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My heart breaks every week reading this report. It's hugely upsetting and shows the enormity of what is happening in Italy. But the sad thing is that it's also happening all over the globe and the doctors are still 'baffled'. They should all be struck off or sat before a Nuremburg 2. May they face their maker when the time comes.

We did have a couple of pieces of 'good' news here in Italy this week (but I'm too cynical to be optimistic). The new health minister (Schillaci), has ordered that the number of covid deaths can stop being published (can't remember weekly or monthly), AND that the suspended health workers be reintegrated back into the system. A lot of people are saying they should get backpay too, (I agree).

AND that they will stop sending out the 100€ fines for the over 50's who are still unjabbed. (Yes , they are still sending them out in the post - but a lot of people just bin them ).

However there are still some really nasty people on twitter, saying that if an unjabbed doctor or nurse is working, then they should be made to wear a pin/brooch, stating they are unjabbed and therefore these nasty people can refuse their assistance. Sad world. These horrid people still haven't got the message that they are MORE likely to contract covid from their beloved jabbed doctor 😑

A wonderful italian expression - La mamma del cretino è sempre incinta (means : the mother of the cretin is always pregnant 😣).

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Thank you for the Italian report. Before opening the link I always dread reading the reports but they are always fascinatingly written.

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The athletic community obviously has to know what's going on, with all these deaths of athletes and fans.

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