To quote the demon Nefarious from the recent film of the same name, with each innocent life lost “all of Hell rejoices.” He was referring to abortion, but these demons are enjoying all the death and damage they have unleashed on the world.

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Should have figured out that it was a biological weapon

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May 24, 2023·edited May 24, 2023

The Other

Death comes by in long black cars

Shiny as shoes, then the lesser cars,

lights blazing in the gauzy afternoon.

I know this formality well

that makes us wait on corners as it passes,

the processional faces of the mourners,

some as hermetic as glaciers,

some full of grief or greed;

yes, I have ascended

behind weaving motorcycle cops

to some cemetery with a view,

I have ridden in the black car

behind my father–

that makes a father, an uncle, two aunts,

and three dear friends...

I set down my packages

and rock on the soles of my feet.

This is only the death

that makes the traffic pause.

I can feel the sidewalk through the holes in my shoes

as I think, there is the other,

the other.

—Stanley Radhuber

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I am so sorry for all of this loss in your life. These words are inadequate. Thank you for your poem.

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The poem was written by a friend.

I feel it deeply because of my own losses.

I think th poem's appeal lies in the reality that to live is to lose.

If one lives long enough, one will lose almost everyone he or she loves.

Thanks for your comment.

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A big part of their attack is the extreme psychological torture it inflicts on those like us who continue to witness these untimely deaths.

Street justice is fast approaching if this is allowed to continue unabated. Just an opinion...

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I know of a guy who has been working in the Funeral business for 30 years now. He has never seen so many funerals per day. He says usually every year they expect a slowdown of deaths in the spring (yes, really) but he says this year is crazy. He does not suspect any cause explaining people dying like flies... Nada.

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Only skimmed through but Tina Turner also died today or yesterday, aged 83.

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And Dr Rashid Buttar, on the 18th May. From the very beginning of this scamdemic, he'd been a powerful truth-telling voice around the world.

He did NOT have the injection (as all we NON-brainwashed people around the world refused to do; I'm in the UK). But his death seems very suspicious to many people.

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I think Dr Buttar was included in the list

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Oops! So he was! I have to admit that I didn't actually read all the sections of this item, thus I missed Dr Buttar's inclusion. My apologies!

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You'd think the moron that wrote this garbage would actually source his sources, and report the real facts, but that's not going to happen because he's spreading lies and propaganda. Idiots.

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Taylor took her last earthly breath and entered into eternal life during the early morning hours of Sunday, May 14th. Taylor died unexpectedly of natural causes

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