So sad. I don’t even feel comfortable liking these articles but, feel they are important and, appreciate Mark’s work on this:)

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It's good to review these articles, we can't bush these deaths under the carpet and pretend nothing is happening. Good to say prayer for the those who died from the injection and their families and thank you for the work you are doing.

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This person has a HUGE compilation of one's who were against anti vaxers. https://patriots.win/p/12jvyq3Yoh/my-vaccine-posts/

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Wow that's quite a list! Great Link!

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Thanks yes, it took me a week to get through her entire collection.

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Can you imagine how bad this is going to get when this winter comes to the Northern Hemisphere??? Talk about a “winter of death and destruction”!

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The truth is actually something none of us have seen. Everything we have been told is a lie. All history is a lie.

Nothing is as it appears.

The Sun is the most ridiculous lie of all.

It is not 93 million miles away.

It is not a giant Ball of Fusion reactors.

The Sun is an electric reaction.

Here is an explanation I cannot prove! It is not a ball of fire but a convertor of energy. It is not solid. Sunspots are showing you this fact. The sun spots show there is nothing there.

No light in space. No stars. Is time real? It's quite confusing as light is not visible in so called space.

No atmosphere = No Light.

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Thank you Mark for giving a name and respect to those now departed. A new memorial will have to be constructed to honor their memory and who they were!

A dear friend of mine died suddenly July 20th. He was a healthy, sober, retired reservist army officer, sixty-one years old with five beautiful daughters and grandkids and family and friends who loved him so!!!

He complained of heartburn while out to dinner with old college classmates and instead of going to a walk-in clinic or the er, which his friends suggested, he chose to brush it off and he died in his sleep.

As with SO many who have “slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God” before him, his absence will create a huge hole in all of the lives he deeply touched.

As the military saying proves out, they are all “gone... but not forgotten!” 🙏🏻

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So damn many deaths, most or all thanks to the bioweapon injections, my heart breaks for the ones who didn't listen to us.

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In my area I am noticing a lot of the 64-70 age group dying. It is the perfect hidden in plain sight as it doesn't attract a lot of attention but it seems to be a good 5-7 years earlier than pre jab days.

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Yes. The age is not unheard of. It's the frequency that has become very noticeable!!

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I'm 67 and again on this week's list is majority boomers.

I do see quite a few 20-50 year Olds again here with some children.

A percentage of us boomers sorry to say are pretty MIND RAPED and clueless.

A percentage of us which is myself and my new tribe have never COMPLIED to anything in our lives since my parents came to CHINADA for FREEDOM.

I learned the stories of why they came here after my family went through two WWs last century.

Lots of clueless boomers in my family that are sick after the Cupcakes bur can't figure out why.

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Did you take the Jab?

It is very simple. What goes in the body will determine how the body operates.

If you took the Jab then you need to deal with that by doing cleanup. You can work on getting the poisons out of your body. There are many very logical and simple steps. One well known source is David Avocado Wolfe. You need money though but like it or not he knows.

Food is the number one source of all illness. The body cannot heal while digesting. It is truly that simple. Stop eating for one day. Or 12 hours. Nothing. Dry Fasting means DRY.

It's fucking hard yes so start slow. Eat less hours per day.


This is the key process that cleans up the human body. By keeping it busy with Allopathic insanity you will be sure it cannot operate.

The Doctors are not evil. They are under the same illusion as you. They believe they know what is good. Well guess what. Yea. They are under the same spell.

The concept is dead simple created by Evil beings.

1. Train people to appear like Gods. Respected parts of society.

2. White Coats and trim and proper speech.

3. Destroy the proven natural methods in place working wonderfully.

4. Put rubber soles on shoes and keep people off the Earth touching the bare ground.

These 4 steps I pulled out of my head. It may not be perfect but let me tell you touch the ground and ground your Electrical System called the human body.

Eat less often and stop listening to madmen. It's very simple really. A healthy dog eats wet food once a day and never sees the vet. IE no vax.

Poisoning the animal will certainly have an effect.

Cats are the same. No shots. No vets no illness.

Crazy I am? Really. Funny I have had 10 cats live to over 20 years old. I have outside feral cats that are 14 years old right now. Outside means they are never in my home because they run from humans. Smart huh?

You can help yourself but if you continue with the know everything attitude you will go along with all the others.

I took no jab. I am blessed yes. 66 no health care. Never see an MD. I will kill myself before going to a hellospital. Andrew Cuomo murdered 60,000 nursing home patients and was awarded a prize. Who is the moron here?

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Since then, Australian Rules football player, the 23-year-old, Nick Lowden, had a “tragic and unexpected death” last Thursday from a suspected heart attack. He played for the Norwood Football Club, the club I barrack for, in the South Australian league. This state football comp, like all the football codes in Australia, had a mandatory Covid vaccination policy. Elite sportsman in the prime of a healthy life – another sudden and unexpected casualty of … something or other.

It’s funny, but when no bodies were falling in the street during ‘Covid’ (apart from the B-grade stunts pulled in Wuhan) sirens were sounding and alarms ringing about a deadly virus on the prowl but when but super fit, super healthy and young, but ‘vaccinated’, sportsmen actually do spontaneously drop dead, all official curiosity evaporates.

We’re coming to expect a lot of the unexpecteds these days … and no one is asking why. And the Covid authorities (the bureaucratic pandemic planners, the drug regulators, the Covid ‘intelligentsia’) don’t appear to be the least bit bothered.

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They're not the least bothered because it's going as planned (and they have no souls). This massacre is showing that "vaccine" democides offer a good enough level of deniability for the predators.

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Indeed, and I’m poised for the fire trucks, must begin happening? in Phx according to the paper AZ Republic a couple of weeks ago published that at least 3-4 daily accidents in afternoon traffic reports now, and a big percentage injured or dead. They are noticing, Don’t have the article handy here. Surely it will bring us up against a wall in the months ahead.

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Every day in my local paper - obits of people who died “suddenly” or “unexpectedly”.

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I wish more people would connect the dots. Do you think most people just turn their heads

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Yes I think they want to remain pure. And they are afraid now to open the box and realize they were all wrong

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The hits keep coming.........

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TY for the important updates!

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This is overwhelming. Thank you and God Bless you for steadfastly continuing to report what our not so free press continues to ignore.

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great service Mark, ghoulish but so necessary

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Yes, all so tragic…. I am in California for a few days, and it struck me this week looking around at roller skaters, traffic, and all, that a big majority of Californians must have taken the vac, so at some point there will be fire trucks and ambuli racing down streets.~~~ Has anyone given thought to the fact that we have never heard of ambulances lining up at the homeless tent camps for the same reason? I haven’t. Were there medical personal down there with tables and chalk marks in the sidewalks, administering the shots? It’s all nuts And sickening

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MEN & THEIR CREWS. PHYSICIANS LUKE & THE OTHER 3. "The Band's music, and Robbie's own later solo music, seemed to come from the deepest place at the heart of this continent, its traditions and tragedies and joys. It goes without saying that he was a giant, that his effect on the art form was profound and lasting..." THE MUSIC OF REPORTAGE. Never The Last. Always To Be. https://youtu.be/TCSzL5-SPHM

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Substackers: mere numbers, cannot count, nor contain, the innumerable, Good Good Good...Numbers. This was scene, many years ago, To Arise, During The Time. So Say Moses.

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