When you read these unfortunate and untimely deaths there are a lot who mysteriously die in their sleep.

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Something for everyone, thanks MCM.

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The "scientist" Raymond Palmer is following the footsteps of the faulty papers that came before him. He is probably going to be some sort of scape goat and all the faulty information will fall on his shoulders. As Rebekah Barnett points out, Palmer's summary leaves out why there were no sudden deaths from the stress from lockdowns, fear of dying from covid, losses of jobs, businesses, etc. and all the other pre-sudden death phase we are currently in. He also seems to leave out weather-related cause of death and sudden noises, such as referee whistles, train and traffic noise, and the like that have been attributed to sudden deaths by other "scientists". Are we dumb for not believing them or are they dumb for suggesting such a load of bull manure. Twilight Zone stuff. I believe from other sources we are headed into famines and wars. These vaccine-related deaths will probably be overshadowed by deaths from worldwide famines and wars in 2023 and 2024. At least in the news. Just my thoughts and opinion. I have nothing to basis this on at this point.

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more fascinating research by Rebekah Barnett on the mysterious Raymond Palmer and his "study" of how "misinformation" is killing people down under


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I'd like to see the video but I refuse fakebook...

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With due appreciation for Prof Miller's tireless work of accounting for the many voiceless mass deaths,

@markcrispinmiller - please REMOVE or correct the mistake about this part:

"Korean live streamer dies suddenly".

He is NOT dead and was alive and ok and did a followup broadcast few hours after being released from the hospital, apologizing for what had happened (Nov 27).


(This BJ, Broadcast Jockey's name is K, or Kay. His channel: https://bj.afreecatv.com/zpdl1313 )

(afreecatv is where korean b-grade celebrities do internet/cable tv broadcast in variety of topics)

I listened to the whole follow-up and this event seems to have been his 2nd (probably grand mal) seizure of his life (in less than 2 weeks span). He had no recollection of either events and had waken up with frothing at the mouth. He had scheduled an appointment with a specialist doctor already when this second seizure happened.

There have been no further broadcast on his part - most likely he's going to have to focus on his health. We can't make any conclusions about the cause of the seizures nor whether it was mrna-vax related at this point (although pretty safe to assume that he was mrna-vaxed given S Korea's very high rates). So we should stop repeating this mistaken headline until further development.

I will try to keep this and other platforms updated if needed.

But I'd like to add that it is important for all substackers to make sure that we all publish as accurate information as we can obtain and not mix false data or rumors with the real stories of confirmed deaths. Thank you.

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All those wedding deaths, so sad, and on such a joyous day for the two getting married.

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RIP 🙏❤️

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