As always - a big thank you to Mark and Team for keeping us updated 🙏

They are hoping we'll just forget and move on - we must never do that.

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3 recent cases from Denmark - have tried mailing several times with cases, but don't know how or where to get through?:

35 yo husband and dad of two small children, Anders Nissen, died sleeping on August 6th. His widow, Line, asked the police if they knew why, and the reply was 'No, sometimes life just stops'.


Musical star Pernille Petersson died of 'aggressive breast cancer' which she got in 2022, Tuesday morning, October 17th. Only 50 years old. Her father has said: 'Such is life sometimes, but it is very unfair.' (If only he knew...)


59 yo Henrik Backe died on October 11th of a cancer he got less than a year ago . He hoped to the end that he would return to his work.


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I’m unjabbed but was diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer a year ago. All good now, no need for chemo or radiation. But the first question out of my oncologists mouth was “have you taken any Covid vaccines?”. I said of course not! She respected that. Or at least pretended to. They totally know these shots are causing aggressive cancers.

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Wishing you all the best Cheeky and hope that you continue to get better 🤞

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So happy for you that you didn't have to do the chemo/radiation and are apparently cancer-free now.

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I’m taking Fenbendozole just in case it decides to come back. 😉

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Wow! So glad for you. Indeed! You are blessed. Well, that’s some progress, so glad you had an honest exchange. Maybe some cookies and nice card for the office….but maybe not! Don’t want to be remembered. We have all messed with our heads, what a world. ~~~So….. I wonder what hassles your doctor has already faced for putting that in your chart. It’s truly remarkable how one now visualizes having to check for cameras and mics in a doctor’s office, or wait! ….Using the mask! to speak carefully so that the camera up there In the ceiling can’t read your lips. So hard these days, having to learn coded, doublespeak to protect yourself from neighbors or family who would love a chance to spread the word about your lack of community spirit.. innit all just bizarre?

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I have submitted these for you. Thanks

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Troy Akmin on the last MNF causaly mentioned that Korey Lindsey of the Dallas Cowboys was out on I R due to a heart aliment. I wonder how many more there are ?

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I read this morning in Yahoo! News that white, middle-aged men are eating meat disproportionately. Where's the beef!? In fact, this cohort represents the 12% of the population that's eating all the beef. They attribute it to toxic masculinity. And it's Republicans who have politicized the issue. So, if you want to eat a proper human diet, avoid ultra-processed foods, and not get vaccinated, then you're politicizing the issue. Rather than persuade people to stop eating meat (haven't they fooled enough people to become vegetarians?), they propose the better strategy is to simply prevent people from eating meat, and to do that they intend to make people "understand" the health and environmental implications. National Geographic seems to have gotten the memo as well, adding in a separate article that beef contributes to Type-2 diabetes! It's a sea of lies out there! Watch out! News like this makes you hope those who are writing it are vaccinated. Because God knows, they are nervous Nellies who want to deprive you of everything that's good in life, even life itself.

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The Republicans are pushing it?

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With 200 plus years of America’s farmers and pioneers eating meat, growing the sources for same meat….not so many heart attacks then. in the wheat fields and barns, on tractors ….

Truly amazing the fables now being spread abroad I guess they reach for anything…as Dr William Makis has said, the remorse and guilt when main promoters of this farce have to face the truth, especially re their families, could be more than they could handle

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Sounds like you read something about the study published yesterday in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 'Red meat intake and risk of type 2 diabetes in a prospective cohort study of United States females and males'


The study is receiving some mainstream press attention, but I haven't seen anything about any "toxic masculinity" link or role.

Could you please provide your source?

Thank you.

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Actually - I see now - the Guardian reporter inserted her own drivel to try to work a spin on this - or because this is what's on her mind;

"“There’s this connection between meat consumption and masculinity,” said Joshua Specht, author of the book Red Meat Republic: A Hoof-to-Table History of How Beef Changed America. “Historically, to be a successful man in America meant eating beef.”

So the Guardian reporter pulled this crap out of their a*shole - in relation to this study. But I guess her piece was more like a "Beef = Bad" piece, perhaps prompted by the recent journal article. She's not writing about the study and its findings, per se.

The study authors went nowhere near that topic. It's straightforward nutrition/epidemiology.

Objective: We aimed to assess the relationships of intakes of total, processed, and unprocessed red meat to risk of T2D and to estimate the effects of substituting different protein sources for red meats on T2D risk

"We used multivariable-adjusted proportional hazards models to estimate the associations between red meats and T2D."

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And all those masculine ka-boys, high in the saddle for the two week ride up to Montana, in clouds of dust and moo-ing, probably never keeled over from having two big servings by the campfire, of red meat, yep that kind! They woke up at 5 am ….male, hale and alive ….Oh good grief

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Lets do a march on Washinton DC and/or all the state capitols simultaneously. Vaxx injuried and dead. We need some more awareness

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We could bring signs with the photos of those who were injured or died.

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I would take part in something like this. My father had a stroke after his second of the Moderna shots. He began recuperating in the hospital. He was partially paralyzed on the right side. Before the stroke he was pretty strong and swimming in his in-ground pool on a daily basis plus doing manual work outside. University of Colorado hospital then required him to get a third booster to get PT, OT and etc. He was recovering and seemed to be doing better - but then began to decline again. I wonder if the booster interfered with his recovery. He was complaining a lot of about nerve pain in the weeks following the 3rd booster. I warned my family against the Covid shots. I told them these "vaccines" were experimental and had not been properly tested. I sent articles by reputable medical experts confirming this. No one paid attention. I'm sure they didn't look at the articles.

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Sue for you dad.

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Thank for keeping the spotlight focused on that which it should be focused.

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thank you for your efforts. indeed, it is all so sad and depressing. A suggestion if I may.

To many, refusing to allow the state to inject us with synthetically engineered MRna experimental gene therapies was a no-brainer.

Subsequent public attack from mainstream media "as unvaxxed menaces to society," fueled our desire to understand the complex strategic weave of the new global totalitarian monster that was beginning to take shape.

After learning much from our tireless online colleagues we are now ready to accelerate the growth in public opposition to this new beast.

The road ahead is clear.

Too much coverage on too many fronts, is now proving to be counterproductive to our mission. It should be noted that our vulnerable global population have no capacity to take on any more " fear" at this time.

Five important alternative media focal points below are not only too difficult for your average citizen to understand, but all these roads lead to Dystopia , which is psychologically terrifying to most. No one wants more fear in their life. No one wants the anxiety and therefore no one wants to listen to what we are saying.

1. Grim medical riesearch discoveries by our top professionals - on the impacts of synthetic MRna.

ie... Dr's Meryl Nass, Hooker, McCullough, Malone, Cole ...et al

2. The WHO's formal takeover of our sovereignty in May 2024

3. Devastating increases in "all cause mortality"

4. The Prep Act, Barda and the insidious nature of the contractual structure of DoD countermeasure policies

5. Wuhan virus origins and gain of function research.

But what is understandable to all and carries no fear to the individual pysche is the "Ban on Ivermectin" story. It is all the public needs to know.

As Bobby Kennedy Jr. has voiced many times, "a federal law that very few know about states: In order to initiate 'Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) ' there cannot be a drug or prophylactic that demonstrates efficacy in the treatment of covid 19."

Not only cheap in cost, Iverectin stood in the way of EUA and had to be banned in spite of its global successes as a prophylactic against viral and parasitic attack.

Had Ivermectin been made available

the Emergency Use Authorization would have been disallowed.

There would have been little synthetic MRna take up.

Vaccine passport rollout would not have been accomplished,

personal rights and liberties would not have been trampled,

incalculable harm and sorrow would have been averted,

depopulational tactics would not have succeeded and

equity market participants would not have been enriched

All so easy for the masses to understand without generating fear. Once understood, the dominos can begin to fall.

Expect WHO to have little hope of survival

UN close behind

Demand elimination of Ivermectin ban and ensure over-the-counter availability.

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Often it seems the monster is always a step ahead of us.

"WHY ONLY NOW? FDA rules that doctors can now prescribe ivermectin for COVID-19"


Possibly as its next trick, the monster will try to rewrite history claiming we never really banned HCQ & IVM. They're TRULY EVIL

All of the guilty parties should be punished by being placed on a ventilator -- with their arms and legs fully restrained -- and administered the same remdesivir while FULLY CONSCIOUS but WITHOUT any propofol to sedate them and WITHOUT any fentanyl to sedate them, so they will experience each and every excruciating breath until DEAD, just as they sentenced thousands upon thousands of innocents to be murdered in America's hospitals. Eff 'em. Eff 'em all.

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the good news, many of the dark pieces are turning their colours to grey, “check on black King”

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Governor of NY’s father.

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Oct 23, 2023·edited Oct 23, 2023

"10 Die Of Heart Attack At Garba Events In Gujarat, Youngest Was 17

A 13-year-old also died some time after returning from a garba event but officials said it is unclear whether there is a link between the two."

In India, they are celebrating various festivals at this time. The festival of Navratri (translated as nine nights) is celebrated by the Gujarati community (originally from the Indian state of Gujarat - PM Modi's community) and MANY others, with a nightly vigorous circle dance, Garba, done by groups of neighbors and friends. This year the festival started on Oct. 15th and will run through the 23rd.

This is a report sent to me by one of my Indian college friends. (Note: Gujaratis are found all over India and Mumbai has a very large Gujurati population).


NOTE: no mentions of the jab.

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This may be of interest - Pfizer had until midnight last night to file a motion to dismiss full liability of injury for their "product" on the grounds of fraud. In 2021 the BMJ investigated and published a peer-reviewed trial which substantiated the fraud witnessed by Brook Jackson as regional director of Pfizers clinical trials in 2020. Barnes Law + Mendenhall Law are representing Jackson in this case.


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12 hours ago on twitter/x @iambrookjackson - motion to dismiss is in.

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Isabella Forshall AND Heather Rogers at Doughty Street Chambers in the UK


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I was just listening to a fascinating history of electricity and human health (Arthur Firstenberg's The Invisible Rainbow) and thought you might be interested in the reference to the national registry of sudden deaths in athletes, starting around 5:30 in here: https://odysee.com/The-Invisible-Rainbow:5

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