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Mark, this is a valuable archive, thank you.

For the record, I was forced out of university of Auckland as a researcher in humanities for questioning the ethics of Dr Nikki Turner, who had been planning mandatory vaccination policies since July 2019. https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/news/2019/07/01/vaccines-just-not-that-simple.html The plan was ALWAYS to replace public healthcare with mandatory vaccinations since BEFORE the covid outbreak. This stinks to high heaven. All the best to you and your family. T x

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No idea how you lot do it; but thank you from us all.

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As long as the brainwashed sheeple kneel before the altar of the germ theory and all of its ridiculous iterations, the world will constantly be fed stories of “gain of function”, “pathogenic viruses”, “mutating viruses”, “barbaric jabs being safe and effective”, and will do whatever they’re told to do by “experts” who know what’s good for them.

Until the shift in knowledge eradicates the belief in that antiquated story, we will continue to see this horror show repeated and repeated and repeated.

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Maybe it is worth considering what we would do if suddenly a bunch of people up and started dying of some fool scheme called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and almost no one talked about it other than a few likely shadow banned people on SubStack. The powers that be would like nothing better than to have us really engage in a war with them. At the same time informing us we would need nuclear weapons and military helicopters to meaningfully engage our government (Joe Biden, twice).

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Beautiful, smart college students found dead in Ivy League colleges or similar are a huge loss to America. Unspeakable crimes on our nation and others…

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One of Professor Healy's long articles, where everything is laid out.

A remarkable paragraph-by-paragraph comparison between antidepressants and covid pesudovaccines.

The tricks used to gaslight psychiatric patients are now used against the general population.

Doctors do not even realize the abuse based on lies they are committing. Many didn't realized that same abuse during the previous decades, performed on people said to have mental disorders. I say the long march to this moment was a desensitizing training. Like people being trained to become assassins.

Healy is one of those individuals who lives right in the middle of the storm. He will write only as clearly as he can. There is a twice as long article left unwritten between the lines.

I leave this link here for those who want to research some of the reasons this is happening. In particular, the lack of reaction.

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Nothing to see here.

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Recognizing the threat is important.

A greater effort on PREVENTATIVE TREATMENT is paramount.

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The number of people in Sharon Stone ‘s family who’ve died—(yesterday her 57 yr old brother who died “suddenly” from a heart attack & prior to that his 11 month old boy awoke “suddenly” with complete organ failure—no explanation of HOW *that* happened— ) or experienced major health issues since Covid & the shots rolled out is utterly astounding!

And one (her grandmother!”?) could’ve been murdered in the hospital by Remdesivir …


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I just dropped your name in a recent piece as somebody to follow re: this issue. I'm glad I found you. Thank you for your voice.


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