It would be worthwhile to check out the cause of Luke Knox’s death. He was a 22 year old football player at Florida International, and the younger brother of tight-end Dawson Knox of the Buffalo Bills. Apparently (the original reports seem to have been taken down) he died during practice, and his death is now only described as a “sudden death” or “died suddenly.”

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... and what will the new, improved CDC have to say about these deaths? Oops, sorry, we were "disorganized."

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All hail king Fauci and his safe and effective golden vaccine! It’s definitely not the safe and effective vaccine killing and maiming young folks. It’s most likely a combination between climate change, Big Foot, and Freddy Krueger.

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If we are to gossip a bit, which independent media personalities have experienced jab injuries?

Greenwald's husband David Miranda is in ICU just now.

Abbey Martin had some bad nerve injuries last year.

The Saker has had several breaks this year due to health reasons, allegedly underlying ones.

Jimmy Dore looks markedly tired from his shot.

Any others?

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While instant is always nice, let's remember that karma travels at various speeds.

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I am so appreciative of your documenting these. Painful to read, yet so important. Thank you.

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The Other

Death comes by in long black cars

Shiny as shoes, then the lesser cars,

lights blazing in the gauzy afternoon.

I know this formality well

that makes us wait on corners as it passes,

the processional faces of the mourners,

some as hermetic as glaciers,

some full of grief or greed;

yes, I have ascended

behind weaving motorcycle cops

to some cemetery with a view,

I have ridden in the black car

behind my father–

that makes a father, an uncle, two aunts,

and three dear friends...

I set down my packages

and rock on the soles of my feet.

This is only the death

that makes the traffic pause.

I can feel the sidewalk through the holes in my shoes

as I think, there is the other,

the other.

—Stanley Radhuber

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Are you some sort of collector of coincidences, Mark?

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16-year-old boy from South Jersey who died suddenly while playing frisbee with family members.

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Does anyone on here know what happened to Luke Knox. Age 22. Football athletes and brother of Dawson Knox of the Buffalo bills. There is absolutely no information about how he died. Just he died suddenly.

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