So many!

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OMG. Hadn’t heard that Maxi Jazz had gone. The sound of my youth, wow. Tragic.

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This post is like a forever scroll.

So sad about all the moms that have died peacefully suddenly. Real life Disney movie with so many kids with a dead parent.

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Terry Hall, a GIANT who was little known ... Changed my life and many others though for me it was The Colourfield project not The Special


THE Specials' lead singer Terry Hall has been remembered for his "remarkable music" following his death at the age of 63 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Hall’s bandmate Horace Panter took to Facebook to reveal the cause of the Ska icon’s death, as he hailed his "unique voice."

The post claims the singer had wanted to keep his illness a secret before he passed away on Sunday evening.

In a poignant tribute, one fan wrote: “One of THE greatest British music artists. An iconic and utterly individual frontman with THAT voice . This cuts so hard.”

A second said: ''Terry Hall was the voice of a musical revolution. Such an important person in music. I own so many records featuring him. I am really upset to hear he’s left us. Going to listen to Man at C&A now. RIP Sir. Thank you for the music.''

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I read these lists every week and every time I thank GOD I never got these shots. I cannot imagine always wondering when it will be my turn. God.

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