://groups.google.com/g/town-square-news/c/6XrY4yTa8JQ/m/qFqqyvFJBQAJ

But by August 27, 2020 – The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020 had been let and the contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature and the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), The amounts paid out under the contracts with General Dynamics were redacted. But according to this site, the initial amount paid was $9.45 million, with $4.4 million added in late February, and then an additional $16.3 million tacked on in early March. In March of 2022 there was an additional $5.2 million added (increases in deaths and injuries beyond the initial contracts)

The Contracts 23 00099 General Dynamics Information Te..https://substack.com/redirect/dac78dc8-9d2d-4280-a390-218d47bb331d?j=eyJ1IjoibjFlaXcifQ.OkComRnvTz45cW2ospKdwvhGbhkMepFwvepUF91fYF023 00099 Eagle Health Analytics, Llhttps://substack.com/redirect/bcba05ff-1dce-4b15-a6a7-0f59f3cb115a j=eyJ1IjoibjFlaXcifQ.OkComRnvTz45cW2ospKdwvhGbhkMepFwvepUF91fYF0 Grand total? $35,425,642 The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) records 1% of all reports:

VAERS updated its numbers showing a staggering 1,481,226 reports of adverse events (x41 to arrive at December 2022 numbers) following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 9, 2022. ...The above information posted by Josh Guetzkow

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Something wrong with the links, unable to read more

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These lists are great 👍 Twilight Zine reading 📚 Add to this the 40% of Women experiencing altered menses AND multiple indications of PLUNGING Birth Stats World-wide 😀 AND it seems, for us Last Truhumans Unvaxxed: drumrollll 🥁 the synthetic mRNA spike murder weapon is SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED 👏Bazinga!

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