This must be so terrifying for people who were coerced or tricked into taking kill shot. It's all so depressing to see this treachery and malice. These are some evil and sick people running this

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You are absolutely correct. The Nazis Shor people in the streets, and some brave Germans, and thru out Europe, risked and lost their lives helping Jews...

Here, someone risks a job....

And so many disgraced themselves.

So many

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EM exposure deserves more scrutiny...

biologic effects stunningly similar to ‘covid’ (heart, immune, neurologic issues)

telecom industry litigation protection stunningly similar to vax industry liability protection


did ‘covid’ serve to obscure effects of 5G rollout?

did injections exacerbate effects of 5G rollout?

have not seen any statistical analyses of covid data that controls for EM exposures... why?... is the data available, too difficult?... lots of questions.

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So interesting. When the "pandemic" first started, I looked at the areas where most the deaths were occurring and they all had 5G already.

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A 10-year-old dying from a heart attack... All those young healthy people dropping dead in the street and in front of dozens of other people... What will it take the 'sleeping' masses to finally put two and two together??? What happened to everyone's logical thinking skills???

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