Fraudci and Bill Hates are smirking away shaking their heads at how stupid everybody is because of their pride. Initially and now again. Ignoring the simple fact, the elephant in the room.

The people who got the shot and are covering up should be tried and sentenced also. All the family of dead ones cover ups? There has to be money involved or they would be saying ";what happened to my loved one ?"

Bet it is the insurance companies only paying out if it is not claimed as a vax death. So relatives are pretending and not warning others for the money. This is just a hunch. But it makes perfect sense for some odd human behavior of not warning other people. Makes sense but disgusting if true.

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CDC caught actively hiding tens of thousands of SADS

Someone is following and outing them.

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Zoe, I am so sorry. How can his friends not suspect it? Especially since he WAS healthy.

What do they think it was that caused a bunch of blood clots all of a sudden? Enough to die?

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I work on my own and I've been banned from my association's facebook page and there's no way but email and telephone to speak with the nazis of the college. They're high alright - high on power. I was even compelled to take 7 online modules/courses on PPE in order to start working again and in my educated and considered opinion, the conclusion was we were not supposed to be wearing the face diaper unless we had a client who was coughing/spewing and I would never accept a client for treatment who was doing that! And NEVER EVER should the client be diapered up but that didn't stop the nazis from ordering us to insist clients diaper up, contact trace them (in violation of privacy legislation they used to hammer into us constantly) and make them swear they haven't been in contact with the fake virus and other ridiculous lies. So the hypocrisy is off the charts. You can't reason with people who are spell bound by fear and power. I have proof of court cases of nurses taking their hospitals to court in 2015 for not allowing them to refuse the flu vax. They won of course and then were ordered to wear the face diaper at all times - to single them out as the disobedient. Back to court they went and won the right not to wear the diaper because there was ample evidence to prove that the face diaper was not protective, even during SEVERE flu seasons. I guess when you lose your mind you also lose your memory. I trotted those facts out multiple times to radio silence and crickets. I do my best and I also deliver DRUTHERS.NET newspapers that have been published for about 18 months now - so I get to speak with lots of people and hand them a bunch of articles. I live in Canada.

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Did you see the 4 Doctors in one week outside of Toronto Canada after they all took their 4 th ! Shot.

The other 3 didn't work but I guess this was going to be the one. Well, they won't be getting Covid.

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