Aren’t these great vaccines?

They give you the disease they purport to prevent.

They also give you lots of other diseases.

They often kill you.

They make billions for the assholes who sell them.

They bankrupt nations and impoversh millions.

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As Mark just noted in another post, the number of 'sudden death' reports has been steadily growing and it's getting harder to cover everything. I've spotted 2 more reports - both from St Helens UK:

1) "Heartbreak as St Helens woman dies suddenly on holiday in Turkey"

"A 42-YEAR-OLD woman tragically passed away while celebrating her dream job with her husband in Turkey. Despite having no prior health issues, Kate Thornton died of a suspected cardiac arrest on Tuesday, June 28, while on holiday in Turkey."


2) "Heartbreak as Leigh East rugby player dies on holiday in Cyprus"

"A 21-YEAR-OLD man has tragically died while on holiday in Cyprus. Ben Woods, from Lowton, is believed to have drowned after an accident on a family holiday yesterday (Tuesday, July 5). Leigh East Rugby League Club, where Ben has played since he was a young boy, announced the news of his untimely passing this morning."


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