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Regarding MP and former minister Mette Gjerskov from Denmark. Another article is much more dramatic and outspoken, telling about how her spleen had ruptured in Feb. 2022. Ekstra Bladet wrote:

'Last year, Mette Gjerskov's indomitability was put to the test by a severe course of illness and chronic pain.

- That afternoon the pain hit me in a second when I was sitting doing puzzles with my nieces. A very strong pain that hit me like a blow to my stomach, she told Ekstra Bladet a year ago about the day in February 2022 when it all came crashing down.

Chronic pain

Before that day, Mette Gjerskov had been examined for chronic pain and had taken leave from that Folketing and the political struggle that had filled her life.

And when the pain really hit, her life was in danger. She was rushed to hospital, where it was found that her spleen had ruptured.

- In Køge, they drained 4.7 liters of blood from my abdominal cavity. It was only because they had given me so much blood in Roskilde that I had anything left. It was a close call, she told Ekstra Bladet.'


That doesn't sound like just 'extensive nerve inflammation', does it?

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