Reach out to the accident reconstruction specialists and you will hear what oddities they have seen, unexplained accidents that we all know were caused by blackouts or worse. Single car accidents at unprecedented levels. Someone has got to be willing to talk to you about the real numbers. Talk to that Stephen Benanti, once head of the Accident Reconstruction national board. Get a journalist to call him. He's blunt, honest and hopefully willing to share truth. You can find his website.

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Thanks for the tip! I invited him to comment on my site, https://patrick.net

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Thanks for keeping 'on it,' Mark and friends.

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We need to be sympathetic towards these people. Otherwise, the unvaxxed come across as resentful, insensitive, narcissistic ego-trippers. That's not a good look. Nor is being spiteful, caustic and ridicule helpful. Open your hearts.

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OK, a lot of people were fooled into taking the death jab, but those who _mandated_ the death jab should be hanged. There is no excuse for mass murder, not even "Fauci said it was OK."

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I completely agree. The perpetrators should be charged and tried in court so all the evidence comes out for the public to see. Those who died or were injured from the vax should be treated with dignity! I know the unvaxxed are pissed about being right, and for feeling mistreated. I understand the anger and humiliation. In 2021, my father, aunt and mother-in-law all died 5-7 weeks after their 2nd mRNA shot. My soon-to-be ex-wife went crazy following the second shot. She began having serious mental problems. She also got my two sons vaccinated without telling me.

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Damn, that is so so fu*ked up. I am truly sorry for your loss.

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Wow john. That's super intense. I can't even imagine what life must be like for you. I'm so sorry for your profound losses. xo Sending you a really big, warm hug and lots of love. ♥️

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Feb 17, 2023·edited Feb 17, 2023

I get what you're saying, but remember, just as in the case of the "good germans" of the past, many of them (is not most) would have watched us being taken to concentration camps, forced to get shots, or worse if the globalists had their way. Some would have ratted us out, some would have cheered the authorities as we would have been picked up for the camps, some would have been silent out of fear even if they disagreed with what 's happening. Life, Freedom, and the pursuit of happiness ends because of these types of people.

I'm not saying to be mean to them, but let's not fall for the same trap of letting our sympathy to be weaponized and used against us just as many people fell for the trap of "your mask protects me, my mask protects you" & co propaganda of the nudge units....Instead let's be selective and judicious in dispensing sympathy to those who truly deserve it.

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deletedFeb 17, 2023·edited Feb 17, 2023
Comment deleted
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They were just...following the protocol! As if that will ever excuse them from participating in the killing of millions of their fellows.

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I'll keep that in mind with family and friends who still don't talk to me.

Including my 29 year old Son who I tried to WAKE UP 16 months ago.

Haven't heard from him since.

Then there are two nephews that want me dead apparently because of how vocal I've been.

And much much more.

I'm 67 and have a very thick skin and run these fuckers over Including my Son if needed.

I fight for humanity now.

I also have a whole new tribe helping me distribute Druthers.net hard copy weekly here in Scarborough Ontario CHINADA.

We are at war.

This is a DATA WAR until it's not .

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I'm still shocked by how quickly Canada turned fascist when some very peaceful truckers showed up to protest injustice in Ottawa. WTF?

Canada will not be free until Trudeau is hanging from a rope, and probably not even then.

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You sound quite correct, Jerard, but the world still seems to be under the mass hypnosis that decades of propaganda has put on them. I sound harsh because from January of 2020 till now I have spent an average of 4 hours each day monitoring several alternative news channels to get a valid understanding of what is going on. There was too much contradiction and paradox in the aired information that made me suspicious, as it should have made others too.

Early on I prepared myself with various supplements in order to withstand covid, at age 84, if I were to get it. I got it in 2021 and after a week of severe flu symptoms I am fine. But now we see the true issues surrounding covid. It was a false flag to condition and determine the success of such conditioning of the world's population, in preparation of the great reset, which the folks in Davos are working toward. This reset consists of numerous changes, such as vaxx passports, CBDC, control of information by suppressing free speech, destruction of the world's infrastructure (food, transportation, energy, banking, health systems, sovereign rights, etc) along with decimation of the world's population. People need to awaken and get behind those who are in the trenches fighting the battles, such as ICAN, CHD and others. In addition to lamenting the unfortunate deaths of various people due to the vaxxes.

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Let me make a suggestion. Instead of posting sympathies, which are fine, how about putting some money where your empathetic mouths are, by financially supporting Del Bigtree at ICAN, who has a powerhouse of attorneys actually fighting the FDA, CDC and other crime syndicates, who are the cause of all these deaths? He is getting results, while we are commiserating over evils, but unwilling to put some energy into stopping them.

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Feb 17, 2023·edited Feb 17, 2023

I imagine many here are also paid subscribers to the Highwire?? At least that's my case for past 2 years. Maybe LIKE if you're already subscribed to HW. I'm sure this site could also do with more paid subscribers. I recently cancelled one long-term paid substack subscription who's totally wasting subscribers' money with constant million dollar debate challenges that he knows no-one will take up and more recently proposals to set up hedge fund to pool subscriber investments in God only knows what, and another to support RFKjr candidacy in 2024 election. Another (short-term) subscription I recently cancelled concerns a very competent albeit bible-bashing lady who has recently taken to unchristian smearing those she should be working with, or at least debating and has now deprived free subscribers of access to full articles and comments. In case you're wondering, those 2 substackers + me = KKKK. In short, that frees me up to pay a subscription to this substack, and a couple of others.

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There are definitely some popular Substackers out there who like to hear them selves talk, wasting money that could be put to better use. Your "million dollar challenges" guy seems to be a good example of this.

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I've just liked my own comment as I support the HW.

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... and have just become paid subscriber to MCM

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I’m very adverse to the Bible bashing types as well. Keep it at home.

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Ladies, I am not denigrating or blaming the victims. I am merely stating a fact, which is that they did not do their homework even in light of all the signs that were surfacing in early 2020, such as Dr. Zelenko's use of HCQ, zinc, and azithromycin to keep people out of the N.Y. hospitals, the largest clinic in Cairn county telling the news reporters of their success in treating covid, (televised), Dr. Brownstein's nebulizing technique and a host of others, and then the sudden clamp down on the availability of HCQ and IVM all over the world. There were facts everywhere, as well as alarming paradoxes, discussion about the use of aborted fetal tissue in the coming vaxxes, and the jarring fact that the FDA was permitting the use of the novel injections within 3 months of production, when it normally takes 7 to 15 years to approve such. How much more does the average intelligent person need to stop and think? It is precisely the blind trust in so called authorities that leads us to the slaughter house, and all the breast beating and sympathizing, and virtue signaling is not going to change that. What will stop the problems, if done in time, is us stopping the lamenting, getting involved with the local legislators, mayors, sheriffs, school boards and such and declaring solid opposition to what is happening, instead of rushing to comply. The early settlers of America had to fight, not complain, in order to obtain their freedom.

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I can certainly agree with the spirit of your response, Gayle, but our Nation has reached the point where simply praying for people, holding vigilance events, memorials, and sympathy/empathy statements, and telegraphing our feelings toward the loved ones is not going to stop the carnage. In addition to all these good vibes of caring, the time is now for the Nation to rise and reclaim the tenets of the U.S. Constitution. Otherwise we will lose even the freedom to express our sympathies, having them labeled as "hate speech" or some other insane concept.

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If we cannot ban energy drinks, let's at least play safe by mandating an mRNA vaccine to protect people from energy drinks.


Problem solved.

Next question.

(I'm trying to destroy the ai god by feeding it absurd-dark humor)

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Probably not sounding sympathetic, but this is in memory of those who trusted the Pied Piper and committed suicide. But in spite of the increasing death record some lemmings are still jumping off the cliff. How can one summon up a degree of sympathy toward these latter day covidians? Sympathy is not going to stop the evil, rather a quick and rude awakening is imminently required. Much of the rest is virtue signaling.

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I think we underestimate the hold that vaccines have in our culture. Their image is so spotless & appealing that few have bothered to examine the official history, let alone the critical one. Another thing: the vast majority are convinced that the covid vaccines have markedly decreased the covid death rate. And it’s hard to convince them otherwise without resorting to news & medical references that aren’t terribly sexy or easy to get across. For these people, the vaccines may have a few weaknesses, but they are convinced they’re still are the best solution to the “pandemic.”

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They were conned, lied to, gaslit and the charlatans that even you once followed, the powerful and ugly that once conned you want you to denigrate them. Virtue signaling? No. They want us to denigrate those who bought their con. We never will. Never because that is far more where our power lies which is together that they never want to have happen.

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Agreed. The victims should not be blamed. Even if they participated. Just learned today that Greg Bear died of blood clots Nov ‘22. He was a big vax supporter, his death is probably unrelated to the vax since they blamed the clots on an aortic surgery he had a couple of years earlier.

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Love conquers all.

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Officialdom's SuddenDeath©️

Official DeathForm©️

(Coroner: Please check ALL Appropriate/Approved©️ boxes, UnderPenaltyOfLaw©️)

(circle one per box):



Location of Corpus:


dirty ground,

lone street,

dark pond or other waterway,

parking lot,

athletic field,


Cause of Death:


(i.e. "lifestyle"),

-unknown cause

(i.e. too complicated),

-impossible to ascertain

(i.e. could be anything)

-religous exemption

(i.e. "act of god")

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mRNA vaccinated and by US Supreme Court Law (2013) after synthetic mRNA vaccines, you are no longer human and all human rights are lost and your bodies are now all automatically patented to Bill Gates by his US Patent 6.754,472, to do with as he pleases.

However: She said in a recent interview with The New American: U.S. Patent 6,754,472

“The Supreme Court ruled that if there is anything synthetic, not from nature, inside of our genome, then whoever owns the patent on those synthetic parts now owns part or all of you as a human. That means Bill and Melinda Gates, The Department of Defense, [and others] can literally own a human being. If this synthetic code is taken up into your genome (as it is), by law, you could be owned overnight.”under U.S. Patent 6,754,472

Me: Like a GMO U.S. Patent 6,754,472 Product

Bill Gates owns patent that grants him “exclusive rights” to “computerize” the human body

U.S. Patent 6,754,472, owned by Microsoft, grants Gates and his cronies the “exclusive rights” to “computerize” the human body for use as a collective of local wireless networks.

You want your options, if vaccinated - I have provided them on my free substack

You don't like your options, look in a mirror and complain about them to the person you see there, they have put "you" in this predicament, after all.

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I have NO intention of spamming here, but for those on FB who want to spread the word about many of the "cases" here, I compiled a list that can be seen at this link. https://tinyurl.com/4ctdmy7t

MOST of the cases in today's compilation are thanks to your great team here, and I gave you a mention in the comments. I'll be doing Canada next, God willing I have ample time.

I appreciate all the hard work on spreading truth. I really hope and pray we can wake some more folks up before even more damage is done.

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I am afraid that I do not completely understand your message, particularly the last sentence.

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