Two outcomes of this?

1. The CovIDIOTS eventually connect the dots after way too many people die -- and unhinge.

2. The CovIDIOTS eventually normalize the deaths and accept that this is 'the new normal' and the climate change, ref whistles, fluffing a duvet etc... is a really big health threat.

I have done a survey involving one CovIDIOT..... he ignore me when I mention that it's odd that so many top footballers have keeled over. I am interpreting this as - cognitive dissonance is overdrive with the CovIDIOTS and doing his job ensuring that the competing thoughts do not intrude with the matrix

I am leaning towards 2 - for now

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Some outlet in Australia posted an article about the increase in sudden deaths. I'm surprised more aren't showing up in the Australian media, and maybe that's on purpose.

So sad when people die in front of their family. πŸ˜₯


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Ah so that's what they meant about reducing carbon emissions.

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EXPLOSIVE: Paramedics speak out about empty hospitals, probable vax injuries during COVID


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