Just trying to get a hold of someone who knows about BARAROMTRIC pressure, as I may be writing my own sudden death obit. Why is BOM now demanding to be called "THE BUREAL" here in Australia? When BOM (BUREAU Of Meteorology) is what we all know it by? Looked up what the BAROMETRIC pressure is in your area. It was a daily part of our forecast growing up. It used to mean the PRESSURE PUT ON THE EARTH BY ELEMENTS - RAIN WIND SNOW ETC - WEATHER. Did not mean much to me then, except what the chance of what to wear, shorts, jumper, coat, but then I got a you beaut glass jar with temp, pressure, etc, we all have seen them and thought them lovely or regifted them. Again, I just now looked up and saw the drones overhead spraying? 88% humidity this morning, no barometric readings at all, and thought when was the last time I saw that? Ahemm sorry, still trying to swallow (that rare single pangolin and curious bat, gastro bad) as a new vax (#7) has come out one week AFTER a NEW strain has been found, and now we no longer are able to see what the pressure is on the earth, atmosphere. Or at least where I live. Bloody cheeky, in broad daylight, DROWNS? right angle crisscross patterns, and then the drones (?) planes (?) morph and disappear into the haze. I may have little bets (alphabets) behind my name but this is out of my area of knowledge and I think is part of IN MEMORY OF which is setting off all of these sudden deaths. PRESSURE Think about it. Anyway, have another gastro event coming on. I thought I had just gotten over the rarest of rare animals in China, the Pangolin (only one in all of China), on a chopping block in a meat market and a curious bat and getting ready to have my 1st vax and then re-queue for the next five/six (lost count) only to find out that I am remiss on seven now. Bugga! I may be in line a very very long time.

Think I will leave it at that. Need a bier (beer). May help with the gastro. Sorry, not meaning to go off subject, but honestly think IT is the subject and why Mark is having to write these heart-breaking stories. I keep asking WHAT IS THE BIGGER PICTURE? Covid is not IT, just a diversion.

You all be safe. I am with you with every fibre in me. You never know, our blood may be useful to you in the future, and I am harvesting it and putting next to my beloved Kelpies. Cryo tanks for future old bloodlines of the breed of dog ... I knew those tanks would come in handy, just not for our own blood.

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Veteran Australian media executive Brian Walsh, one of the founding bosses of Foxtel and trusted member of the Murdochs’ inner circle in Australia, has died. He was 68. No cause of death. Died suddenly.

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