* Bayonne, New Jersey. Two NJ police officers die within ten days of each other.

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So widespread, this will keep you busy naming these for decades... Of note, Ice Cube is vocally making a big deal about the financial cost for refusing the jab. He is at least alive so that he can do so. I made a comment on a yahoo article hit piece trying to frame Ivermectin and HCQ info gleaned from gab by a 64 year old male as the reason why he died - by pointing out that the hospital's use of ventilators and remdesivir led to his demise (not misinformation on gab). I sent readers to watch "Died Suddenly". What a challenge we are up against to get the word out! Thank you for all you do!

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Nov 25, 2022·edited Nov 25, 2022

We live in an upside down world where the best medical advice (don't get the f'iing shot) comes from Ice Cube and Nicki Minaj.

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Upside down will one day become right side up again, but until then voices of reason wherever they are to be found must prevail.

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Sadly, my dear friend’s 33 year old sister in Italy, is featured this week. No one will escape the tragedies unfolding. We are all connected.

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Very sorry to hear it. What's her name, if I may ask?

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Hi Mark, Both my friend and I live in Canada. Her sister is Alma Dal Co who was free diving in Italy. My friend returned from Italy yesterday - her grief and her family’s grief is profound.

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My deepest sympathy to your friend.

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I’d like to propose a thought experiment, and I’m not sure where it will lead.

I think it would be fair to estimate that for every person who dies unexpectedly, that 50 people would know them. Also, for every name listed here weekly, how many aren’t listed? 2 or 3?

So in the USA and Canada, this would lead to about 100 listed dead, another 200 or 300 unlisted, for a total of 300 to 400 died unexpectedly. At 50 associates, that’s 15,000 to 20,000 people who should be figuring this out.

And yet the general population doesn’t seem to be getting it.

Thoughts? Are my numbers out of whack?

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I suspect that for every person included in these posts there are probably hundreds of others dying suddenly and unexpectedly, as well as getting into vaxxidents and being diagnosed with turbocancers, etc., within the same time periods as each of these weekly In Memoriam posts. If my estimate is wrong, it's too low, rather than too high.

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How many “anecdotes” make a “signal”? I think we’re past that threshold, whatever it is.

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Let's see...12-15-17, Healthy year-olds.

Mothers, Fathers, Sons & Daughters.

Coaches, Cops, Community Personal.

Actors & Good Samaritans.

All Dying by dispatch.

By God's Hands ?


And there is this:

Fauci's sidekick re-mind-s US WE NEED boosters & Wintered shots, to boot.

A lesson re-given on the amount of arms God gave US, & for what Reason.


~Thank You Mark, for Writing & Including the words of Loved Ones & Local Community Ones, who ACTUALLY KNEW these dead & dying ones, & how they Served Their Local Communities.

They Will Be Missed.

But not forgotten...

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Since realising 'man enhanced' Covid was no more fatal than Flu (until they manipulated the numbers and included Died with COVID) and the 'far to quickly arriving miraculous vaxxes (from several secretive pharma companies - all around the same time with strangely similar novel compositions) led me to suspect the 'vax cures' were being created before Covid was actually announced.

POST VAX DEATHS are in the millions worldwide, which leads me to believe Covid Vax is just an elaborate International Cull, with the average time to take effect of 5 months to culminate in your demise.

If LIABILITY was reintroduced it would BANKRUP Pfizer et al in a few weeks, Covid would become no more a threat than Flu, DEADLY INJECTIONS would cease, life would return to normality.

Importantly, Pfizer et al, would quickly be BANKRUPTED!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unvaxxed because I joined the dots!

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Tiantian Kullander, foinder of a Hong Komg crypto firm, died in his sleep, at age 30, according to the NY Post: https://nypost.com/2022/11/27/crypto-founder-tiantian-kullander-unexpectedly-dead-at-30/

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Singer Irene Cara dead at 63. Cause of death "currently unknown".

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(Mickey Z. ain't no mouse, neither)


AIDs & ITS "long ago" INK/Inc.

Are Still With US.

[Their] underlying & constant Methodologies of Covid, began in the stillbirth of AIDS.

Take A Listen...

Lend An Ear...

Thank you.


Recommendation via The Always Fabulous Jon Rappoport, about Sister Fabulous



"Does one child

Know the secret

And can say it..."

~ Jon Anderson (YES)

{Excerpted from...

The Ancient:

Giants Under The Sun,

Movement III, from

Tales From Topographic Oceans}


"child" hear, I quote, is of the highest Notation, & not diminutive.

Jesus said, "Lest you be as a child, you can in no way enter, The Kingdom of Heaven."

Thank You, Jon A., Jon R., Jon P. & Celia, & Mickey Z.





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So, remember how the CDC would say the rise in autism was due to better diagnosing and that all these autistic kids were always here but we called them something else..... BTW.... as a society... we had the opportunity to call them on this BS but we didn't.... that didn't work out well did it.

So, expect to hear the CDC say there is no Died Suddenly people... or SAD people... no they were always there, but are just better at noticing these dead bodies.

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Indeed. I assume you've read Denial, Mark Blaxil and Dan Olmsted's DEMOLISHING that propaganda line about autism having been around forever.

And we now need to double down on saying NO to the ongoing propaganda drive (one mounted not just by the CDC, but all the media—which means the CIA) to normalize this global plague of sudden deaths.

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Oh yeah the CIA... their line would be SAD is a conspiracy theory. Fauci, if they didn't die in a double blind randomized control trial this is just anecdotal mis information. Biden would say, "AKNGUESFBUBG." Harris would say It is sad that SAD is being pushed by misinformationists, which is sad about SAD, and sad is not a good place.

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All these deaths are due to the STRESS that anti-miracle mRNA toxic spew-vaxxers cause!

the miracle mRNA toxic spew jab, as the name clearly indicates, provides access to eternal life...


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From The Land(s) of The Good:


Shared via The Rest Of America:



~ Kurt Von {Photographer}

Pictured Gallery...

Watered Scenery...

Reflecting, They of Cities...

Tall With Sound.


* *

~ Hunter Reilly {Photographer}

Snowy Pathways

& Water Falls To Ground,

With TreeHouses Round,

& King/Queens Abound.


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It’s not depopulation, it’s population reduction.

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Genocide by any other name... Klaus at the WEF could have been informed by those behind the Georgia Guidestones. Regardless, they are doing their utmost to implement their strategy in the most obvious and unethical of methodologies employed in recent times.

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